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taimoorali007 March 31, 2012 06:51 AM

Is my HDD ok?
Hi guyz,
Actually i got my gaming pc first time as i was using pentium D acer laptop before it, dont know much about these stuff, so m here for serious help!

As i got new PC and my HDD is Caviar Green 500GB but as i only have one copy of my data, and its very important, so just need help that what precautionary measures i should take to keep even that single copy of data prevented from loss and how to keep running HDD healthy for more time (atleast 2-3years). And if backup is more imoprtant than plz also mention that which source of keeping backup securely and more reliable cuz i m confused whether i should write my data on DVDs or buy another internal HDD (caviar black etc) or external hdd!

I installed tunup utlities and that crappy software just ruined my C:/ files Blue screem came once and startup and shutdown is slow! Plz help

Thanks! I hope i'll get my solution

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