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Jd007 October 17, 2010 08:23 PM

SSD Performance vs. Space Left
Hey all:

I was wondering if there are any benchmarks of SSD performance degradation as more of the drive becomes occupied. I couldn't find any good ones. As a rule of thumb, what percentage of the drive capacity should be left empty to ensure optimal performance? I have an Intel X25-M G2 80GB SSD, and I have about 20GB free space left after installing some stuff last week. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

mr_plow_king October 18, 2010 08:40 PM

Filling the drive should not affect read speed at all. Write speed however could vary depending of the trim status of your drive. If your drive is completely trimmed, I guess you could fill it completely without seeing any degradation in write speed. However, just to be sure, I always leave about 10 GB free on my SSD.

I had only about 5 GB free on my drive and I got the feeling it was getting slower every day so I changed my Vertex 60 GB to a Vertex 2 120 GB last week and now it's faster then ever

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