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CTA January 28, 2013 10:13 PM

my ssd atio disk benchmark result
i am not ssd expert... ocz tech support asked me to blah blah...

so i did.. pretty late... anyway

here is the result... and no errors... ( ocz vertex2 60gb ssd)




Originally Posted by ocz support tech
Only healthy drives can withstand multiple hours of this testing without reporting any errors. Testing the drive for several hours may write ~1tb of information to the drive. If no errors are reported, that means that there were 0 bad bytes in ~1,000,000,000,000 bytes tested, which is a highly accurate test. It only takes 1 bad byte for the test to fail.

The test is a pass/fail test. Any error message is a failed test, and that indicates a bad drive.

Only if the test passes with no errors should the drive be considered a reliable drive. If it has passed many hours of testing you can have a high confidence that the drive is reliable.

but it sounds like BS to me...

anyway what do you think... do you trust ocz tech support?

ShinraCorp January 29, 2013 06:06 PM

I trust OCZ like I trust a 1000$ bill. I've had many clients buy OCZ parts just for them to come and ask what's wrong, when ever that's OCZ power supply or OCZ RAM they both are horrible. They're cheap but they're cheap for a reason.

Sacrifice quality and durability for cheapness.

CTA January 30, 2013 06:27 PM

yes i understand your point of view... i am talking about ssd.. did you read news about ssd?

my ssd is 2 years old... plus i had this black screen+frozen keyboard problem that unknown to me for many couples... i did blame on asus and ati but i am wrong...


Originally Posted by ocz supprt tect
Nothing is 100% guaranteed. The test is very reliable, around 99% accurate, but there is no test on anything that is 100%.

If you prefer we can examine the drive for you here. It will be extensively tested to ensure that the drive is working properly. If the drive fails testing we will replace it for you with another drive.

Please note, if the drive passes testing we will return the same drive to you. We use a very similar testing methodology, so if it is passing the I/O compare test after a full reset then the drive will also be passing here, and so the same drive will be returned to you.

obviously not worth to me... i will sell it...

but i still would like to know which is the better most harsh stress test for ssd... you know degraf wont work...

AkG January 30, 2013 06:58 PM

If you want the hardest test possible....setup IOMeter. Config it to use the entire capacity of the EMPTY SSD. Set it to 50/50 r/w. 100% random. 4K file size at a couple dif queue depths....and let it hammer the drive for 6 -8 hours. It will kick the snot out of the drive. IF there is a problem...it WILL fail. Do a secure erase afterward and then repeat it 2 or 3 more times and you can be damn well sure if the drive is good or not. ;)

It will use up a couple of the NAND p/e cycles per test. BUT even if it uses 50 or 100....that still small potatoes (ie less than 1% at most of the life span).

IMHO ATTO is all well and good...but on SandForce drives which do auto compression...it wont test all the NAND. Got a couple iffy blocks of NAND...or an iffy controller. It could easily pass that softball test. IOM on the other hand...is the big leagues and will push it to its limits.


CTA January 30, 2013 08:20 PM

thank you very much... i waited for that very good answer... will do this weekend.. i have to study for test by tomorrow...

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