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Originally Posted by p3t3rson View Post
As far as I am aware Windows 7 creates that hidden partition to store system files and bootable files that are required to boot your computer in recovery mode. You can actually install Win7 without it. Here is a link describing how to do it:
How to Prevent Windows 7 from Creating a Hidden /Recovery /System Reserved Partition during Installation
it will not install the reserved partition but it will install a system and a boot partition for sure.....make some google about NTFS files sytem, Windows nt, xp, vista, 7 server 2000, 2003, 2008 need a system and boot partition if use on NTFS

what you see in your example is a miss label ( by windows ) of a 20 g system and boot partition combine

Originally Posted by p3t3rson View Post
It has nothing to do with the System Reserve partition

that's the problem you confuse System Reserve with system partition. the system partition is there since they release the first NT4

Originally Posted by p3t3rson View Post
The reason the ioXtreme can't be booted from is that currently Win7 can only natively boot from and IDE or sata. So until a firmware is released more or less tricking the OS to think ..
it's where you are again wrong ...... windows 7 can be boot from a scii drive and also from a network drive and you don't need a firmware for it

the purpose of the system partition, is to redirect the system to a boot partition .

now as for know if it's doable on the IOxtreme, it have to by try, not just guess

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