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Originally Posted by bkh2 View Post
Thanks a lot for these responses.

So in summary, RAID 0 will provide better read/write speeds, but increase the seeking time.

Does this mean that I can install a game faster, but to open it will take longer? Or perhaps windows media player on shuffle may lag when going to the next song?
In general, yes, please also note the following:

those are expressed in terms of what enthusiasts prefer most: benchmarks. Which do not reflect the result one will feel in real-world use of the system. It is highly dependent on sizes of the files being accessed. fragmentation, and their relative positions on the platters.

The only universally accepted truths in a two drive RAID-0 array is that if one drive fails you will lose everything on both. Access time is slightly slowed, but usually less than 10%, seldom noticed. The ONLY real world advantage is when moving VERY LARGE files from one drive to another, assuming that is between two identical arrays. In most general appliations, there isn't really much of a significant gain in performance.

As to installation times, boot times etc, remember that the speed of data transfer between ANY two dissimilar drives is limited by the slowest one involved in the process. EXAMPLE, installing a game or anything else from a CD to any of today's better hard drives, there won't be any real increae in speed, because aven an older slow HD is faster than any current CD device.
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