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Old June 22, 2009, 03:24 PM
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I'm actually pulling for the JM next gen as 4 way would be better for consumer than a 3 way. ;)
That being said....I'll believe their PR when I see the performance myself.

Saying Indi is not ready for prime time because their firmware still allows for more page fragmentation than Intel's is disingenuous. The simple answer to fragmentation and lowered performance on Indi drives is to run a simple and painless program. The answer on Intel drives is to run a secure erase and start over from scratch....Which is the better solution? :)

The fact of the matter is Indi is the only controller which has recognized the issue and has taken successful steps to over come it. Intel has a partial firmware based solution but it does not work in the long term, and thus is a failure. Slow downs of X-25M's still happen. Vertex/Falcon/Torqx performance slow downs can happen quicker (though it is not as quick as you seem to believe!) but is just as quickly resolved. As I said earlier claiming Indilinx's solution is not a solution because its not a full implementation of the ATA std...is the same as saying the Q6600 was not the first "real" quad because it was a work around.

I will take a workaround right now over a solution that is "in the future" or "TBD". To become fully TRIM compliant will most likely require nothing more than a firmware update. An update all SSDs regardless of mfg'er will probably need (who knows how MS is going to implement it....after all they are not exactly known for standards complaince ;) ) In the mean time I will continue to use and recomend the cheaper, bigger and in most cases faster kludge based SSD. YMMV and just to mess with your mind a bit the X-25M is still the only "DG" awarded SSD. ;)
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