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  1. It’s an iPad World. We Just Live in it.
  2. Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones Launch in North America
  3. Matrox Mura MPX Now HDCP Compliant
  4. MegaUpload Users Planning Lawsuit Over Lost Data
  5. Valve Announces Mobile App
  6. More Details About Next-Gen Xbox Emerge
  7. Scientists use Freaking Lasers to cool superconductors
  8. Despite a “Leaked” Lineup and Executive Shakeup, RIM Can’t Sell Itself to Investors
  9. XFX Kills Double Lifetime Warranty for New AMD Cards
  10. HP Agrees to $425,000 Civil Penalty for Failure to Immediately Report Li-Ion Battery
  11. Cooler Master Announces NotePal D-Lite
  12. Apple Becomes Biggest Semi-Conducter Buyer as Sales Continue to Grow
  13. New Report Claims that Ultrabooks will Overtake the Notebook Business by 2016
  14. Elecom Unveils Foldable Silicone Bluetooth Keyboards
  15. After MegaUpload Shutdown, a ‘Chilling’ Effect for Digital Storage Lockers
  16. Investors Say RIM Shakeup is ‘Too Little, Too Late’
  17. RIM Ousts CEOs
  18. MPAA Directly & Publicly Threatens Politicians Who Aren't Corrupt Enough To Stay Boug
  19. Security Researcher Warns of Hyperlink based DDoS attack
  20. Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8 Mobile Broadband Improvements
  21. Acer CEO: Expect More Ultrabooks
  22. MegaUpload: We Want Our Site Back
  23. After Intense Protest, SOPA/PIPA Delayed
  24. Intel Restructures Management Team
  25. Microsoft Posts Record Revenue but Windows Continues to Decline
  26. Spire Announces the BlackDragon Series Power Supplies
  27. MegaUpload Shutdown on Copyright Infringement Grounds, Anonymous Responds
  28. Kingston Ships the SSDNow V+200 Solid State Drives
  29. Enermax Extends Staray Case Series
  30. Would Ottawa Allow a RIM Takeover?
  31. Intel to Offer Warranty Plan for Overclockers
  32. Former Microsoft Exec Named as HP’s new Chief Strategy Officer
  33. File Sharing Becomes A Religion In Sweden
  34. Microsoft Engineers File System for a new Era ReFS
  35. Is a Samsung – RIM Deal in the Works?
  36. IBM deviates from Moore's Law, 1 bit requires only 12 atoms
  37. RIM Playbook OS 2.0
  38. CES 2012: NVIDIA Tegra 3 Processor to Power Audi’s Next-Gen Infotainment
  39. Reddit's SOPA Blackout!
  40. CES 2012: Intel Launches Tegra Competitor
  41. CES 2012: Samsung Announces Galaxy Note for North America
  42. CES 2012: Corsair Announces New Additions to its PC Case Lineup
  43. CES 2012: Corsair Announces New Line of Solid-State Cache Drives
  44. No Major Announcements at Microsoft’s Last CES Keynote
  45. CES 2012: MSI’s Z77 Ivy Bridge Motherboards & Graphics Upgrade System
  46. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer to Deliver Last CES Keynote Tonight
  47. CES 2012: Samsung Unveils Series 7 Monitor
  48. CES 2012: Crucial Launches 8GB Ballistix Sport, Tactical, and Elite Memory
  49. ZOTAC Announces a Trio of New ZBOX Mini-PCs at CES 2012
  50. CES 2012: MSI Launches Interceptor Series Computer Cases
  51. CES 2012: Le Pan Reveals New Le Pan II Tablet
  52. CES 2012: Acer’s Aspire Timeline Ultra, A Thin, High Performance Mainstream Notebook
  53. CES 2012: Acer to Introduce Aspire S5, World’s Thinnest Ultrabook w/Thunderbolt
  54. Intel to Release Intel Core i7-3820 on February 13
  55. Steam Closes 2011 with 100% Sales Growth, 5 Million Simultaneous Users
  56. 5th Generation WiFi: 80211.ac draft released!
