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ssdnoob September 30, 2012 07:49 AM

ssd connectivity issue on older pc
OK, so my Spousal Unit keeps complaining about how long her older HP/Compaq takes to boot. Since I put an SSD boot drive in my Dell a few months ago and greatly appreciated the speed of everything thereafter, I bought a pretty good sale Transcend 128 GB SSD to put in her old HP to use as a boot/OS drive. I would keep her old hard drive installed to use for anything local I couldn't get on the new boot SSD.

Well, I just cracked the case and there are only two SATA cable sets -- one for existing hard drive and one for the DVD/CD and it looks like there are no more spots for any on the MB.

DO I have to get a PCI card? If so, are there any recommendations?

Or is there some kind of splitter I can buy?

Her PC is a Compaq-Presario FJ379AA-ABA SR5518F.

AkG October 3, 2012 03:45 PM

Get a cheap PCI sata card...and stick the DVD on it. Use the onboard controller for the SSD. Its what I do when I run of free Sata ports as the DVD wont care....whereas the SSD may care.

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