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SKYMTL June 13, 2010 08:59 PM

USB 3.0 & the Corsair Voyager GTR: A Match Made in Heaven?
When we first tested Corsair's Voyager GTR, we found it to be limited by the USB 2.0 interface. This didn't stop it from becoming the fastest flash drive we have ever tested but the nagging question persisted: what happens if you plug this USB 2.0 drive into a next-generation USB 3.0 interface? In this testing update, we find out....

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Digikid June 14, 2010 04:24 AM

Well TBH I was hoping for a bigger increase personally but still a great "D"-Drive.

Thanks for the Update!!!! Was looking forward to it.

Still gonna wait for the USB3 version....and yes I agree with you.....it is SATA3 and not 6g.

chrisk June 14, 2010 08:07 AM

I was hoping for greater speeds. I do realize that this is immature hardware at the moment so it would not be fair to be too critical.

frontier204 June 15, 2010 03:37 PM

Nice to know, thanks!
If I get a USB 3.0 add-on card or motherboard, I'll remember to use all my storage devices in the 3.0 ports. I wonder if HDTune will report a higher "burst" rate on the USB 3.0?
<continues hoping for easily available 8 GB USB 3.0 sticks before my current DataTraveller breaks in two>

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