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  1. Work in progress Legend's Build (First WC)
  2. Work in progress Rampage
  3. Case Mod NZXT Phantom 630 Mod Contest!
  4. Work in progress [Scratch] Project: Crimson Server Desk Module (Update: 14-04-14)
  5. Work in progress Watercooled Black Prodigy
  6. Work in progress Raven reborn
  7. cm storm trooper vs cm storm stryker
  8. Completed Yet another HAF 932 Water Cooling Build
  9. Work in progress Red Dragon
  10. Completed XFX Fire & Ice
  11. Work in progress Mini-Box M350 case build
  12. Work in progress Pre-Build (looking for opinions/tips)
  13. Work in progress Safe Haven The CUBE!!(Dual System Cube of the Gods)
  14. Gallery Supersonic ping pong ball
  15. mITX build Coolermaster Elite 120
  16. Work in progress Free stuff !
  17. Work in progress U2-UFO BUILD
  18. Work in progress Blue Fire
  19. Work in progress 3930K watercooled Colossus
  20. caselabs build
  21. Work in progress Cosmos 1000
  22. Re-cover my desk?
  23. Work in progress Small office computer
  24. 600t Floor Mod
  25. Completed Black and White Cosmos II
  26. Need help with modding basics/tools :3
  27. Work in progress dandelioneaters' [email protected]/Gamer/ box
  28. POLARity PC is subtle and stunning
  29. Work in progress My Cooler Master Elite 120
  30. Work in progress Hooded's CM Storm Stryker
  31. Work in progress My Rig: Antec 900, Intel i5-3570K
  32. Completed New HTPC in an Antec ISK 310-150
  33. Completed The "Lol" Computer
  34. Completed AMD/AZZA Build
  35. Opprezzors Annihilation Squad
  36. Work in progress Computer build #1 stripping the case
  37. Completed Finally Paid Attention to Linus
  38. Work in progress Custom GTAW...
  39. Waterpump wiring
  40. Case Mod Oil Cooled PC Pls
  41. Work in progress (2 Builds)Gaming on a Budget with Major Forum Help
  42. Case Mod Lian-Li PC-8FIB case, fans LED lights controls...
  43. Gallery Lian-li PC-7HX
  44. Work in progress Cooler Master Scout 2 Camo Edition
  45. Completed Project 12 (Phantom 820)
  46. Case Mod Adding a window and hole for a radiator to a side panel.
  47. Work in progress Project Carbon
  48. Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 + Watercooling
  49. Local Stores that sell LEDs (Edmonton)
  50. Completed CHOMIE HAF-X Watercooled Rig
  51. Gallery Fractal Design Core 1000 with a Corsair H100.
  52. Work in progress Watercooled Prodigy Project.
  53. Your choice between: Corsair Obsidian 800D and Cooler Master Cosmos II?
  54. Gallery Upgrading Over The Years
  55. Completed [Vespula vulgaris] Build Log
  56. Completed Bitfenix Ghost WC build
  57. Work in progress HWC Communities Donated Systems Log
  58. Work in progress Corsair v70 Vengeance Case Mod: Planetside 2
  59. Work in progress TallGeeseMarkIV Worklog
  60. Work in progress Radiator Mounting Motherboard position custom case
  61. Bitfenix Prodigy
  62. Completed Father Fuzzy's Apparition
  63. Work in progress The YAP
  64. Awesome Biohazard Case Mod
  65. Work in progress Evochuck's FT-02 evolution
  66. Work in progress Carnage - TJ11 Project
  67. Completed My latest build, the smallest ever
  68. Work in progress Snef's wife icy white Shinobi
  69. Completed Watercooled 600t
  70. Work in progress Arduino Nerf "Energy" Project
  71. My Newest Build
  72. Case Mod Z1:One+
  73. My silverstone Tj08-e rig
  74. please help me with corsair case fan
  75. Work in progress My next "case" mod, need some ideas!
  76. Work in progress Project H4H (Sponsors coming soon)
  77. Wanted : Rampage IV extreme voltage shunts.
