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frontier204 January 18, 2009 07:01 AM

HDTune+smartmon error = grounds for RMA?
Hi all,

Wow I just jinxed myself when I posted that I didn't have an HDD failure in this thread... http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...g-suicide.html

Anyway, a day after posting to that thread (no ill feelings towards any of you; all my fault :thumb:), my primary hard drive, a 1 TB Samsung HD103UJ started to exhibit signs of failing. Here's the sequence of events.
  1. At the start, my CPU and FSB was OC'd :ph34r:
  2. Restarted computer (normal restart that I initiated, not BSOD from overclock); Windows said "one of your drives has to be checked for consistency". (CHKDSK)
  3. I let chkdsk run, and it states errors for ~50 files. Most of them seemed to be from the Vista SP1 backup that was still sitting on the HDD. (at this time I was still blaming the OC, hence step 4)
  4. I undo the OC and restart.
  5. I run HDTune, and it pops up with a single red "damaged" block before it's finished scanning 20% of the hard drive. At the same time, I found Samsung's HUTIL on their website (browsing from a different computer) so I cancel the HDTune and try out Samsung's tool.
  6. Samsung's tool says there's nothing wrong with the drive.
  7. I discover the following in my smartctl log, run off a Linux LiveCD:
  • # 1 Extended offline Completed: read failure 90% 407 6298865
I just started another smartmon test so I can have the SMART test complete fully.

Samsung's HDD tool says there's nothing wrong with my disk, but my Unix smart tool and HDTune say there are errors.
Are my SMART and HDTune errors enough to RMA/exchange the drive? I know I didn't let either of the non-Samsung tests complete fully, but if you think I can get an exchange or RMA off one of them, I'll complete the test and use it as evidence.


EDIT/UPDATE: I just ran smartctl again, and now the SMART test "Completed without error". I take it my HDD's firmware is trying to cover up the bad sector?

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