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Bomberman07 May 4, 2009 06:38 PM

How to diagnose seagate 5400.3
Hi everyone,

My GF's pink inspiron 1525 got hitted by the floor :P Now her bios doesn't find the hdd anymore. So we've ordered a scorpio WD 320gb 7200 rpm. Problem solved. :)

But, I would like, just for the fun of it, be able to hook the 5400.3 in my rig, to diagnose it (if possible). My bios doesn't show it and vista refuse to boot when the hdd is in my rig.

What can I do? If possible, I'd like to get some files off the hdd. If it ain't possible, i will end up disasembling it just for the fun :)

Thanks all for inputs!

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