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  1. Microsoft announces Windows 10
  2. EVGA to released a 980 Classified soon
  3. Thoughts on the Apple Watch?
  4. Dell to release 5k monitor in the near future
  5. Twitch.tv Acquired by Amazon for $970 Million
  6. EVGA Scavenger Hunt XV - Ends July 31, 2014
  7. The Console War Is Over: The PC Already Won
  8. Samsung divices stolen
  9. Gigantic CPU cooler from Cryorig, the AF41
  10. windwithme ComputeX 2014 DAY1
  11. Everything we know about the Alienware Alpha SteamBox
  12. SSD "Bait and Switch"
  13. New Corsair Cases on the way - Air 240, Graphite 380T and 780T
  14. SSD middleware breakthrough gives up to 300% speed boost
  15. The "ReVisioned Killer Xeno Pro"
  16. MSI Gaming all in one AG270 is pretty awesome
  17. Remote Assistance Scam
  18. MSI motherboards to come with delid die guard
  19. Oculus VR, Gaming’s Ray of Virtual Reality Hope, Bought by Facebook
  20. Chromecast comes to Canada?
  21. Flexcoin is shutting down
  22. Welcome to GoogleTown
  23. RIP Phil Scholz of Nvidia
  24. Mobile Phone Interac
  25. AMD Unveils FreeSync – Nvidia G-Sync without the Added Cost
  26. boxing day sale at MEMX
  27. NCIX opening in Ottawa Dec 26
  29. #DGS Episode 9 Comments Thread
  30. Toshiba to get OCZ
  31. 'Dam Good Show' Episode 7 - Ninja/Fencing Edition
  32. Teaching a computer common sense
  33. CaseLabs now available @ NCIX
  34. To the memory of Winamp
  35. evga acx gtx 770 SC on sale
  36. AMD's “Kaveri”
  37. 'The DAM Good Show' Episode Four - Discussion Thread
  38. "The DAM Good Show" - Episode 3
  39. nVidia Shadowplay released
  40. Hardware Canucks 'Un-named Tech show' - Episode Two
  41. R9 290x OC unveiled...?
  42. nVIDIA: No price drops free DL games instead...
