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CoolHandL July 15, 2010 04:33 PM

3 SSD 64GB's In Raid0(edit 3 drives In Raid0 results + Pictures)
Just Picked up 2 Kingston Value 64GB SSD's to put into raid 0 on my main rig, how could i not buy them they were $109.99 each at NCIX, thats $1.70/gb, plus i already have one at home and know how the real world results are... amazing when compared to mechanical drives.. im super stoked to set these up..

that means my Corsair R60, gets moved from my main rig to my Mini-ITX HTPC, my exsisting Kingston V 64GB SSD, moves from my mini-itx HTPC into Girlfriends laptop. and two newbies get raided.

my main rig will be a thing of zen now, 2 WD Caviar Blacks 640GB (64MBcache) are in Raid 0 as storage, and my 2 SSDnow 64GB will be the OS in Raid 0.. two sets of dual channel kingston ram. 2-2-2

Am i worried about a failing disk... no i have lots of backups running, 1 750GB external and a secondary PC with a 640GB.thats covers my storage and reinstalling the OS is a breeze, i have a thumb drive with all needed drivers as an install pack... Im just excited and wanted to share with the WWW


frontier204 July 15, 2010 05:33 PM

So that laptop will have JUST a 64 GB SSD for storage, or does it have two HDD bays? I can easily go over 64 GB if I put games or video onto my laptop.
I got the Kingston 128GB myself, and although I wanted a little more out of it for reducing boot time, it easily cuts down on how long it takes to start programs. It also saves me from having to remember to defrag :)

CoolHandL July 15, 2010 08:03 PM

yeah the laptop is just one of 5 of my computers, so its not for storage at all, its for web, and word processing/ a business computer. i have tons of storage on my other pc's well about 4TB spread out.
but to answer your question it has one HDD bay, so the 64GB is for OS and applications. Plus i used a 64GB for games as well on my desktop when not playing i would uninstall, or store on my storage drives. but agreed speed ups loading apps and boot times for sure.

CoolHandL July 19, 2010 08:27 AM

I went with 3 drives in Raid 0, I'm using the on board Raid controller for my 3 new Kingston 64GB SSD's.
Raid 0

Is there any way to increase performance?




CrystalDiskMark 3.0 x64 (C) 2007-2010 hiyohiyo
Crystal Dew World : http://crystalmark.info/
* MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

Sequential Read : 459.633 MB/s
Sequential Write : 100.525 MB/s
Random Read 512KB : 242.314 MB/s
Random Write 512KB : 143.138 MB/s
Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 12.158 MB/s [ 2968.4 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 15.485 MB/s [ 3780.6 IOPS]
Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 36.934 MB/s [ 9017.2 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 24.499 MB/s [ 5981.2 IOPS]

Test : 1000 MB [C: 13.3% (23.7/178.8 GB)] (x5)
Date : 2010/07/18 11:13:52
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Edition [6.1 Build 7600] (x64)

igor_f July 19, 2010 01:36 PM

SSD RAID!!!??? System, game loading speed probably insane!
I still thinking if it worth to get SSD for system if I reboot my PC once per month....

CoolHandL July 19, 2010 02:22 PM

i reboot daily. or power main rig down when not DLing, my other pc is on 24/7 folding. app loading and installation is lightning fast, the boot time suffers from the raid post screen but is still fast, shut down is instant.

bkh2 July 23, 2010 11:10 PM

Does the Raid 0 setup offer better write speeds? What about the random access? Does access time increase?

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