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Default What Raid is right for me and how do I set it up?

Ok, so last night I just ordered 2 2TB WD Blacks, I currently have 1 2TB WD Black in but I need to RMA it cause I have damaged sectors hdtune says/reports. So would raid 5 be the best for me once I get the RMA'd HD back? A few questions I have about it,
1. If one hard drive dies, I need to replace it with another blank WD Black drive before I can use windows again right?
2. Would it be possible to mix up the hard drives if one died? Say just for the moment till I bought or got the 2TB WD Black fixed would a 2TB WD Green work as a replacement?

Then that has me at the next question, would raid 10 be best? I do like having a live backup of things and I would like the write speeds of 2 2TB WD Blacks going together, but again a few questions.
1. Do I get to pick what hard drives I raid together? Say so I never got it mixed up and picked 1 black and 1 green in raid 0 and the same setup for the mirror 1. So basically I would want to pick the blacks for the raid0 and the greens for the raid1.
2. If one drive dies in the 0 setup it won't boot right? how would I know if one in the 1 setup died and to replace it?
3. Would I still be able to run windows with 1 drive dead out of the four and whilist it was re writing the data to the new drive would I be able to be on windows doing my normal stuff?
4. How do I know if a drive dies or something is wrong with it? Will that be up to me to check with HD tune and the likes of programs out there or is there some sort of raid monitor software?

Ok now that we got all that out of the way, how do I go about setting up and raid setup? I've seen when loading windows the little thing popup saying "If doing a raid set up hit f7 (or some key I forget) now" If I was to do raid I would most likely be going the raid card setup instead of using a motherboard set up as I've hard it's better to do it that way. But yea if someone could give me the jyst of how to set up or how setting up raid works that would be awesome. Also when answering my questions can you please number them, I hope it's not asking to much it's just I sometimes get confused when people just write out a paragraph and answer say all of my questions in a sentence
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