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FreeKnight May 7, 2012 02:23 PM

~240GB SSD to replace Vertex RAID
Hey Guys,

I had 2 Vertex 120s in RAID 0 on my PC in town and kept having memory errors, write fails, etc and I'm pretty sure one of them is dying. I've had a few Vertex 120s and they all had problems, so rather than spend the time to figure out which is having problems, I'm just going to replace the setup.

So I'm looking for suggestions for a SATA III main drive setup that's around 240GB. Either one drive for everything or 2 drives at around 120 each (but probably not in RAID 0 again, unless there's some that RAID really well).

Budget isn't really fixed, I'd like to keep it under $400. I know the Crucial M4s were a really good bang for you buck drive (well as far as SSDs go), but I'm not as up to date on the SSD market as I'd like to be.

I'd consider OCZ again (Just not original Vertex), Corsair, Crucial, etc. Really they just need to be a reputable brand and perform well.

Any tips, sales you're aware of or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks much,

dandelioneater May 7, 2012 02:45 PM

These days drives from intel, Crucial, and corsair are pretty good.

Dzzope May 7, 2012 03:15 PM

I believe there is a 512GB OCZ octane in the BST section for $400, AKG is selling it..

d3m0n5 July 2, 2012 06:48 AM

Kingston HyperX 3K or Intel 520 or Samung 830, the only models worth talking about when it comes to drive reliability in FW and NAND flash chip quality.
The rest are all minor players in terms of quality.
In terms of perf:
1. Intel 520 fastest and reputable brand
2. Kingston HyperX 3K fast, reliable and good support services
3. Samsung 830 generally fast and quite reliable

For pricing, market changes too much every day, wait for a deal to pop and nab any of the above. Crucial M4 is also not a bad choice. They've put a lot of love into the FW these days.

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