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Old March 28, 2012, 10:12 AM
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
If you have an enthusiast grade rig....you most likely already have an Vertex 2/3 in there. BUT if you want to boost performance in an older rig...you go the Synapse route
My rig is old. Phenom x4 9950 on a Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H. SSDs are currently too small for me to really bother with in my desktop but this might be a nice boost for my 1.5TB apps&active files drive. However, thinking back I should have gone with a drive bigger than 2TB for storage as stuff is spilling over onto the programs and boot drives. So I suppose I do not actually *need* 1.5TB for programs but I would not bother with less than 250GB dedicated SSD. and then there is the lack of TRIM with this board... :/

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
and IF you own an old rig...why would upgrade two parts at the same time?
most of my computers tend to see parts getting swapped in and out. not always permanent upgrades. Why? Because I am crazy.
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Old March 28, 2012, 02:26 PM
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Default Dataplex driver for Synapse is amazingly restrictive

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Dataplex is NOT saying you can only change one part. or X parts in total. All you need do is change one part at a time. IF by some bad luck your rig nukes itself (say mobo dies)...drop OCZ a line and they will help you. In the mean time...you will be reinstalling the OS first anyways as this software installs AFTER the OS.
I was very enthusiastic when I read this review, but I have now checked the OCS forum on the Synapse.

Synapse OCZ synapse cache 128Mb: Nightmare to get it to work: I beg for help - Page 2

OCZ says:

"Here are the things you MUST do when installing a synapse drive and dataplex.

1 you MUST fresh install, no imaging
2 you MUST complete all the installation before installing dataplex....this means you are fixed to 1 sata driver, once Dataplex is installed the ONLY way to update is to uninstall Dataplex then update.
3 once the system is fully installed and settled then you install Dataplex...once you hit this point... regard the system as being locked down. You MUST ONLY enable automatic updates for critical updates ONLY. It is actually best to disable auto updates and do them manually so that you can choose to NOT install updated drivers.

If you deviate from this...we can not guarantee you will not see issues."

"Updates....critical updates are supported, driver changes (chipset/ahci/sata) are not as any driver change will result in a restore point and a fresh device being detected, often this results in a licensing issue with dataplex...which leads to dataplex service stopping...which leads to a long delay at the reboot....which leads to the end user pushing the power button............which leads to corruption.

so..you load 1 driver and you stick with it...when Nvelo develop a way so this is not specifically needed we will pass the into to you. We are now thinking well over 50% of all issues are caused by end users updating drivers etc with dataplex running, this causes the scenario above which causes the improper shutdown error many see."

The thread continues with a number of users becoming even more irate when they find out what a mess it is. I'm very sorry to see this because the cache drive seemed like exactly what I needed. But I wouldn't buy one now.

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Old March 28, 2012, 02:46 PM
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1. Is OCZ covering their arse...and IMHO its overkill. I used my std image, cloned the image to the 1tb hdd and then installed the software (after pluggin in the SSD). works fine for me....YMMV, but honestly cant see that being an issue. UNLESS it becomes an issue...in which case YMMV.

2 &3. yes. that falls into the "you dont say" category. Typical PIBCAK issue. You would be running a 3rd party device which is intercepting and redirecting the IOs between the OS and the drive(s) and want to screw with the underlying foundation drivers?!...and you wonder why things go south in some cases?! Ugh. This is why help desk support peeps are NOT paid enough. Then again, why would you want to update the SATA drivers? The only big reason to do so is for increase performance (N/A for this setup) and improved TRIM support (also N/A for the synapse).

Still not seeing the problem here. This drive can / should be considered the "poor man's RevoDrive 3". It improves performance but uses a software solution to do so. When dealing with fake raid, hybrid raid, etc etc....you dont mess with the motherboard's controller drivers. Ever. Just like you dont stick a fork into a light socket. Bad Things (TM) can and will happen.
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Old March 28, 2012, 10:21 PM
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Well, AkG, it's fine that you're sure what OCZ really means, and have personally had no trouble.

However, what OCZ is *literally* saying is no auto-updates (and what auto-updates other than Windows?) - along with no chipset / ahci driver updates at all.

You go on and on about the core drivers. I don't update those very often. But OCZ / Dataplex / NVELO appear to be excluding all except critical operating system updates. That's not how I want to operate.

But in any case, what I want is something I can plug in for a performance boost on my aging XP system, with a minor chance of minor trouble. I can fix a lot of things, but I'm not a Big Tough Computer Man who sneers at frozen systems and trashed boot drives (and at anyone who worries about such things). I see too many negative reports from people who sound like they've done reasonable things, but ended up with a mess like that.
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