  78. Work in progress Redoing my rig air to watercool
  79. Completed drkCrix's Case Labs Build
  80. Work in progress I7 3930K Updated :August 31
  81. Completed The "BLACK TEMPEST"
  82. Work in progress SugarJ's "The Craven"
  83. Completed lowfat's Big Lian Li.
  84. Aston Martin" Case Mod built
  85. Completed AutoTabber
  86. 45 degree Motherboard, Flipmode PC
  87. Work in progress Snef's new project, Caselabs M8 ROG
  88. Work in progress Operation : Big UPS/solar backbone.
  89. Work in progress Mayhem Inc.
  90. Completed Cosmos Rampage
  91. Completed Bitfenix Prodigy Watercooled
  92. Is there any links to Antec Eleven Hundred mods?
  93. Work in progress (Updated Oct 2)Soullessone21's Gaming Server is Under Water
  94. Sleeving Discussion & Gallery thread
  95. Work in progress Project: Codename C by Kylevdm
  96. Carbon Fiber Wrap
  97. Gallery Here's my new SFF rig!
  98. Card Reader
  99. Case Mod Antec P183 USB 3.0 Ports - Toaster Style!
  100. Work in progress Case Mod Project: "M A Y H E M"
  101. Completed Project: APASF ("A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Future") (Final Pictures 29-03-2013)
  102. Work in progress Something Small about the Sugo
  103. Very well panned out PC build
  104. Work in progress Overclocking.ca Operation: Delta
  105. Completed Project: Corset PS2 (Completed)
  106. Cool Steampunk theme PC Case Mod
  107. Really badly need help! - Computer Fan Failure):
  108. Work in progress Lan Case From Scratch
  109. Completed Monkeyyy's first build :)
  110. the ISGC Rainbow [fan mod]
  111. Sleeving question
  112. Work in progress Mechwarrior Build*Reserved*
  113. Work in progress Overclocking.ca Project FX
  114. Work in progress Watercooled Bitfenix Shinobi
  115. RFID power switch
  116. Oh Ya it's PINK !!!
  117. Gallery Water Dragon
  118. Work in progress The Great Shinobi XL 10 System builds :D(PIX added) 2 Down
  119. Usb 3 to Usb 2 front panel conversion
  120. Work in progress ModCom-1
  121. Haf X XSPC RX360 Rad Question
  122. Case Mod case mod 101
  123. Case Mod ..:: L A N B O Y - A P O C A L Y P S E ::..
  124. Completed MM Ascension Socket2011 Quad SLI GTX680 Build
  125. Completed GUREN KNIGHTMARE HAF X - first watercooling build
  126. Haf X Touch Up Paint?
  127. Work in progress Corsair 800D: Custom Water loop
  128. Work in progress NZXT Switch 810 Rog WaterColled
  129. Level 10 GT - Water Cooling Build
  130. Gallery From Level 10 GT to Level 10
  131. Want to have your rig on the cover of the Hardware Canucks Facebook page?
  132. Power supply sleeving question
  133. Where to buy computer case wiring
  134. Completed Mountain Mods Ascension
  135. Mod place near montreal
  136. Who would want a Google Sketchup Tutorial?
  137. Work in progress Mini-ITX Domain Controller
  138. Work in progress [Build Log] {SWITCH 810} Columbia - Adventures into water cooling (FINAL PIC 4/2/12)
  139. My 2 Mountain Mods build.
  140. Work in progress Rebirth of Lian-Li P80
  141. Work in progress Lessons Learned
  142. Work in progress The Next Lian-Li PC build project
  143. Case Mod Project: Light Meadow (Completed)
  144. Work in progress Driller Killer build TJ07
  145. Work in progress First Time Underwater - Now a Silverstone TJ11
  146. Case Mod NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)
  147. New Server name
  148. Case Mod Tutorial Project: Nº2 - How to paint components
  149. Completed I think orange may be my favourite colour.
  150. Work in progress Scratch Build - Project: Silent Shadow
  151. Case Mod Tutorial Project: Nº2
  152. first time mod raven 03 [help needed]