  43. Rumor: Toshiba buying out OCZ
  44. Cooler Master HAF Stacker case Question
  45. EK releases Water block for the ASUS GTX 780 DirectCU II
  46. I hope it won't flood again
  47. New AMD Hawaii chip should have 512Bytes wide memory bus
  48. BlackBerry to cut 4500 Jobs ....
  49. Fire at Hynix Factory but...
  50. Lian Li PC-Q33 Prototype
  51. Federal Government strikes back at Fair for Canada
  52. New SLI Bridges at EVGA.
  53. BlackBerry exploring possibiliy of selling the company
  54. Swiftech H220 pulled from US market
  55. Supermicro Dips its Toes in DIY Motherboard Market, Unveils C7Z87-OCE [techPowerUp]
  56. AMD Opens New Global Design Centre in Hyderabad
  57. Thoughts on Chromecast?
  58. Canonical tries to crowd-source $32m for Ubuntu Edge
  59. Mercedes S-class autonomous-ish driving
  60. Nvidia 320.18 WHQL Display Driver is Damaging GPUs
  61. Verizon Jumps the Border, Offers $700 Million for Wind Mobile
  62. Silverstone external GPU case
  63. Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 -Best of both worlds
  64. Phanteks releases their first case: The Enthoo Primo
  65. ASUS Bets Big on Tegra 4 with Transformer Pad Infinity Refresh
  66. Computex 2013: an AMD comeback, Windows 8.1 and More Tablets
  67. MEMORY EXPRESS Nvidia price drops
  68. Update for 3DMark released [HWBOT]
  69. Haswell potential PSU issue
  70. Intel Haswell release date confirmed for Q2
  71. Intel Haswell Overclocking Fully Disclosed [HWBOT]
  72. EK Water Blocks Announces De-Lidded Ivy Bridge CPU Cooling Solutions [techpowerup]
  73. New Nvidia 314.22 Driver released
  74. AMD dropping APU prices
  75. OCZ got new line of credit
  76. GM Announces Widest Deployment of 4G LTE Services in Vehicles
  77. Apple presents biggest threat to home consoles, say game luminaries
  78. Half-Life and Portal Films in the Works, Helmed by JJ Abrams
  79. Introducing the LAMPTRON CW611 water cooling assisted fan controller!
  80. Logitech to sell Harmony
  81. Cisco sell Linksys to Belkin
  82. Swiftech® to unveil new H220 all-in-one CPU cooler during CES 2013
  83. White House Responds to Death Star Petition
  84. Is This Valve’s Steam Box Console? Xi3’s Piston Detailed
  85. Corsair's CES Announcements....All in ONE POST!
  86. Project Shield, NVIDIA's Upcoming Handheld Game Console
  87. Seagate Launches Wireless Plus and Seagate Central
  88. Major Announcement Coming Tonight at 8PM PST From NVIDIA
  89. Lenovo Shows Their Gaming Side With The Erazer X700 Desktop
  90. Instagram to Sell User Images in Facebook’s Latest Privacy Gamble
  91. Intel Committed to Sockets
  92. ‘Steve Jobs’ Patent Invalidated by U.S Patent Office
  93. Gabe Newell: Valve Prepping Game Console
  94. Intel Still going with inter-changeable sockets!!!!!!
  95. Apple’s Stock Has a $35-Billion Bad Day
  96. Facebook Conducts Sham Vote, 9% Support Upcoming Changes
  97. Facebook Pulls Instagram Embedding From Twitter
  98. Dell's New Cross-Platform PocketCloud Applications
  99. With Downgrade Advisory, Top Financial Firm may Foul RIM’s Rally
  100. Nexus 4 Sells so Well eBay Invokes War Powers
  101. Was Windows RT the Downfall of Microsoft’s Sinofsky?
  102. Reports Jump Gun; Scythe Not Going Anywhere
  103. TPU hacked
  104. Microsoft Will Be Running On Shit...
  105. HP Hates Their Autonomy...
  106. AMD hires bank to explore options
  107. Cray xc30
  108. NZXT Releases the Kraken, AIO CPU Coolers
  109. Google Launches Nexus 10 Tablet; An iPad Competitor at Just $399
  110. Analysts Worry about App Store on Eve of Windows 8 Launch
  111. Apple Refreshes 13” MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac
  112. Apple Launches iPad Mini, Updates iPad with A6X Processor
  113. AMD Offers Up to 3 Free Games & More with New Graphics Cards
  114. AMD Announces Q3 Results; $157 Million Loss, Layoffs Planned
  115. New Ooma Accessories Announced: HD2 Handset & Linx
  116. Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Prices Announced: Starts at $499
