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Charloz24 April 25, 2011 07:55 PM

C300 VS Vertex 2

I'm looking at upgrading my 30GB Vertex SSD for a 60+gb SSD. There seems to be really good words about C300 and excellent read speeds, but write speeds seems really low compared to Vertex 2? And what about Corsair Force serie 60gb?

JD April 26, 2011 08:09 AM

If you can hold out a little bit longer, please do. Vertex 3 and other 2nd gen Sandforce drives are on the horizon.

JimboToronto April 26, 2011 01:39 PM

Another consideration is whether you have SATA3 or not. Even the first-gen Sandforce in a Vertex2 is bottlenecked by SATA2. The C300 is a SATA3 drive and would be bottlenecked at less than 300MB/s if run at SATA2.

SATA3 is just a short-term patch anyway. It's almost obsolete even before it's been fully implemented. Multiple-controller SSDs have already surpassed its bandwidth. HSDL and other PCIe connections are the only way to go.

Charloz24 April 26, 2011 02:28 PM

Yeah no problem here for Sata3, I will try waiting then ;)

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