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geokilla March 4, 2012 06:32 PM

Do You Install Programs to Your SSD?
Just wondering how many of you install your frequently used programs and/or games to your SSD. I bought one and considering how I would use that Crucial M4 128GB... Obviously not gonna have my music and stuff on the SSD in order to keep the read and write to a minimum. However I'm thinking of installing things such as Starcraft 2, MSN, Steam games, Microsoft Office, etc. to the SSD.

I'll probably partition it to 100GB as well just to give it some of that free space AkG was talking about in his sticky thread.

kyle_L March 4, 2012 06:54 PM

i have my programs and whatnot installed on mine, along with steam and origin, all my steam games stay on my other hhd exept for the ones i am playing right now. i have 65.9gb's free of 119gbs. and i have 5 games installed including masseffect 3 and skyrim. good luck with it.

Pabz0r545 March 4, 2012 06:56 PM

Yes, I have everything installed on my SSD as it is my only storage device. I don't download music or movies or anything pirated for that matter so I don't need the storage. Just gaming for me!

lowfat March 4, 2012 07:15 PM

NAND will last nearly forever. Unless you are using the drive as an active downloading drive you should never have to worry. From tests done on XS, a 64GB M4 has lasted around 450TB of writes so far. A 128GB drive should be capable of twice as much.

francisw19 March 4, 2012 07:26 PM

Voted yes - I keep programs and Steam games on my SSDs. With the pair of 120GB Vertex2's I have, it's enough space. The exception is my system temp folder...I just move this to a separate "junk files" partition on my mechanical disk.

Shadowmeph March 4, 2012 08:28 PM

I had most of my programs running on my 510 Intel 120GB SSD and all of my downloads on a separate hard drive but then my SSD died for no apparent reason, thing was barely a year old, maybe it was a fluke but I won't buy another one unless the SSD prices drop and drop drastically in price.
I have wondered about one other thing and that is the Pagefiles I would think that they would make things ( the software, programs) run allot faster if it was on the SSd but then I wonder at how much ware and tear would be on the SSD

Jake_HT March 4, 2012 08:33 PM

Follow AKG's guide in the stickied threads to set up your SSD.

And absolutely install your programs to it, that's what they're for! To have your applications running as fast as possible. Obviously your music and movie files you put on your storage drive, but they don't need the SSD's bandwidth to function normally anyways obviously.

frontier204 March 4, 2012 09:18 PM

Windows 7 with System Restore on + LibreOffice + MS Office + ~3 GB of other minor programs only takes up 50 GB on my SSD, which is partitioned to 80GB (the other 40ish is for Linux).

It's only writes, or more precisely, erase cycles, that you want to worry about (assuming a non-defective drive). Reading NAND flash doesn't do much more "damage" than reading from DRAM. Beyond server-style workloads, there aren't many things that do more erasing/writing than the OS does. My Kingston SSDNow V-Series survived 2.5 years + at least 9 OS reinstalls so far. I keep my pagefile on my hard drive.

Fleurious March 5, 2012 07:50 AM

I install my OS plus primary games (WoW, BF3, D2) to my fasted SSD and the rest (Rift, SWTOR, LoL, L4D2, ) to my Kingston V200. I have hard disks for everything else.

Arinoth March 5, 2012 08:25 AM

If it's essential programs or games I'll install them to my SSD. If it's a non-essential or a program that doesn't take a long time to load (like office 2010), it'll go to my surrogate WD black HDD.

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