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  1. 2nd hand HTPC and Server builds
  2. Feedback please - first/noob build
  3. advice on 2620v3 cpu
  4. Build a New System or Buy an Old One?
  5. Finalizing a build
  6. Joining the i7 Ranks
  7. Family pc and gaming.
  8. Budget Home Office Build Recommendations Please
  9. Need Help figuring out what parts to get
  10. Suggestions for possible upgrade
  11. New budget gaming system. Need motherboard advice.
  12. Console gamer making a jump...
  13. First Build Since 2009
  14. First PC build need help
  16. Need help narrowing down a motherboard -> willing to make drastic changes.
  17. No OC - 3440x1440 gaming build
  18. 2500$ CAD gaming build.
  19. Trying to getting the pc build before school.
  20. My first build for my brother.
  21. The Computer Built Around The RoG Swift PG279Q
  22. From q6600 to 6600k........
  23. Virtualized Home Server Build. Need some opinions.
  24. New build, z170 motherboard opinions
  25. PC Build
  26. Final HTPC Build
  27. Help me build my Dream PC
  28. Is FTW worth it?
  29. Low budget HTPC build
  30. 1st new build in a lot of years,several questions
  31. Need advice.
  32. Compatible?
  33. New User, New build!
  34. First PC Build
  35. Minimum specs VR ready PC
  36. mATX Semi-Budget Build
  37. New Build
  38. What CPU air cooler should i choose?
  39. How does this build look like?
  40. Info: New Storage Server Build
  41. The "leftover" build
  42. New Photoshop build query
  43. Mini-ITX linux workstation ~$775 CAD
  44. Quick check on upgrade - i7 860 to i3 6100
  45. New $2500 Work/Gaming PC build (already built)
  46. Video editing environment
  47. 1x 200mm / 2x 140mm / 2x 120mm at the Front?
  48. To Upgrade Now or Later
  49. Upgrade or new build?
  50. Mid Tier Gaming Build
  51. Gaming Build
  52. My budget gaming build
  53. non gaming build
  54. New Build Feedback
  55. water cooling
  56. CPU/Motherboard (&/GPU) for GPU passthrough?
  57. New Build Feedback
  58. (Power supply for) NUC-like build
  59. I got a computer for $60, HP Pavilion a6652f
  60. Compatibility between Phanteks Mini ITX case, h100i V2 and Corsair Dominator Platinum
  61. H100i v2, SP120 PWM or 3-pin?
  62. New Builder! Please critique my build!
  63. Pushing the Budget PC Limits
  64. RAM clock frequency error but compatible RAM
  65. Need help on new build
  66. Build for a person entering the IT field
  67. GTX960 4GB FTW to wait for PASCAL, good idea?.
  68. New Build Workstation - Please Review!
  69. AMD Build
  70. new build what do you think?
  71. Daytrading PC Build
  72. New build - please review
  73. What would you upgrade?
  74. Help choosing GPU
  75. Twin System Builds
  76. Upgrade for 2k+ gaming
  77. Do i need 2 fans at the top? 120mm or 140mm?
  78. Audio / Recording Work Station Ideas
  79. Opinions for improvements on this build
  80. Upgrade Opinions (Board, chip, ram, video)
  81. 1080p gaming rig for 1k$?
  82. Low End Gaming Rig - Which MOBO to use
  83. Asus VG248QE 24-inch 144Hz, 1ms, 1080p LED TN panel (still worth it?)
  84. I7-6700 or I7-6700K for $95 more? (Mini ITX build)
  85. Advice on a Photoshop rig
  86. Waiting Waiting (Broadwell E/Pascall
  87. Goodbye Lynnfield, Hello Skylake!
  88. What specs are in this video? Thinking about using the same.
  89. 4k 60fps+ gaming rig (updated pcpart pick please advise)
  90. Looking to upgrade my 5yo mid-range laptop - Advice needed
  91. compatibility between Asus X99 Pro USB 3.1 and Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3
  92. X99 Mobo
  93. Workstation
  94. New build for gaming with $1600
  95. Moving from a Core2Duo system to I5, where to look?
  96. Build for In-Laws - Suggestions?
  97. best gaming pc for 600 dollars
  98. New build
  99. Big dream small budget build
  100. New to me
  101. Z170I Pro Gamer by Asus
  102. build suggestion
  103. mATX and ATX
  104. SFF conversion
  105. X99 build suggestions
  106. Need new rig suggestions
  107. any suggestions for new build?
