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  1. IC diamond 24??
  2. Shopstar.ca
  3. *crickets*
  4. ETA update on HWC Mugs and Stickers
  5. Thanks for the toque !!
  6. About shipping date
  7. Thanks for the free goodies :)
  8. Metal clip that comes with mousepad.. what is it for?
  9. Thanks HWC!
  10. Shipping cost discrepency
  11. Caps are back but...
  12. HWC thermal compound review
  13. Caps
  14. store location
  15. ICD 24k in stock?
  16. HWC toque w/ fleece liner
  17. HWC Toque spread joys in Montreal..
  18. Any Chance?
  19. Hardware Canucks Fan Grill Pre-Orders Shipping
  20. Hardware Canucks Fan Grills Now Available - Produced By MNPCTECH
  21. Woah Fast Shipping time!
  22. 25% Off HWC Poutine FTW Shirts!
  23. IC24 Back in stock
  24. Now stocking Innovation Cooling IC24
  25. HWC Hats have arrived!!!
  26. HWC's Poutine FTW!!! T-Shirt
  27. Free Shipping on all T-Shirts!
  28. HWC Hats
  29. HWC Caps
  30. Shipping?
  31. Did not receive my IC-7 diamond thermal compound
  32. We Really need....
  33. Lots of "DAM" Good deals added this week
  34. Innovation Cooling IC7 Thermal Compound Now Available on the HWC Store
  35. SOLD: Thermaltake Element S added to the store
  36. SOLD: Silverstone Raven RV01 has been added to the store
  37. SOLD: nMedia HTPC-1000B w/ optional LCD - Added to HWC Store
  38. DAM Good Deals Added
  39. Skins!
  40. How About Some Caps?
  41. Post your HWC Swag!
  42. Shipping ETA
  43. Store is Now Open!!!