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  1. Parseable Image hosting....
  2. Vertical GPU orientation - the sky's the limit??
  3. Completed I'm finally satisfied build, ugly soft tube Fractal Define S, Windowless Build
  4. Completed How to ruin an inwin 303
  5. Work in progress DDCM Desk Project: Unique. Simple. Powerful
  6. *** OCTARINE, The Colour Of Magic, By Wally West ***
  7. Completed New build: Blue Max!
  8. Case Mod Er Help?
  9. Work in progress Uh oh !!!
  10. UV Blacklight Effect
  11. Completed AZZA Titan 240 WC Build
  12. Completed Arc Midi / X99 Watercooled build
  13. Work in progress Bad Moon Ryzen
  14. Completed Silent Watcher
  15. Work in progress The House of the Ryzen Sun
  16. Completed Renaissance XV Phanteks Evolv ATX (Pic Heavy!)
  17. Completed InWin 303 - White Zenith
  18. Work in progress Hood. A 3D printed case.
  19. LED lighting craze
  20. Completed Another boring Inwin-303
  21. Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass
  22. Completed Project: HoloView
  23. Work in progress RVZ01 - Facing The Right Way
  24. Case Mod S340 Elite vs S340 Razer Edition
  25. Case Mod Watercooling Case Mod - Opinions / Advice wanted
  26. Gallery G.Skill Trident Z RGB available!
  27. Gallery Rampage Edition 10
  28. Completed Cooler Master Devastator II backlight mod + USB hub
  29. Gallery Home lab (pic heavy)
  30. Completed [WIP]*******Asus CES 2017 builds, The Dark Aura project*******
  31. Case Mod Corsair 900D HDD drive bay replacement
  32. Work in progress No Name Build - One step at a time
  33. Work in progress Bart's holiday re-build.
  34. Completed another good and oldie - project Overlord, custom made scratch build
  35. Gallery NZXT S340 Drinking In Canada
  36. Case Mod NZXT S340 Suicide Squad
  37. Case Mod FULLturama = Full tower + Futurama theme
  38. Work in progress ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚
  39. Completed project Obelisk - modding of HAF932 case from the good ol' days
  40. Lian Li parts in Canada?
  41. Gallery FlipnBurn
  42. Black and Gold Test Bench: Pascal Titan X SLI, 6900K, Custom Hardline Watercooling
  43. Case Mod Project: Military Tech - A fundraising project in support of veterans
  44. 900D dual reservoir mount
  45. Work in progress Arduino Distance Meter
  46. Gallery My Refreshed Rig
  47. Completed Virtualized Home Server Build - Currently Unnamed.
  48. Completed Raccoon City
  49. Completed Project Bone Chill
  50. Completed [The Duality] [Dual System, Godavari & Skylake in a Frozen-Q Apex mATX]
  51. Completed NZXT H440 Build
  52. Case Mod Project Royale: Modded S-Frame, 5930k, 3-Way SLI
  53. Case Mod Fractal Design Define R5 VS Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX
  54. Work in progress Project Go Mango
  55. Phanteks P400s recommended LEDs
  56. 900D sleeving
  57. Phanteks Eclipse P400s vs NZXT S340
  58. CPU and ethernet cases...
  59. Completed Overkill
  60. Gallery Dual Xeon build
  61. Work in progress Project: 1NDU5TRY
  62. Friend's First Gaming PC
  63. Gallery Fuzzy's Core P5
  64. Work in progress Simpleton --> NZXT S340 in white
  65. Work in progress Queen of Dreams. 2P VMWare server in a Stacker 830.
  66. Gallery HTPC(Main) Build - Air 240 mITX
  67. Work in progress Cooler Master Mastercase Racing 5 / Pro Custom PC Build
  68. Case Mod ModMyMods Sponsored Build: Lake Effect
  69. Gallery My cable management history.
  70. Need Your Opinion About This Beautiful Case!
  71. Work in progress Lian-Dream: return of the water
  72. Completed Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX build.
  73. Gallery (Clean and Simple) Black/White/Blue Fractal Design Define S
  74. Work in progress CoolerMaster Storm Scout
  75. Completed Monochromaticity - Black and White 5930K, GTX 1080, Thermaltake Suppressor F31
  76. Completed Archon
  77. Completed H220 Unleashed!
  78. Work in progress Building an Reprap 3D printer
  79. Work in progress CNC Router
  80. Case needed
  81. Work in progress Case build
  82. Work in progress Dynamic's Black & Gold Worklog & Livestream