  117. ATT to restrict piracy and alert customers to violations [Engadget]
  118. [NZXT] Phantom Evolved
  119. Weekend last call sale at Memx
  120. Enermax enters sealed loop cpu cooler business
  121. Move over Apple and Samsung, Motorolla comeback...very sweet
  122. NVIDIA Launches Mainstream GTX 650 Graphics Card @ $109
  123. Intel Desktop Roadmap: i7-3970K Coming in Q4, i7-4900 in Q3 2013
  124. AMD’s Gaming Evolved Program Snags Far Cry 3
  125. Steam’s Big Picture Beta Now Available
  126. Rosewill Releases RK-9100 Gaming Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Switches
  127. EVGA Announces Z77 FTW, Z77 Stinger & Z75 SLI Motherboards
  128. BitFenix Unveils $99 Ghost Silent PC Case
  129. Arctic Announces Massive Accelero Twin Turbo 690
  130. A 'breakthrough' in tech we may actually see soon: quantum chips [Globe]
  131. Asetek Sues CoolIt Over Liquid Cooling Patent
  132. New windows 8 tell MS everything you install
  133. Breaking: Jury Reaches Verdict in Apple v. Samsung
  134. Hardware Canucks’ Sources Vindicated, PowerColor Releases Dual-GPU 7990
  135. You're both copy cats!
  136. Microsoft Unveils New Logo
  137. Rockstar Posts GTA V Teaser Screenshots
  138. AMD Suffers Embarrassing Blog Hack
  139. Kingston Digital to Create Certified USB Flash Drive for Windows To Go
  140. Qualcomm to Power Samsung and Dell Windows RT Devices
  141. Rumor say IBM is interested in RIM's enterprise unit
  142. Blizzard Says Battle.net Was Hacked
  143. Lenovo Set to Take on Microsoft Surface with ThinkPad Tablet 2
  144. Did Microsoft Hint at Xbox 720 Release Timeline With a Job Posting?
  145. John Carmack Dismisses Valve’s Linux Aspirations, Cautious on Windows 8
  146. Windows 8 Packaging Revealed
  147. Acer to Microsoft: Reconsider the Surface Tablet
  148. Valve’s Mandatory Binding Arbitration Clause Not Valid in Canada
  149. Apple v. Samsung: New Filing Reveals Apple’s Request to Sanction Samsung
  150. Microsoft Turfs Metro Name
  151. Thorsten Heins: RIM’s Future is in BB10
  152. Security Researcher: Huawei’s Gear is “Full of Holes”
  153. Facebook Stock Tumbles to New Low
  154. Apple v. Samsung: Samsung’s Lawyer Scolded by Judge
  155. Windows 8 Has Been Released to Manufacturers
  156. AMD Nabs ARM Expert from Apple
  157. [NZXT]Announcement Regarding our FX-series Fans
  158. Valve Modifies Steam Software Agreement to Prohibit Class-Action Suits
  159. Microsoft Launches Gmail Killer Outlook.com
  160. Apple v. Samsung Case Begins With Procedurals
  161. Surface to Launch With Windows 8 on October 26
  162. Report: Seagate-OCZ Acquisition to Finalize by July 30 Earnings Call
  163. Microsoft Admits Surface Play Carries Risk
  164. Athlon X4 on FM2
  165. Apple Patents Game Controller and Console Remote(link)
  166. Windows 8 Has its First High-Level Defectors
  167. With Google Fiber, Kansas City Has Fastest Internet on the Continent
  168. Two Executives Depart AMD for Rivals
  169. NVIDIA Releases New Tech Demo, “A New Dawn”
  170. ARM’s Advances Into Sub-20nm Chips Puts Pressure on Legacy Chipmakers
  171. EVGA mini ITX Z77 board
  172. Is Seagate Looking to Up Its SSD Game with OCZ Acquisition?
  173. Zambezi FX dies in Q4 2012
  174. Sapphire Takes GPU Bragging Rights With 6GB Radeon 7970
  175. EA Confirms Battlefield 4, Beta Ready For Fall 2013
  176. EVGA celebrates its 13th Anniversary With $70,000 Sweepstakes
  177. Intel 330 SSD price drop
  178. Investigation Shows NVIDIA Forum Passwords Not Salted
  179. Update: RIM lost patent law suit but won appeal
  180. Microsoft: It’s a “PC-Plus” Era, Not a “Post-PC” Era
  181. Betaworks Buys Digg for $500,000
  182. AMD Announces New Pricing Structure for 7000 Series Cards
  183. Google’s Nexus 7 is a $152 Tablet
  184. Western Digital new Red HDD
  185. At the RIM Annual General Meeting, an Air of Uncertainty
