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Default Crucial M4 128GB BSOD

(sorry for the long post)

Okay, here is the thing. I thought I knew how to install an SSD since it looked easy on YouTube and it was pretty much plug a few cables and that's it. Seems I was wrong!

I installed a Crucial M4 128GB ssd for Win 7 and programs. Set the SATA controller to AHCI in the bios prior to installation, unplugged the HDD, installed Win 7, updated drivers, plugged the HDD back in and everything seemed to be fine. It has not been 1 week yet and I have had 3 BSODs already.

I did some research myself and the problems and solutions seemed to differ for everyone so I contacted Crucial directly. As nice and knowledgeable the guy was, I was not really able to follow him. Here are a few things he told me to do but I am not really following...

"In a desktop, do not attach the SATA connector, just attach the power connector to the problematic SSD and power on the system.
Leave it on for around 30 minutes, preferably without using the PC, then power off and disconnect the SSD altogether.
After 30 seconds, reconnect the SSD and repeat steps 1 and 2 again.
Power off and connect the SATA connector again and power back on."

Okay I got that part, seems easy. This is "General procedure for resolving performance issues. If still persists, there may be an issues with the controller."

And then came this:

Agent: When you set up the SSD, did you click (check) a box marked as 4K alignment?
Me: Not sure what or when that's done, but no I didn't
Me: I installed a fresh copy of Win 7. Before installing I changed the sata controller to ahci because I read it was recommended for running an SSD
Me: It was for better performance
Agent: And that will cause issues. You would need to contact our support line for a level 2 tech as to see how to re-do your SSD, and have 4k alignment checked.
Agent: Not what you did, the 4k thing.

And this:
Agent: Format the SSD, and do the cloning procedure again. Make sure you look for the check box that would have 4k alignment.
Agent: The 4k alignment may be part of the ISO software you will download, and it could be in there. I'm not positive though.

I will contact Crucial again on Monday to see if they can help me to resolve this issue. In the mean time, does anyone have a general understanding of 4k alignment and cloning? I did some research on google but it's all really vague to me...do I really need to install everything again?

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