  83. Work in progress Marvin the Mac Pro 12.21.15
  84. Completed Red Team OverKill HTPC
  85. Nostromo: 5960X, 3x 980 Ti SLI, Painted Motherboard [FINAL PICS!!]
  86. Completed Inox M10, custom case made from scratch
  87. Gallery Quick NCase M1 V3 w/Fury X Gallery
  88. Completed Eclipse
  89. PSU Ducting, which material
  90. Work in progress [Project] Silverstone TJ07 @ EnergyTeam
  91. Completed G-X902 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational S2 Entry
  92. Projected build : the show off
  93. thermaltake armor+corsair h100i
  94. Work in progress Quick mod of Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX
  95. Work in progress Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Star Trek 3-Way SLI ASUS Gaming PC
  96. Work in progress Double Dragon- Reverse ATX Large Cube Scratch Build
  97. Work in progress Mr White
  98. Desk-top
  99. 380T & 980 G1 :P
  100. Work in progress Project Neu Heights
  101. D
  102. Completed Phanteks Enthoo Evolv: µATX Powerhouse
  103. Work in progress Scratch build: Akula Project
  104. Work in progress Monochromania 760T
  105. Completed Corsair H100i GTX + Corsair 380T
  106. Completed Deepcool Tristellar PC Mod
  107. Case Mod C70 with mods
  108. Work in progress Muzzle Flash III: White Death
  109. Completed Northern Lights
  110. Work in progress Lian Li PC-V359 W/C Build
  111. Case Mod A Silverstone FT03-Mini Fully Watercooled r9 295x2 mod
  112. Work in progress PROJECT DIRTY B [Frankenstein W/C Spare Parts Rebuild]
  113. Work in progress Sega PC Mark II
  114. Work in progress Haf XB Under Water - First ever watercooling build
  115. Work in progress Side Panel Monitor Case Mod
  116. Work in progress X99 mITX NCASE M1 - Project MiniValidus
  117. Work in progress A 1:1 Ratio R2-D2 for HTPC and Arcade - Ultimate Man Cave PC
  118. Completed [Build Log] LAN Gaming Build for LanETS (www.lanets.ca)
  119. Work in progress Lady Sif
  120. Work in progress H2O-Micro (sub 3 Liter Custom Watercooled Gaming Rig)
  121. Case Mod [Project Log] "Parvum|Beast"
  122. Rate this mITX case idea (3D model)
  123. Customised cases?
  124. Case swap: Three Hundred to Arc Midi R2
  125. Work in progress Plex media server
  126. Z97 build in a Corsair 450D
  127. Work in progress The Red Dragon by JJ_Sky5000
  128. Case Mod Chieftec Dragon revival \ new build
  129. Case Mod [HEXGEAR] | IDORU |
  130. Case Mod CORSAIR Obsidian 250D, the ITX case Has Both Texture and Scalability
  131. Work in progress Quinpy: VR Glove peripheral
  132. H1X2
  133. Work in progress WIP - Dell Transformation
  134. Completed [Build Log] The Yellow Minotaur (C70 - Water cooled - Painted)
  135. Work in progress Project: Cosmos Sv2 my dream build
  136. Case Mod | LUMO |
  137. Work in progress Caselabs STH10
  138. The Gaige's GT Monster lives!
  139. Case Mod Lian Li PC-V354B W/C
  140. Project Orange Horizon (Parvum Systems S2.0)
  141. Gallery HTPC Prodigy Anime themed
  142. Reaper N1's (Dark Side) Case Build - 3D-Printed Parts
  143. ReaperN1's DarkSide Custom Case Build
  144. Work in progress Project Monolith
  145. Work in progress FrhackPro Define R4
  146. Antec - Case Mod
  147. Completed Fractal R4 Graphics Workstation
  148. Completed Another HTPC in the Antec ISK310
  149. Case Mod Project Oceanus
  150. Completed Just an Enthoo Pro
  151. Work in progress Optimus Primo
  152. Completed Emerald's Home Server
  153. Work in progress Mael. Classic Stacker 830 rebuld.
  154. Completed Xenomorph
  155. Work in progress Mid Summer Pentium WC build
  156. Work in progress Home Server Room Phase 2
  157. Work in progress Fuzzy Logic
  158. Completed Apollo Reborn (still making some adjustments)
  159. Sleeved Cable Organizers
  160. Work in progress Project: Moab
  161. Completed The Blue Centaur (HAF X)
  162. Desk Design build, i need a new desk
  163. Completed The Fatality Killer
  164. Gallery Poseidon
  165. Work in progress LP's Downsize and Upgrade
  166. Gallery Procyon II - Some Bling
  167. Procyon Going Liquid
  168. Gallery Black and White Sleeved pc - Nothing Fancy
