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Lpfan4ever March 11, 2013 08:59 PM

Suggestions and info - ADATA SX900/Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme
Looking around at NCIX's sales it seems that the ADATA SX900 is at a pretty attractive price/performance ratio right now. I was just wondering if our resident SSD gurus could shed their knowledge about said drive? I was thinking of either 2x 256 or a 512.

Seems to me the biggest issue currently is the old 5.0.2a firmware losing TRIM functionality and causing power usage weirdness with the new B02 revision of the SF2281 controller. Reading over at "that other forum that shall not be named here" it seems ADATA has new firmware to be rolled out at the end of the month, or earlier if you email them and ask for it directly. Otherwise, it seems that this drive gets praise in all of its reviews. I'm kinda stumped.

Lpfan4ever March 12, 2013 08:47 AM

Quick bump since the sale is ending today.

It seems the other choice is going for a more expensive option, the Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme. That'd tack on another $80ish to the total price, but maybe the Marvell controller and 5 year warranty is worth it?

AkG March 12, 2013 09:01 AM

I will be honest...I am not a fan of Adata. So I can not comment on their drive. All I can say is that 5.02 would be a deal breaker for me.

Dcanada has the Corsair Force GS on for 194. Thats only 5 bucks more than the Adata (I never count MIRs when comp and contrasting...YMMV).

Corsair Force Series GS 240GB 2.5in SATA3 6GB/S SandForce SF-2200 Solid State Disk Flash Drive SSD - DirectCanada

That is a kick ass drive at a kick ass price.

Of course this all assumes you have a Intel controller capable of passing on TRIM while in RAID....if you dont. Any SF2281 would not be my first choice.... if that is the case....spend the coin on Marvell. :thumb:

Lpfan4ever March 12, 2013 09:14 AM

I'm still kinda new to the whole SSD thing, so bear with me here. The GS says it's an SF-2200 but the spec sheets from Sandforce don't have that, just that the 2200 is the family number. I assume it's a 2281?

Also, your thoughts on the Plextor? My biggest worry with SSDs is their reliability (knock on wood, I have an OCZ Solid 60GB with my PS CS6 and Lightroom on it :ph34r:), and 5 year warranty seems to be pretty much only on the Intel and Plextor drives from what I've seen.

Just saw your edit - I'm on Z77 so RAID TRIM shouldn't be an issue.

AkG March 12, 2013 09:26 AM

Sure I can break it down for ya. SF2200 is the family of controllers. In the consumer market the SF2281 is the defacto std controller from LSI (they bought out SandForce). The GS uses the SF2281. :)

If you are worried about reliability...all are very good the SF2281 is mature tech and the NAND these use are good kit. However, just like animal farm...all are equal but some are more equal than others. Intel, Crucial, SanDisk (sorta kinda) and Samsung all get the cream of the NAND crop. Pick any of these mfg'ers and you will have very little worries about a early death (still happens..but less likely). So on the SF side of things its SanDisk and Intel (I like Intel more right now as they have their kick ass software package...and best in the biz customer service). On the Marvel side of things....I really...really like the Samsung 840 Pro. The plextor is good kit...very good kit. But they are a bit of a ? for me. Give them two more years in the biz and see if they stick around is my attitude.

YMMV...but Intel 520, Samsung 840 Pro (not std model...its less than optimal and I cant recommend it), Sanny Extreme 240...even the older M4 from Crucial (though their M5 is over due!!). Pick these if you have any hestitations and want 'no brainer' options. They are all fast, reliable and all round kick ass with the best of them. :)

Lpfan4ever March 12, 2013 09:42 AM

If I had more money ripping through my pocket I'd definitely pick up the 840 Pro or Intel drives, but they're way out of my price range. I was originally looking at the under $200 drives and basically saw the ADATA and thought it was great until ONE review changed all of that. (Not to mention iffy customer service)

Basically at this point it seems I'm either gonna go with the Corsair GS or the Plextor I mentioned, unless somebody decides they have two nice 520's/840 Pros to sell for next to nothing :bleh:

AkG March 12, 2013 09:51 AM

Either are good kit. Honestly you cant go wrong with either. IMHO it would come down to TRIM. got a rig that cant pass on trim in RAID...go for the Plextor. Have one that can? Get the GS. :)


Lpfan4ever March 12, 2013 12:56 PM

Dual 240GB GS' purchased, price matched at Memory Express to make them a tiny bit cheaper. Thanks AKG.

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