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Jordo October 11, 2012 12:02 PM

RAID/HD Options
Alright here is my situation and current setup. I currently have (2) 2TB WD Black Drives in a RAID 1 setup for all of my computer storage. These drives are used for storage/games, since my primary SSD is only 60GB and as you all know does not hold much more than the OS and a few apps. Since these drives were not just used primarily for storage, I wanted the 7200RPM for the increased performance. I also have a 1TB Black drive (it was an unused older drive) that runs a weekly backup on my important drives... yes I am a bit cautious when it comes to my data.

Now I am running out of space quickly - I am looking at current options, with obviously a limited amount of cost in mind. Since I have already purchased these drives and to limit cost I see these options as possibilities.

- Drop the RAID and gain an additional 2TB Space (will keep me for short term and cheapest option)
- Purchase a 256GB SSD, and then purchase a few extra WD 3TB Greens for my storage, since I don't need the 7200RPM anymore (Obviously most expensive option)
- Keep my current setup as is, and build a separate storage box with some new HD's (expensive again, but a fun project. I have no experience with this type of thing though)

I am tempted to do option (2) because it gives me more of a long-term solution... but since I already own the blacks this seems a bit foolish. Option 1 seems like a very quick option for the short term.

My main concern right now is losing the data when I drop the drives out of RAID As I haven't done this before, will it lost any data or will it create (2) separate partitions on each hard-drive? I can't lose any data, because I hold a lot of work related information. I also would have trouble (if it will wipe the data out when I drop the RAID) to back this up onto anything else since I have about 1.9TB of data.

Anyway, just looking for options/opinions on the matter. If I haven't been detailed enough or if you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Sorry about the formatting :)

sswilson October 11, 2012 01:27 PM

You might want to go back and clean up your links. The formatting you're trying to use doesn't work on this website.

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