  186. Microsoft Confirms October Release Date for Windows 8
  187. Microsoft buys Touch Screen Manufacturer Perceptive Pixel
  188. Having Resolved the ProView Case, Apple Faces Another Lawsuit in China
  189. Thermaltake Launches the “BigTyp Revo”, The New Down Draft Cooler on the Block
  190. Samsung Group’s Growth is Misleading
  191. Finally a Judge That Makes Sense
  192. Does This New Apple Patent Put PC OEMs in Trouble?
  193. Report: Macbook Air Will Triumph Over Ultrabooks in 2012
  194. GIGABYTE Launches World’s First Fully Certified Dual Port Thunderbolt Motherboards
  195. Did Joe Biden Order the Shutdown of MegaUpload?
  196. Windows 8 Upgrade $40 [MobilenApps]
  197. Corsair Announces Force Series GS SSDs
  198. Leaked Blackberry Roadmap Shows LTE Playbook Scheduled Before BB10
  199. Apple Loses U.K Patent Skirmish to HTC
  200. August 15 Will Be the End of Flash on Android
  201. Blizzard Apparently Banning Diablo 3 Gamers That Use WINE
  202. Samsung Starts Sampling 16GB DDR4 Modules
  203. Samsung Display is Now The World’s Largest Display Manufacturer
  204. Apple settle iPad name for $60M USD
  205. Maximus V Extreme Overclocking with Liquid Helium
  206. RIM lost $518m 1st qtr 10 times estimate. BB 10 delayed 2013, cuts 5000 jobs [Star]
  207. ASUS: Building the Nexus 7 was “Torture”
  208. Acer Iconia A700 Tablet Now Available in Canada
  209. NVIDIA Posts New WHQL-Certified GeForce 302.82 Drivers for Windows 8 Release Preview
  210. Google to Unveil Tablet to Rival Kindle Fire at I/O Conference
  211. Court Injunction Bans Sales of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet in U.S
  212. LANcouver Organizer Hopes to Bring E-Sports Culture to Vancouver
  213. Samsung’s S-Voice Also Retains Audio on Server
  214. AMD Shows Commitment to Servers With New VP Appointment
  215. Is Microsoft Working on a Phone Handset?
  216. MegaUpload Founder Proves He’s “Too Legit To Quit” With New Music-Sharing Venture
  217. Is Microsoft Giving its PC Partners a Majorshaft with the Surface Tablet?
  218. K|ngp|n Makes EVGA Classified GTX680 the Fastest GPU in the World
  219. Microsoft Surface
  220. US-CERT Warns of Intel CPU Flaw
  221. NewEgg still in hot water over return policy.
  222. Vizio Launches PC Line
  223. Samsung Delays Canadian Launch of Galaxy S3
  224. $374,500 for an Apple 1
  225. AMD to integrate ARM chip in upcoming AMD processors
  226. NVIDIA is Back in Mac with Macbook Pro Refresh
  227. Desktop Trinity a No-Show at Computex 2012
  228. AMD Offers Alternative to Ultrabooks With Trinity Powered Laptop-Tablet Hybrid
  229. Updated Apple seeking import ban on Galaxy S3 [Android Community]
  230. G.SKILL Shows Off “Largest & Fastest ” DDR3 Memory System at Computex
  231. ADATA Presents New Product Naming System at COMPUTEX
  232. Wii U no blu ray/DVD player
  233. NVIDIA Launches Kepler Based GPU For Laptops
  234. Corsair Releases ‘Dominator’ Platinum DDR3 Memory
  235. Corsair Says Their PSU is World’s Most Advanced
  236. Scary for admins
  237. NVIDIA Introduces VGX Platform for Virtualized GPU Computing
  238. NVIDIA’s GeForce Grid; Video Game Streaming for Everyone?
  239. GTC 2012: NVidia Releases Nsight GPU IDE for MacOS and Linux
  240. Fueled by Kepler, NVidia Reports Strong Growth in Quarter
  241. EVGA Releases LED Controller Utility for GTX 690
  242. HP Introduces Trinity Powered Sleekbooks
  243. Is Microsoft Locking Out Other Browsers from Windows RT?
  244. Fractal Design Launches New Fan Controller
  245. Examining Apple’s Trade Dress Infringement Claims
  246. In the Patent War With ProView, Apple Emerges Victorious on American Front
  247. 1st Annual NCIX TECH FAIR - May 12/13, 2012 at Aberdeen Centre
  248. Apple, Samsung Reduce Claims in Smartphone-Tablet I.P Case
  249. Dell Announces New Protection Package for XPS Laptops
  250. EVGA Brings the GeForce GTX 680 FTW Into the World