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Delavan July 8, 2010 09:05 AM

Not too sure, SSD on nFORCE 650i chipset?
Hi all,

My buddy owns a DELL XPS 630i...sad I know. The thing is that his motherboard is a weird/hacked by DELL nFORCE 650i-based jobbie. He wants to jump on the SSD bandwagon.
I recommended him to get win7 64 (TRIM support/DX11 and all that jazz). But I hear about potential issues with nFORCE chipsets and TRIM?

Would it be better for him to replace that mobo? There is SO many DELL XPS630i owners that "Frankenstein'ed" their 630i...because these computers are crippled/full of issues (no doubt, it's D(h)ell).

You know there is issues with the gear when there is sites like this :

The 630i Resource Collective: What's New?

Anyway, does somebody has experience with nforce SATA controllers and TRIM in Win7?

chrisk July 8, 2010 09:18 AM

The 6XX series nVidia mobos do not have AHCI, nor Trim. I gave an Intel SSD to my dad who had the 690SLI chipset, and he was out of luck. I had to go out and get an Intel ICHR9 board with AHCI and Trim.

Edit: Sorry I meant to say I had the 590SLI. But no nVidia chipset supports Trim.

Delavan July 8, 2010 09:47 AM

That confirms it. Jeez.

I'll get him to try to find a cheap P45 S775 to put his Q6600 in...

JD July 8, 2010 04:39 PM

The 6xx series of nForce was just absolutely horrendous. NVIDIA seriously f*cked those up. 7xx didn't do much better, and luckily NVIDIA called it quits after that.

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