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Default SSD for Developing Large Software Projects (Regular KDE builds etc.)

Hello guys!

SSD's seem to be a new and exciting technology, designed to bring real speed into our lives. However, they do have some drawbacks, most of them related to the limited lifespan of the flash memory, or data storage and compression (in e.g. Sandforce-based drives) algorithms, as well as limited space. Thus, there is a number of certain usage patterns and usecases, which should be avoided at all costs or simply not performed on an SSD as opposed to a conventional Hard Disk Drive.

(Phew, I've said that, now back to normal speak.)

Now my question is:
Developing for KDE )or Linux kernel, for that matter) involves millions of files, as far as I can tell.
1)The files are very numerous.
2)They are small (no megs or gigs or anything more than that). Source files, .cpp and .h, build system files (the same essentially), .o object files, resulting binaries (these can be a few megs large, but get rewritten *very* often, because they're what is actually being rebuilt most of the time - the devs in here will get it what I'm trying to say; more on that in p.4 - see below)
3)Version Control is used. Everyday updates of tens or even hundreds (on a busy day :)) of files get updated just a bit. A couple lines in a source file sometimes.
4)Constant rebuilds. Maybe even every day, or, well, *at least* every week. Now it's all about what I've said in p.2, the binaries are a few megs large and get rewritten very often, essentially on every build. Same goes for the object files, although these are obviously smaller, more like kbs in size.

Question Number One:
Will it (an SSD) last for long?
Question Number Two:
Will Sandforce with its data compression algorithms introduce a slowdown because of a large amount of constantly rewritten small files of text (compressible by theory) and object (absolutely incompressible by definition - lots of effectively random data) files?

Thank you for your reading,
It has taken me quite a lot of time to write this message or post, whatever the name, and I'd really welcome an elaborate and well thought-out answer from a local tech expert (all this tongue in cheek =P, but still, you get the idea), especially on the question of Sandforce vs. Indilinx/Intel/C300 controller in this scenario.

Best regards,
Night Gyr
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