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Bloodystumps August 7, 2012 02:25 PM

Samsung ssd manufacture
What manufacture owns the SSD drivers that samsung makes ?

I am trying to register my SSD with Samsung with no luck not even a option on their site and seagates site does not recognize the S/N , so i phone and I am told by 3 reps that the SSD's are now owned by seagate so I phone seagate and I am told that the SSD is still owned by Samsung so the seagate rep does a 3 way call to samsung and the call gets looped and ends by pointing to seagate.

now I am calling Samsung and the rep tells me that it is indeed seagate that I need to contact so I insist on speaking to a supervisor its been over a hour on hold and I've all but run out off steam and confused .

Bloodystumps August 7, 2012 03:31 PM

OK so it turns out they redirected my call to a unused headset and no one noticed for a hour when the guy came on the line finally he told me that Samsung has nothing to do with HDD's again I tell him it is a SSD and it says samsung all over it and I just want to register it so he puts me on hold and a short while later he hangs up while I'm on hold and does not try and call me back .

so I redial samsung and the C/S picks up and I rage on him for a minute and then he says I am just waiting for the screen to come up and then asks me for the S/N which I give and less then a minute later he has them registered , at this point I am stunned it took this guy less then a minute to do what has taken me 3 hours of back in forth with all these C/S reps that shouldn't rep a hot dog stand let alone Samsung .

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