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jcmaz June 25, 2010 10:59 PM

Photofast "expandable" SSD's
Hello HWC,

So what are you thoughts about this product?


product overview

CR-9200 can insert with six same capacity SDHC card (4GB - 32GB) at the same time and has large capacity with light 2.5 inches case of SSD to SATA adapter.

When using 8 pieces of 32GB SDHC card, then making the capacity of SSD expand to be 256GB .Owning it ,you can enjoy the high speed by using the cheap price of SDHC cards.
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Standard 2.5" SATA HDD interface
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Offers a fast and low-cost replacement to expensive solid
state drives.
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Offers solid state drives' advantages such as zero noise
and low power consumption.
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Offers stable and reliable performance.
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Offers better read/write access performance, shock
resistance and operating temperature range than
conventional HDD.
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg No drivers or software required.
Correspondence memory
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg SDHC4GB~32GB(To six pieces at the maximum)
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg SDHC4GB 8 = 32GB
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg SDHC8GB 8 = 64GB
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg SDHC16GB 8 = 128GB
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg SDHC32GB 8 = 256GB
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Read speed︰maximum 250MB/sec.
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Write speed︰random 80MB/sec.
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Supports SATA 1.5/3Gbps interface in host
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg RAID level striping(RAID 0)
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Supports all operating systems
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Speed varies according to different ytpe of SDHC
http://www.photofast.tw/products/dot.jpg Power Consumption 5V/150mA

gingerbee June 26, 2010 05:28 AM

this for me has to many variable's what i mean is the sdhc cards that and the cost of the said device. jmo very interesting to say the least

jcmaz June 26, 2010 06:12 AM

Any more suggestions?

gingerbee June 26, 2010 06:28 AM

not really just depends on the cost of this, if cheap then go for it.

ilya June 26, 2010 07:07 AM

I tried one of these at a computer show in HK almost 2 years ago, wasn't very fast, (only ok for small file transfers) you're better off with a Velociraptor if you want speed and capacity.
However it seems they have updated their chipset, but I doubt that would bring a night and day difference.

jcmaz June 26, 2010 07:12 AM

I see. Well i own one of those Memory Stick to 2 microSDHC adapter for my PSP and boy they are fast. "coughcough" Loads way faster than the UMD drive :)

AkG June 26, 2010 07:34 AM

I see speed AND reliability being the main concern.
SHDC NAND is well....cheap nand. It doesnt have the write performance of higher grade nand found in SSDs. So its write speed is going to suck in comparison even within a 8x raid array. Sure its sequential speed might come close...but I bet its 4k numbers will stink.

And SD cards are cheap because they use cheaper nand...thus they dont have the realistic expectation of surviving the same number of writes vs a SSD's MLC NAND. This has gotten better with time, but the SD/SDHC mfger's dont expect you to USE the external storage in a continuous manner.

I have a dual CF to sata port raid 1 gadget here and while I'd use it for a freeNAS C drive where writes are low to rare...I wouldn't trust it as my OS drive in a 2ndary rig!

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