  108. PC in a desk, am I crazy?
  109. Super Budget Gaming Build Upgrade
  110. Need some advice.
  111. New Build : Confused between two setups
  112. Opinions on Thermaltake Suppressor F51/F31 to replace 650D
  113. New Computer Case Suggestions
  114. Doubt between two rigs setup
  115. HTPC build
  116. Standalone HDD LED & Splitter
  117. PSU and MoBo suggestions for new build
  118. Cheap Legitimate Windows Licenses For Used Component Build Business
  119. Supermicro X10DRL-I support Intel Xeon E5-2603 v3
  120. Any Problems with my build?
  121. System transplant for old/new build. Not certain case is correct, should I switch?
  122. New gaming build, what do you think about it?
  123. Skylake System Build - RAM speed and 8GB or 16GB
  124. $2700 Build Need Advice
  125. Transfering/upgrading Dell XPS Studio 435mt i7 920
  126. mATX build with the BitFenix Pandora
  127. How's My Temp Finally Joined the Quad World
  128. Laptop vs. PC?
  129. Plz Help Looking for opinions
  130. for a friend (web/download computer)
  131. I'm Open to Suggestions
  132. Upgrading ol' rig
  133. Build Z170 later or?
  134. Advice on 1080p Dota2 machine? I3-6300 + GTX 950 combo
  135. Advice on build!
  136. Request help to verify build.
  137. Here a z170, there a z170 everywhere bloody z170s
  138. Going from 4 year old laptop to building my first PC
  139. How to buy ram for new build
  140. new comp build
  141. Need some help
  142. New build. Just waiting for monitor
  143. Need help with CASE LAYOUT and AIRFLOW
  144. 800-900 $ Build (no gaming)
  145. need help
  146. Computer parts for virtaulization
  147. New build.
  148. Storage upgrade
  149. I need feedback on my PC gaming build!
  150. New Skylake parts arrived...
  151. First pc build, part list opinions and questions for 1440p gaming build
  152. <NEW BUILD> (with some of my old parts)
  153. Skylake Build
  154. Ordering Parts now
  155. Looking to build my first PC.
  156. New Gaming Build
  157. Sanity Check, Mate
  158. My friend's "NEW" build
  159. Upgrade from Z77 to Z97
  160. 1200p Gaming PC
  161. Case-CPU cooler
  162. New Gaming Build
  163. Upgrade to 1080p gaming rig
  164. Partially New Build - Mostly need cabling and possibly fans
  165. Dual PC - Game + Capture (Not streaming)
  166. new build ?????
  167. Skylake gaming build
  168. Need an upgrade to play Wolfenstein N.O. & Doom 4
  169. I want to build a new pc
  170. New build, haven't been on here or following PC tech for awhile.
  171. New Build, Custom Water Cool or AIO (Budget ~2-3k)
  172. Need a Case! Pls help!
  173. Trying to build a Gaming/video editing PC. HELP
  174. Minecraft build... no seriously!
  175. Question of design - white internal DVD-RW?
  176. $1000 4k Gaming PC
  177. New Build (input appreciated)
  178. MicroITX Build - Enough Airflow?
  179. 2000 New gaming pc. NEED HELP
  181. Workstation build - appreciate feedback
  182. New build, look for opinions!
  183. New 3K Build that Needs Feedbacks. =)
  184. Ram help?!
  185. My Green 400 1080p gaming machine
  186. Best gaming cpu+mobo+ram combo for around $400?
  187. Help with my build - First Custom PC
  188. New Gaming/Development PC build
  190. Suggestions for improvement
  192. New gaming PC on the rise
  193. Mini ITX Case confusion,
  194. Help With PSU & Case?
  195. Looking for advice and suggestions on my first build
  196. Need advices about this configuration
  197. X99 Build what ram configeration ?
  198. AM1 5350 Dual Monitor Linux Desktop Observations & Opinions Needed
  199. Looking for Help on most stable budget hackintosh build
  200. Opinions on new gaming PC build?
  201. mITX Build suggestions
  202. Upgrade System Time... Again
  203. System build for a Non-Tweaking but Gaming Enthusiast
  204. 3k Workstation and 1080p Ulra Gaming Rig
  205. Upgrading deliberations (all opinions welcome)
  206. Ultimate $2000 1080p Gaming/Rendering Build
  207. New life
  208. Canadian Custom PC vendors
  209. $3000 Canadian Gaming and Video Editing Build
  210. Next upgrade??
  211. Is it worth going to Hashwell-E or wait?
  212. need to know if this custom build is a deal
  213. I think I just need to decide on a mobo
  214. Kickstart my homework?
  215. New work/Mild gaming build
  216. Looking for a budget gaming build
  217. New gaming build for FPS - CSGO and others
  218. final decision... advice?
  219. Advice regarding upgrading or starting new
  220. Building FreeNAS ECC server
  221. New/Different Hardware same model?
  222. Finally time for a rebuild!
  223. Prices going up?
  224. New gaming build
  225. AMD athlon x4 860k gaming steambox
  226. Fried motherboard by wrong onboard connection?
  227. New to me pc wanted- is used worth it?
  228. Htpc for mee
  229. Buying a new computer, Needs advices!
  230. Brother in law needs a new build
  231. New Build
  232. NAS/Seedbox build
  233. Building a 3rd rig for my home, need help?
  234. Low power, day to day system
  235. "CURVY" - mini ITX Gaming Build for $1,000
  236. Custom gaming PCs with financing?
  237. Thoughts on Build I7-4790K
  238. New Build
  239. A $1500 Budget for a Gaming PC
  240. 24/7 Xeon Compute Intensive Server, Case+Cooling Recommendations
  241. Upgrade Suggestions! please
  242. new to be set up thoughts any one?
  243. Colour Scheme Suggestions
  244. Xtreme budget PC build for my MIL
  245. Need help to build a budget PC
  246. Feedback on budget work pc?
  247. Need Case Recommendation
  248. Xeon X5650 as an alternative to an X99 upgrade
  249. CableMod - Cables Perfected.
  250. My new build for my nephew