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  1. I'm Back
  2. Need help with core 21
  3. Need help with hwbot country cup (gpupi)
  4. Odd number SMP fixed ?!
  5. Does no one fold anymore?
  6. High CPU temps while F@H?
  7. Socket G34 Opterons/DDR3 ECC Reg. memory. Offers???
  8. Kakao Stats
  9. anyone on here using boinc?
  10. nVidia Maxwell is in da house!
  11. My card overheats in Win8
  12. Happy "Upgraded Maxwell support for Core17" Day!!
  13. FAHBench
  14. What is everyone folding with?
  15. 13000 WU's ???
  16. FOLDATHON - To Honor Adak
  17. Sad News
  18. New 9401 WU's
  19. Why I do folding.
  20. GTX 780ti
  21. So long Bigadv, it's been a slice!
  22. No more GPU folding since last night
  23. Nvidia openGL improvements?
  24. GTX 780 @ 31k PPD?
  25. Er, crap, Help!
  26. 2P G34 Deal
  27. my system specs performing?
  28. FAH with SLI
  29. Folding@home as a space heater
  30. New client tweaking !?
  31. Folding with AMD 7950. How to Set Up For Most PPD?
  32. hehe folding with my old gtx285
  33. Crappy 8018 WU's
  34. Client not sending WU
  35. Paying for electricty = no more folding
  36. About to start folding but need a bit of info about wireless
  37. Why do they change
  38. Ideas for New Format for the CC!
  39. Tesla gpu
  40. folding with 560ti sli how much stress ?
  41. F@h 2P socket G34 platform
  42. Make your folding sig 'clickable'
  43. not sure if this is worth it or not
  44. Please tell me we can combine mining and folding?
  45. Slowing down for a while
  46. And another Captain Has joined our Ranks
  47. Need some infos for a newcomer to folding universe!
  48. Jump on in for the big win !!
  49. Thanks!
  50. *Attention !!* Chimp Challenge is on! Official stats page added!!
  51. Xeon Quad Cores
  52. Confused on appropriate PPD now...
  53. Anyone ran a Supermicro H8QGI-F?
  54. GPU Folding (550Ti) with Windows Vista?
  55. Folding hardware question
  56. FahCore17 for AMD is Here!!
  57. No core 11 work units
  58. AMD GPU Folding
  59. Estimated TPF
  60. Best $150 folding card?
  61. Folding time. Finally?
  62. Pre-download Wu?
  63. Switching From AMD-Intel cpu
  64. 2013 Chimp Challenge Discussions: rules discussion ongoing now
  65. SLI patch
  66. Where did everyone go?
  67. AMD FX-6200/6300 smp ?
  68. Experiment: What's the minimal install to get nVidia BOINC crunching
  69. dual 6 core Xeons
  70. I keep getting clientcore comunication errors
  71. Need some insight on a solar driven folding machine
  72. EVGA Time zone contest proposal
  73. Folding on Windows 8
  74. is there a Linux fah terminal command list?
  75. gtx 295 folding estimated PPD won't show?
  76. Any HWC Boincers?
  77. I am curious what everyone is folding PC is
  78. Keep getting popup FahCore_a4.exe stopped working
  79. GPU to get huge boost in PPD
  80. What am I missing ?
  81. anyone have FM2 folding numbers?
  82. Am I Missing Something? F@H on Bulldozer
  83. Folding with SSD only
  84. GTX295 folding
  85. Something must be wrong with this
  86. What happens if you don't make deadline?
  87. for some reason I remember getting higher numbers
  88. how do I calculate my folding PCs electricity?
  89. dual cpu , dual core.
  90. Folding @ Home New Users Guide - V7 Client
  91. Looking for Input on Buying First Dedicated Folding Computer
  92. SR-2 question
  93. About folding beer.
  94. New system for Folding
  95. Am I even contributing to Rosetta@Home?
  96. Internet Outage - Update
  97. CPU and Radeon HD 7850 easy guide
  98. little help from the folding gods please
  99. kepler and folding
  100. HPcloud - check your credit cards!
  101. Estamated PPD on an old p4 or old core2 duo?
  102. Problem getting started.
  103. A bit of help.
  104. vmware folding ????
  105. What's going on with 8013?
  106. Getting 7645 and 7647 WU
  107. Want to find new home for SR-2 w/ xeons
  108. I have an "Unknown" question
  109. Chimp Challenge Stats Page
  110. Chimp Challenge Wrong Name Alert!!
  111. 2012 Chimps Challenge!
