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elmorejohn46 June 12, 2012 11:36 PM

How many people how tried the ANTEC P280 case
I look where to put this but did'nt see a place except modded cases and this is no modded case.I have been wanting a quiet case that did'nt cost $300 and I used to have a antec P180 case and that was a Quiet case with the right fans.This could have been made better ,but it does have a lot to offer with it's 6 harddrive bays * if you count the two extra just for SSD drives.It has 9 expansion slots so there would be no trouble if you want to run a 4 card set-up.I switch all the fans out and put Silient X 120mm fans in it.I have heard good and bad things about the SiLent -X fans ,but they do seem to be quiet.I don't know if they push the 74CFM thats on the box but they do put out quiet a bit of air.The case is wide you have over a inch of space behind the CPU so hidding wires is easy.

SlickEnuf4U June 13, 2012 12:34 AM

P280 is a good choice. So is the Fractal Design Define R3 if you can find it in stock anywhere.

BlueByte June 13, 2012 06:11 AM

I like the case overall, solid, well built lots of room for most things.... will not take a H100 push pull stock config though. Like the look of the case and the included sound dampening.

elmorejohn46 June 15, 2012 07:11 AM

On the Corsair H-100 just running push keeps it plenty cool.You can use the Scythe SY1212SL12M 120 x120 x12 and use the push /pull,but the fans can get a little loud.But it will work.The tempertures are not that bad either.But I find just running two fans in push is just as good and a lot quieter with a good fan.

dandelioneater June 15, 2012 07:23 AM

Overall it is a very good value case. It has fan filters and rubber grommets so your bild will be nice and clean. The sound dampening on the side panels is nice too. Overall a great choice for a budget full tower.

elmorejohn46 June 21, 2012 11:28 AM

UPDATE on this AntecP280 case ,they took ever little short cut they could to keep it cheap.Fisrt off it only comes with three 2-cool instead of there tri-cool.In front where the fans goes that you have to buy extra ,it only has two screw holes for each fan and two nipple that stick out very little to hold them in place.I had the P180 back in the day and it was build solid .This one seem to be made a little thiner.It had enoung room for two or even one 180mm fan and they could have design it where 120mm would work too.The Corsair would'nt fit like i wanted it to, the fan was to close to the pipes comeing out of it so I had to turn it around which seem to cause more tension when hooking up the heatsink.But it has leaked yet .It does keep it cooler at high loads then a H.S.F ,but I may go back to one just because I afraid one day I will wake up and have liquid all over my new parts.The rubber gurments that they put in there so you can run your wires is cheap ,real easy to knock out.I like to put screws in my DVD or Blu-ray drives ,but on this one you can not.the reagular harddrives fit just fine ,but the two slots for the SSD drives needs to be scooted back about two inches so it would line up with the other drives.It has some good quailties like a USB3 cable.It is quiet but I did switch out all fans to SiLentX.I heard good and bad things about them,but they are all working and my case is whisper quiet.The best part about it was it was big ,plenty of room to put a 13 inch video card in and plenty of room to work in,behind the motherboard it has over a inch of space makeing it easy to hide wires ,so that it look like a clean case.I would have give it a B- or three and half stars ,but you useally get what you pay for.For a $100 case it is great.

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