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Grampa April 28, 2011 11:58 PM

Crucial M4 a really great bargain?
Much like some feedback from some other users of OCZ SSD's I just had 2 die on me the past week.
One was so bad, it lasted less than 5hours.

Anyhow, this isn't the point of this posting.

NCIX.com - Buy Solid State Drives - SSD In Canada.

A quick scan through the pricing, I've posted in the link above, showing the new Crucial M4 drives at a seemingly very nice deal.
Not only are the M4's running on sata 6gb/s they seem to be significantly greater bang for the buck! :shok:

So what do you think?
Would you rather go for Intel's product offering, or Crucial's given today's pricing, and relative reputation for reliability of each company's offerings?

Or... would it be better just to splurge and try both out? :haha:

_dangtx_ April 29, 2011 12:16 AM

i found,and this is personal experience,to have better luck with kingston drives than anything else,and were talking value drives here.
not the fastest on the block,but pretty durable. and i lost a few drives too. and some more in some builds. none of them were kingston,
well,when it wasn't user's fault that is

AkG April 29, 2011 04:39 AM

The M4 is also known as the "C400". It is the new competitor (kinda sorta) for the second gen SF drives (e.g. "Vertex 3"). Much like the previous model the 128 will be slower than the 256...BUT it should still be one beast of a drive.
The Intel 510 also uses the same controller as the M4, but Intel writes the firmware for it (ie its supposed to be different).
I would take either over the Vertex 2 of the same size. I would probably take the Intel over the Crucial, just based on RMA experiences. Crucial is good, but Intel is simply the best. Both have immature firmware so either could have a slight edge over the other in the long term, but I doubt it will amount to enough to make it a knock out winner.

M4 / 510 vs Vertex 3....THAT would be a tough call. TBH any of those three would be killer good choices. Also to be honest, I no longer see much need for buying first gen SF drives UNLESS you want to save some coin and dont have a SATA 6gb/s ports.

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