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Old March 31, 2010, 10:00 PM
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Default Kingston SSDNow V+ (gen.2) 128GB SSD Review Comment Thread

In the highly competitive SSD market, there is no end to the number of companies vying for your hard earned dollars. From no name brands to the who's who of the computer hardware industry, there are so many products out there it is getting extreme hard for consumers to choose. With their SSDNow V+ series, Kingston is aiming to please everyone from first time buyers to enthusiasts who are looking for the right combination of price and performance. But, can the 128GB version of this drive compete in its intended price bracket?

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Old March 31, 2010, 10:18 PM
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My System Specs


This couldn't have come at a better time. I'm currently shopping around for SSDs and had been looking at the 40G intel -V product for my farms... The extra storage space might not be absolutely necessary, but might be worth a trade-off in performance.

edit: That said... I can pick up 2 of the intel 40G drives for the price of one of these.....
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Old March 31, 2010, 11:06 PM
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Great review. It's nice to see that the larger SSDs are starting to come down a tad in price. I want two of these. One for my desktop, one for my laptop. If only I had the money...
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Old April 1, 2010, 06:15 AM
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Great HWC review!

Well, I have to say, when I was shopping for an SSD a few weeks ago (I settled for the Vertex 120GB here), there was a lot of grey areas on some products. Now, AKG clears that up for us.

I'm glad the Kingston V+ is being covered by a full review from HWC. It will give the product a better visibility. I considered the V+ as a serious contender, but it wasn't gathering enough support (wasn't showing big enough on the radar, so to speak). All the reviews were coming from "mainstream" review sites. So I was like...WHY this SSD is NOT on the map? On top of that, etailers like NCIX weren't keeping more than one or two of these V+ series drives in stock.

How Kingston is making out in ref with SSD support? Tech forum? Firmware updates? Well I didn't find a lot, and that why I went with OCZ (great support).

I think that Kingston and Corsair (no firmware updates possible on the Nova series???) HAVE to jump right in the firmware/tech support arena.

edit: That said... I can pick up 2 of the intel 40G drives for the price of one of these.....
Yes, If you do the RAID0 boot array. But, for other people, buying a 120-128GB drive gives them the opportunity to use the drive as their boot drive, THEN RECYCLE the drive later and use it in a laptop, while you upgrade to a newer/faster SSD down the road. In my situation, this is why I picked a single 120GB over 2 X 60GB RAID0 (60Gb would be really small for a laptop).

My 2cents...
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Old April 1, 2010, 06:52 AM
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I can say that after working closely with Kingston on this review (special thank you to David and Cameron, always nice to deal with true professionals) that Kingston is taking their SSD line extremely serious. I fully expect the kind of support from Kingston that they are famous for. GREAT company to deal with. But it really is going to be all up to Toshiba. They are the ones who make the controller and thus are the ones who make the firmware and release it to the various companies like Kingston. Unless the company name on the SSD is the same as the controller inside, the company you buy from is at the mercy of the controller company. Just look at what went on with the OCZ Summit and Samsung. Heck, look at what Intel did to Kingston recently for an even better example. No one outside of those companies know the full story but what IS known is Kingston took full ownership of the issue, did not blame anyone and did what was best for their customers: EOL'ing a newly released drive and taking a huge hit. They did it as that was what they felt was best for their customers...and not their bottom line. This is why to to me the biggest "make or break" issue is not on firmware (its a close second) but customer service. If you need to RMA your drive, this is what can make a situation into a nightmare or a smooth as silk experience. THIS is where Kingston excels at. Extremely easy to deal with when things go wrong.
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Old April 1, 2010, 08:11 AM
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Excellent points, AkG!

This seems like a good fit for what I'm trying to do/build. I want TWO SSDs and this is difficult to do, imho, because the price of two would give me a newer or faster single drive. But, I want one for Windows 7 and one for a Linux OS. I want the Linux drive to be at least 100GB and the Windows 7 one can be 60GB and up. The reason is I'll probably use the Linux drive most of the time or at least 50 to 60% min.

The concern I had with this drive after reading the review here is there seems to be issues still and some question marks regarding certain tasks. Also, the support and firmware seem to be up in the air and therefore AkG's comments hit right on the mark!: what will Toshiba's controller and support be like now and long-term? The way I look at it, when Indilinx controllers are in your hardware, you should be in good shape. There's A LOT of drives with them or at least, the big names like OCZ have a lot of support, forums and many owners out there to possibly lend a hand. I'm not sure how many drives have Toshiba controllers but if you have a problem, who do you talk to? Kingston? They might be good for RMA issues but I am not so sure they can solve firmware/TRIM/performance issues so much. I could be wrong, though, as I'm just speculating.

I am mostly looking for SSDs based on price but when I compare, I want to choose the 'fastest' and ones with full support (meaning TRIM and firmware up to date or easily upgraded etc.) so I might not necessarily go with a slow, cheap, SSD if it is available. It depends. However, I thought AkG's comment of moving a slower, older SSD to a laptop or another computer applies to me. I'm shopping for a laptop or at least keeping my eyes open for one. I'm reading/researching on them so I tend to think it will be easy to find a computer for any SSD I buy if I want to upgrade. My Windows 7 SSD doesn't have to be the top of the line or fastest but since the TRIM/GC issue in Linux is still sketchy or at least I'm not sure about it, I'll probably be looking for just one SSD for now for Windows 7. If the Intel G2 X25-M goes on sale any time soon, I'll have a use for my saved pennies.
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Old November 10, 2010, 02:18 PM
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So now that some time has passed, has this drive gotten any firmware releases to "realize its potential" as the review puts it?
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