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Old July 22, 2009, 10:52 PM
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ouch.. software raid5 is going to TANK your performance. Minimum $500 raid5 card to maximise the performance of the RAID, but it still falls short of a single hard drive. And versus RAID 0 there is no contest in performace.. the software RAID 5 will suck.


i actually benched a 640 Black vs a 150GB Raptor. The sustained tranfer rate on the black was miles ahead of the raptor, but the random access times and seak times on the raptor were much shorter (better) then the Black. In aggregate tho.. games and apps loaded faster on the Black than on the Raptor.

I suppose if you were to build a high volume database server or something the raptor would pwn given it's seak times (if you used SATA anyways), but as a desktop machine the black slaughters the raptor.
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Old July 23, 2009, 05:13 AM
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Very good answer! Thank you, and noted.

With a corei7 920 @ 4ghz, will intel's ich10 still rofl the performance of the raid5 array? Reads should be faster than a single drive, but of course writes are another matter...

Can anyone recommend a raid card or series of cards that will run 3 drives in raid5, under $100 used? PCI or pci-e, doesn't matter, i have the slots.

What about write holes? The question scares me. It sometimes happens that the plug gets pulled or my audio equipment trips a breaker downstairs, and my whole room goes dark. I've a surge protector, but it's not a bettery backup unit, hence if the power goes out....well, it goes out. When that happens, if something is being written to the raid 5 array, without a battery backup unit for the cache, the write will fail and the file may become corrupted. Knowing intel and the fact that no self respecting server will use their onboard, i doubt their solution is very mature. That being said, how severe would the consequences of pulling the plug be on a software raid5 array? Would the current document being written go caput, will a good chunk of data go out the window, will the above be rebuildable (not sure in which sequence the XOR parity calculation is written onto the drives and whether that helps or does the opposite), or can the whole array be kissed bye bye data wise (like a windows installation at the slightest touch of any nt system files)??? This makes me very worried!

Last but not least, is there any advantage to using onboard raid5 over simply running the 3 drives as they are, and backing up to the hitachi whenever the finger itches? Other than the redundancy inherent in the setup?

Thanks all!
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Old July 24, 2009, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by JimboToronto View Post
No form of RAID is an adequate replacement for backups. It only protects against failure of (usually) a single HDD. It does not protect against malware, fire, theft, accidental deletion or power spikes.
Only insurance companies do that. And why would a RAID protect against fire? Lol.
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