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Default Real data

I understand this is an old thread, but its near the top in google, has been for several other searches i was doing; so as such im going to append actual user data so others comming here "such as myself" from google will get a real answer.

Raid 0 on any computer built after 2009 will benefit you lots of speed.
Typically, read access times are improved by about 90% while write is boosted by about 40%
The reason for this not existing in raid in the past was NOT the drives, but how the system bus worked
let me explain.

in the past, PCI, SATA and IDE had the speed manufacturers told you, "133, 250, 3gb, whatever"
but it was SHARED among deviced on the same bus. so if you had 2 drives going on a sata bus on an
older chipset, there was no real "often less then 10%" boost because, while the wires were seperate
once that data hit the motherboard it was put onto SHARED LANES; no benefit since it had to slow
down to get that data going. think of plumbing where to nice and fat pipes merge into another pipe of
the same size. but the water isnt allowed to actually travel any faster.

Fast forward to today!

excluding the old PCI and IDE technology, PCIe (x1 up to x16), SATA, etc are no longer shared
but have a direct line to the CPU, RAM or Chipset (depending on what port it is, sata goes to the
chipset while ram goes to the CPU for example(yes, cpus nowadays have the memory controller, not the chipset)) moving on.
what this means is when the HDDS send data down the wire to the board, there is no merger. that
lane stays dedicated to that harddrive all the way untill it hits the CHIPSET at which point they each
have their own pins, stays seperate in the the chip, and then that data is sent to the CPU on SEPERATE
lanes "this is another reason why CPUS have wayyy more pins then they used too as well"

the end result is much faster RAID 0, regardless if a drive can fill the full size of the pipe, the pipes never actually merge.
if a trypical 7200 drive can read at a full 100MB/s, and gets 80% faster for each stripe
it would take 3 drives 260MB/sec, and it does on my setup (255 is what ive achieved). thats how my computer is setup; and thats amazing for SATA2.
and heres another pro-tip for ya, my cheap 80GB SDD tops out at 285MB/sec
if You could stripe 4 HDDS i would simply use 4 drives, 500gb each and never touch a SDD
and perhaps one day they will allow it.

You should also be aware older and cheap SDDs get slower as you use it.
250MB/s will be closer to 150MB/s after about 1 years of use "dont flame, use google, i dont have time
for fanboys"

***** for the OP even though its dayum old! others may have same question *****
Install Windows on your SSD as a primary drive, doesnt matter how many user accounts you have either.
then get it big enough to hold windows, all your initial prograls "like your antivirus for example, firewalls
boot checkers, drive managers etc to keep boot fast" then another bit of space
to install 1 or 2 of your most used games or apps "+20GB for most people" so 50-60gb SSD for the
average person.
then put a nice big fat 500GB up to 2TB for everything else "other games, MP3, video, rare programs
email, etc etc" remember... a MP3 is 5MB played over 5mins, it will load in 1second even off of
an old 133mb IDE.(so long as there is no fragments, then it takes 3 seconds, OOooOOoh lool)

1 warning though, in Raid0 your drives are one, double the odds of complete data loss.
since if one goes, everything you have on the drives loses exactly half of its data and in stripes
thats not to say u cant remove the dead drive and use the good one normally, you can.
but the data is GONE.
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