  112. IRC CC smack talk channel
  113. GTX 680 Folding
  114. Help! Used -pause command in VM Linux and it threw away my WU progress..
  115. Looking for a brief history and intro to HWC.
  116. v7 client keeps failing
  117. Project 7642 - Anybody else getting insane coil whine?
  118. CPU vs GPU
  119. Run while Idle?
  120. HWC 2012 Chimp Challenge Rules Thread!! Lets go bananas!!!!
  121. What os to use with my dual quad core c32 build
  122. Best single slot and dual slot(with short cooler) air cooled cards for folding
  123. Does anyone have a moment to sum up and explain the Chimp Challenge??
  124. Let's go team! Post your Folders for the CC...
  125. Added a GT9800 and now all GPU's halted
  126. Can you fold with a 680
  127. Chimp Challenge Official Guide Request
  128. HPCS account removal?
  129. This can't be right...
  130. Updated GPU folding guide?
  131. All my SMP's are hanging now
  132. Guinea pig relative of the Mighty Hamster!
  133. Back to folding
  134. Historical Data
  135. v7 client and GTX 680 update
  136. If I only had $10k sitting around.
  137. GPU3 goes to sleep after a WU is completed
  138. Major Drop in PPD
  139. New Kind of Cancer Treatment from our Stanford friends
  140. Have no Clue how to FOLD:P
  141. New gpu3 wu
  142. Folding toybox
  143. cannot access my Virtual cfg page
  144. GPU's fold at 55%?
  145. Check out this persons PPD!
  146. Whats a good rig for folding?
  147. i want to start folding
  148. kakostats show low points for me
  149. GeForce 7 series foldable?
  150. How many PPD from a GTX 550Ti
  151. why is my folder cpu's only@03% is this normal??
  152. Hot GPU3 units
  153. Folding? Nah...try growing dandelions!
  154. Folding on HD4250
  155. LTMD: Key New Technology For Accelerating Folding And Misfolding Simulations In FAH
  156. Nvidia beta 295.51 drivers = bad for folding?
  157. Need a Folding guru to spend some time getting me up to speed
  158. Chimp Challenge 2012 rules discussion thread
  159. heads up on 6903 6904
  160. My points are crazy low!
  161. Anyone tried GPUGrid with F@HSMP?
  162. any info on bigadv-16?
  163. News for Bigadv folders: new Bigadv16 projects
  164. What have i done Wrong? No BIGADV work units for me
  165. High Number of Work Units?
  166. Has anyone else thought of this?
  167. HFM.net not showing any fah running
  168. The only thing that pisses me off...
  169. What is better for folding
  170. X79, ram, and f@h
  171. For those GUI lagging / Whining Fermis: Project 7622
  172. Linux worth it for GPU folding?
  173. perplexing FAH hard locks
  174. Folding on HPCS
  175. Not gettings points from SMP client
  176. 65 Hour Power Outage
  177. fyi 4p bigadv mc performance #s
  178. AMD HD 7900 series driver update for folding@home
  179. Battle royal !!
  180. 9800GX2 slowing down
  181. Folding client V7 - SLI - Cannot use system during folding..fix?
  182. FAH V7.1.43 Beta 5
  183. Changing user names mid-workunit.. didn't know this was possible.
  184. Streamlining Charlie's folding farm
  185. Off site monitoring options for folding rigs?
  186. Taking a break
  187. PPD considerably lower.
  188. Project: 6099
  189. Hey Zink
  190. Another Team Milestone
  191. Quad processor G34 build
  192. How Much PSU power for my Folder?
  193. 2 Vid Cards - NO CROSSFIRE - For Folding
  194. Supermicro 3U cases
  195. CPU choices
  196. about time for a change?
  197. i2500k PPD too low
  198. I am curious about the Linux vmware fah
  199. A brother for Deux?
  200. holey crap the heat produced lol
  201. Q.Q
  202. Happy New Year folders !!
  203. 6128's for sale soon...
  204. 6804 normal times? and a request
  205. Starting to get a little worried about electricity use and FAH
  206. Just thought I'd welcome myself back
  207. Anyone ready for this CPU and fold
  208. Attempt #16 to get work failed, and no other work to do
  209. 7200 project ppd ?
  210. is it possible to use a laptop HD to fold?
  211. one CPU on ASUS KGPE-D16 producing very little
  212. Folding stats not working..
  213. 1090t folding
  214. Where did this team/person come from!
  215. folding with 6970?
  216. Anyone folding on WHS 2011?
  217. Overclock vs FAH Usage.
  218. FAH+media center build?
  219. Folding on Hyper-V
  220. Some more SB-E PPD numbers
  221. Taking forever for my 6128s :(
  222. No points for 6904 WU
  223. ASUS bringing the SB-E PPD?
  224. tring to understand my folding log
  225. Changes to BIG ADV
  226. not getting bigadv WU's?
  227. Who is dandelioneater??
  228. Downloaded 6.41
  229. Trying to post info into HWCdatabase sticky
  230. socket F, 2P folder
  231. Just discovered the /fahadmin.php
  232. stopped my overclock because of heat and BSOD\ half ppd
  233. Whoevers folding for me... stop.
  234. I think my PC rebooted and my reading in HFM.net have reset
  235. Interesting news at Folding@home!
  236. I am surprised FAH doesn't have clusters
  237. I am thinking about changing teams!
  238. Kako stats Looking at the Numbers and Wow
  239. Folding in Linux Faster?
  240. folding vs bitcoin mineing
  241. Fans of Kakaostats - Proposal to change the productivity colour codes
  242. Some help setting up?
  243. what do the different colours mean on the Kako stats page?
  244. I'll be Folding for "Rose" for a Bit; Donate to Gordon's Stanford server
  245. Lucky Number
  246. F@H GPU Client - Not running at OC clocks?
  247. GPU work servers down?
  248. Bigadv with -smp 7
  249. Overclocking GTX 460 for more ppd
  250. Correct PPD for setup