  153. Work in progress xXx X ToWer xXx - NeW SponSoR !
  154. haf 932 mother board tray
  155. Work in progress 700D - White/Green - RE4 - 4820K - GTX 780TI - Full WC !
  156. Work in progress project incognito
  157. cable sleeving kit
  158. Idea: The little wtf box
  159. Case Mod Worlds Second Built Battlefield 3 Simulator / Gaming System
  160. Work in progress RV02 Wire Sleeving and other stuff
  161. Gallery Mav's New System
  162. Case Mod Forever Alone FT02. Server Edition. *FINISHED*
  163. WIP Folding Rig and AI research platform
  164. Work in progress Leftovers build for folding
  165. Work in progress Fan Trouble - Light Trouble
  166. Can i use normal cables with this psu?
  167. Work in progress Artwork PC, First Build in awhile
  168. Work in progress r3v07ut10ns' Define XL - almost done
  169. Work in progress (2) 360 rad in Cosmos 2
  170. Work in progress Project "Birkita 1"
  171. Mountain Mods Extended Ascension - 4way SLI GTX580 + 3930K + Asus R4E rebuild
  172. Work in progress I am back...
  173. Connecting heatsinks together (help needed)
  174. X-Mas present to myself
  175. Work in progress Defined XL
  176. Completed Aeacus: Judge of the Elysium
  177. Kitchen-puter
  178. Work in progress Windowed R3
  179. Lian Li Pitstop PC-T60A build
  180. Fesser UV Blue Issues
  181. Beaver case mod?
  182. Work in progress I AM CANADIAN, and my computer uses winter air!
  183. Work in progress Corsair 600T SE Watercooled; internal triple radiator mod
  184. Work in progress 44 Magnum
  185. Completed Antec P182 Case Mod -Home Media Server
  186. Completed Cosmos II - Watercooled
  187. Completed LGA 771 Xeon mod
  188. Work in progress Longterm: Motivation
  189. Nevermore: WaterCooled Raven
  190. Work in progress How should i cut up my 6870 heatsink
  191. Worklog
  192. Completed Batman : Arkham City CES 2012 Finished Pictures
  193. Work in progress GD05B HTPC
  194. Case Mod Tutorial Project: OS-LB Colyn - Paint & Light Modding
  195. Input Needed on Mod Project
  196. Completed Thermaltake Level 10 GT Water Cooling build log
  197. New Build: Slowpoke
  198. Build log: Bakunawa
  199. Case Mod Project: Mod in a Week // "Fallout Cause SP" (True Final Picks)
  200. Case Mod Project Sapphire Ice
  201. Concept: Mass Effect Case
  202. Gallery Lian Li PC-8NWX (December 2012 Update)
  203. Project: EmberBox
  204. First Attempt MDPC Sleeving :)
  205. Double Dragon Case Mod-reverse double ATX)
  206. Work in progress Project: Aozora
  207. A Mod Forum Question
  208. Gallery First Loop!
  209. Case Mod Project: AIO AL (Updated: 22-11-11)
  210. Gallery Routerofdoom 2.0
  211. Work in progress Stacker 832 Revisted
  212. Drive bay adapter
  213. Completed SFF/LAN rig: short build log
  214. HAF X build with new fans
  215. Work in progress 8.2
  216. PSU Mod question
  217. Case Mod Case Mod Project: "Tribute to SERENITY firefly series" Mad Reader Mod pays $1500!
  218. Completed Project “Folder Holder” - Custom Open Air Bench for a 2P 24/7 Folder
  219. "BATTLEFIELD 3" PC Case Mod..... VIDEO Posted Today!
  220. Completed Project: Diabolo (12-12-11 Final Picks)
  221. Completed Project: Mod in a Week // Giving new life to an old classic
  222. 1/8" hst 2:1 shrink ratio
  223. Work in progress Project Sulaco
  224. Work in progress Cheers , and thanks for all the good times....
  225. K6 Desk Mod (in progress)
  226. WIP: Cooler Master HAF Case Mod "R E S U R R E K T I O N"
  227. 2in1 system from old parts
  228. Completed Antec 300 White Edition by Evochuck
  229. Case Mod Modder's Mesh
  230. Work in progress Saibot's please suggest a name for me Utility Build (suggest a theme too themed)
  231. Work in progress Desk with built in computer case
  232. Looking for some Help
  233. Case Mod Carbon Lian Li
  234. Completed Lian-Li A05NB - Mods for water
  235. Lian Li Case Mod, "The Ultima Dragon"
  236. Work in progress Lian-Li Black and orange
  237. Work in progress Heat My House !!
  238. Calming sounds of benching...
  239. I caved... Quad GTX 580 UD with new AC waterblocks.. New 990X and new 1500W PSU
  240. Sleeving
  241. Completed My latest Mod. A Rocketfish reborn
  242. Modding a mid tower Lian Li case
  243. Work in progress [PROJECT]: I ain't gonna work on DT's farm no more
  244. Hafx 2.0
  245. Work in progress Case downsizing
  246. Gallery Small mods thread
  247. Gallery Woe is me v.tapping
  248. Laser cutting question
  249. I'll just leave this here...
  250. Project "ShortStack"