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phoenixrage September 7, 2012 12:44 PM

WD Black 2TB vs Seagate 2TB
currently ncix has a sale on both, $159.99 for the WD black, and $99 for the seagate.

Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB 64MB Cache 7200RPM 3.5IN SATA Internal Hard Drive OEM - Western Digital WD - WD2002FAEX


Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM SATA3 64MB Cache 3.5IN Internal Hard Drive - Seagate - ST2000DM001

Am I missing something? What does the WD black have over the Seagate model?

This is going to be used as an application drive & possibly a second drive for capturing HD video via my blackmagic design card, I'll have an SSD for the OS.

BryceBooth September 7, 2012 01:42 PM

WD has a 5 year warranty, Seagate has a 1 year warranty. The Seagate will be a bit faster due to it's areal density.

Bond007 September 7, 2012 02:05 PM

I had a very similar thread going. Basically my 500gb seagate just died after about 3.5 years. I was looking for a 1tb to replace it. In the end it was mixed views and opinions on which to go with (was 69.99 for seagate or 94.99 for WD black). In the end I decided to go with the 5 year warranty over the seagates 1...really its your call if the extra money is worth the warranty as performance is similar.

Dzzope September 7, 2012 02:49 PM

As said above, performance is close but the seagate is a lil bit faster..
The WD Blacks have the warranty and having used 5 myself (2 still in this rig) and built with about 7 - 10 others I've never had even a slight problem with them and they are my go-to drive unless stuck for budget.

I'm currently building with a seagate in my brothers rig for that very reason.. it's a bit of a risk especially with the 1 year warranty..

For me it comes down to budget.. if you can afford the WD I'd go for that..

GT7R September 7, 2012 04:01 PM

Had tons of fails with WD's last couple of years. Just sayin'.

geokilla September 7, 2012 05:55 PM

No problems with mine. Bought 3 years ago I believe.

I'd go for the Seagate as benchmarks show it's significantly faster.

tangrisser September 7, 2012 07:46 PM

I would buy whatever is cheapest considering there is only two major contender now with very similar product quality. I would almost consider hard drives to be consumable meaning once they die, most people will replace them rather than doing the warranty.

Perineum September 7, 2012 07:59 PM


I do the RMAs on every HD that has ever failed anywhere even close to me.....

$12 for a new HD isn't bad. Always a use for another HD

overhauled101 September 7, 2012 08:04 PM

The last two systems I just built have Seagate's and they have been rock solid in my experience.

Soultribunal September 7, 2012 08:41 PM

I'll take the warranty of the WD over a Seagate anyday.


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