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Old October 7, 2008, 08:24 AM
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Don’t mean to hi-jack this but is getting a couple of SCSI/SAS setup feasible for a gaming computer......or is it to impractle
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Old October 7, 2008, 09:25 AM
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In a server environment coughing up anything over $2000 for a single drive is ridiculousness...especially for an untested rather unexplored style of storage. Sure warranties and statement about the supposed lifespan of the drive are great but when you have to reload a server no matter what kind because a drive failed that wasn't supposed to it's your balls on the block trying to explain the hardware failure and how the $5000 drive failed even though they said it wouldn't.......Stick to the tried and tested ......SCSI SAS is rock solid and wicked fast I see no reason for making the leap into untested waters when a server is such a vital peice of hardware for so many..The Server World is not a early adopter enthusiast kind of market sure there is always leaps and bounds in CPU's and types of storage arrays and software but the basic element of storage is largely the same. I would certainly get some of these new SSD drives in the future but only when there price is close or lower then the Current SAS offerings, and there has been years of reliability testing.

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Old October 12, 2008, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
I still wouldnt trust SSD in a server or data sensitive environment. SAS with hardware RAID card is still the only way to go.
I'm considering going with a couple SCSI drives & a Raid card after I setup my water cooling. Would this be ok for my everyday rig? I hear the drives are loud but will out last any other drive out there & are supremely fast lol.
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Old October 12, 2008, 09:15 AM
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Cost prohibitive no one buys it technology dies end of story...
Seriously though in the Gygabite challenge I believe a team was using a SSD and it seriously outperformed every other drive in benchmarks although it was connected via 300ms Sata.
They are the future of storage however at the current cost won't be available for the average enthusiast.
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