  169. Work in progress Haswell Nas
  170. Completed sswilson's cabin fever build / inwin 904
  171. Build Log] h2O Blü ice (Lian Li Pc-a71f) First timer. Completed.
  172. Completed Hurrikaine (Case Labs S8)
  173. Projeto Resident Evil (Umbrella Corporation )
  174. phantom 410
  175. Work in progress Red Rampage - Round 2
  177. Gallery Prodigy M & GTX780 Classified single slot
  178. Completed Ouranos mItx
  179. Completed Shadowarez i7-4960x Cosmos ll Beast Build
  180. Case Mod Project "Death Star: Episode 1"
  181. Work in progress Corsair 500R with i5 3570k and R9 280x
  182. Work in progress i7-4770 and Dual R9 290X with Liquid Cooling in a Corsair 750D
  183. Work in progress Super Nintendo PC project
  184. Work in progress Corsair C70 Watercooled
  185. Gallery Corsair Carbide Air 540 build
  186. Work in progress Case mod and WC build
  187. Work in progress Corsair C70 Custom Side Window?
  188. [BL/VL] Gold Rush 2014: 750D/2x420 Triple Rads/4770k/Delidding/Acrylic Tube...
  189. Case Mod Question about a toggle switch guard.
  190. Work in progress Dual Rigs - Project "Calico" & Project "Apollo"
  191. Work in progress case change
  192. Antec 902 Dual Rad & 250ml res Mod
  193. Work in progress Smallest mITX Gaming Case - From Scratch
  194. Work in progress Thinktank 3
  195. Completed Old liquid cooling build
  196. Scatology's PowerMac G5 mod.
  197. Gallery Procyon II w Evga GTX 780Ti SLi
  198. Gallery GTX670 TriSLi to R9 290 xfire watercooled
  199. Work in progress SugarJ's Corsair Water 540 (The Sugar Cube?)
  200. Corsair 600T with 360mm rad
  201. Completed mITX A Series in a M350
  202. Completed Alexstrasza’s Shrine (Case Labs S5)
  203. Work in progress My EK Corsair 750d build-log ***first watercooled build***
  204. Modding a haf 912
  205. Work in progress Tired of Laptops for the home....
  206. Best case mod ever!
  207. Building a Table Case
  208. Gallery New 900D build (I call her LionHeart, due to the golden CPU block)
  209. Work in progress Guitar Case ( Computer Build )
  210. Work in progress Birkita v2.0 Build
  211. Case Mod The Depths of Space - build Log
  212. Completed Custom monitor stand / light entertainment system
  213. Colour Scheme
  214. HP DC7100 Heatsink Problem
  215. Work in progress The MOBO Art Project
  216. Completed Switch 810 Matte Black
  217. Gallery Slik's new Carbide Air 540 build
  218. Completed Procyon II - 900D n Swiftech H320
  219. Completed Rosewill RSV-R4000 build
  220. Simplest of "case mods" ever - fan filter question
  221. Completed Point of View 7300GT gfx card recap
  222. Case Mod Mod in a Week // "APASF: CP London Edition" (Update: Campus Party)
  223. Completed Accelero S1 rev. 2 and installing Noiseblocker fan
  224. Completed GUREN Knightmare S.E.I.T.E.N.
  225. Gallery Gigabyte R9200 (GV-R9264DH) and Zalman VNF100 cooler
  226. Case Mod Redemption
  227. Work in progress Metro Last Light Tribute Build: UPDATE
  228. Case Mod Corsair 900D Case Mod: WWII "Bombs Away"
  229. Completed Snef's Purple Chimera
  230. Completed HAF XB WC Build
  231. Work in progress Non-computer mod v2.0
  232. Sleeving . . . AHHHHHHH!!!
  233. New Build - Regulus: 980X & GTX 650ti Boost SLI
  234. Work in progress Non-Computer Mod.
  235. Need mod help from those who know
  236. Completed Ergo Proxy (Water Cooled Case Labs SMH10)
  237. Work in progress CMS83X MK3 Stacker
  238. Completed EkLeCt1k (Water Cooled Mountain Mods Extended U2-UFO)
  239. Completed Work Log - Canticle of the Apocalypse
  240. Work in progress I'm not creative enough for a title
  241. Work in progress Black and Blue
  242. Case Mod Project OSLB Colyn V2 (Old School Lan Box) (Updated: 22-06-13)
  243. Completed Servers home lab
  244. Supermicro SC846 FreeNAS Server Build
  245. Gallery Watercooled Corsair 350D
  246. Completed H2O-Fractal DD XL R2
  247. Gallery New SILENT build, mainly parted from our friends at HWC.
  248. Need some opinions on an aesthetics rig
  249. Looking for some unique cable sleeving ideas
  250. Completed Procyon II -Reborn w RIVE, 3930K & 16GB Corsair Dominator 1866