  57. Logitech Claims to Have ‘Redefined’ the Mouse With Logitech Cube
  58. Lenovo Unveils First ThinkPad Hybrid Laptop and Company’s First Business Ultrabook
  59. Cooler Master Announces the GX Lite Series PSUs
  60. RIM May Shuffle Board
  61. Gelid Announces DarkForce Gaming PC Case
  62. OCZ Delivers Deneva 2 mSATA SSDs for Intel’s 2012 Ultrabook Platform
  63. Hackers plan space satellites to combat censorship
  64. Memory Market Convergence Continues: Elpida, Toshiba May Merge
  65. VIA Announces Latest VB7009 Mini-ITX Embedded Board
  66. RIM to Liquidate Playbook Inventory
  67. NEC Bolsters MultiSync EA Series with New 24-Inch Model
  68. Coolermaster announces Cosmos II
  69. Controller for iDevices
  70. Gigabyte Recall X79 UD3/UD5/G1.Assassin
  71. Seagate Finalizes Samsung Storage Acquisition Deal
  72. AMD Announces New A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs)
  73. Hard Drive Manufacturers Cut Warranty Periods
  74. Steam Holiday Sale Now On!
  75. Research Firm Claims That Google is ‘Conspiring’ to Kill Firefox
  76. KFA2 Launches GeForce GTX 580 MDT X4 Graphics Card
  77. AMD to Appoint Dr. Lisa Su as Senior Vice President and GM, Global Business Units
  78. Microsoft Gives AMD’s ‘Bulldozer’ an Update
  79. Lian Li Shows Off ‘Revolutionary’ PC-100 Case
  80. Corsair Announces Retail Availability of New Vengeance Gaming Keyboards and Mice
  81. Has AMD’s Chief Marketing Officer Been Axed?
  82. Louis CK removes DRM from online video, asks nicely not to pirate it [Globe and Mail]
  83. Study: Internet Explorer Users Have Low Risk Intelligence
  84. AMD Preparing ‘Ultrabook’ Competitor?
  85. 19 Intel CPUs to be End of Lifed
  86. Report: Google’s Chrome Most ‘Secure’ Browser
  87. webOS to Live on as Open Source Software
  88. WD Resumes Hard Drive Production in Thailand
  89. Intel, Micron Extend NAND Flash Technology
  90. Intel: AMD is Still a "Serious Competitor"
  91. Microsoft Gives a Sneak Peek of the Windows Store
  92. Will Google Kill Firefox?
  93. Has Chrome Overtaken Firefox in Global Browser Share?
  94. ‘K|ngp|n’ Sets New Overclocking Record
  95. Corsair Announces Vengeance High-Performance Memory for Laptops
  96. Report: Consumers Not Interested in Windows on Tablets
  97. RIM Launches Cross-Platform Smartphone Management Tool
  98. [Mercury News] AMD struggling to reinvent itself...
  99. Website Leakes Ivy Bridge Details
  100. AMD Teams Up With Patriot And VisionTek To Take Radeon DDR3 Memory To Retail Channel
  101. Samsung Starts Flame-War With Apple
  102. Oracle Accuses HP of Paying Intel to Keep Itanium Alive
  103. ZOTAC Announces GeForce GTS 450 ZONE Edition Silent Graphics Card
  104. HP’s Earnings Plummet in Fourth Quarter
  105. Seagate CEO: Hard Drive Production Won’t Return to Pre-Flood Levels for a Year
  106. Amazon Phone in Development?
  107. Intel Reveals Details of Next-Generation High-Performance Computing Platforms
  108. New Li-ion Battery Design Boosts Energy Capacity and Charge Rate 10-Fold
  109. CRTC Rules in UBB Dispute: Speeds to be Billed, Not Amount Downloaded [Globe]
  110. GIGABYTE Launches X79 Series Motherboards
  111. MSI Announces All-New X79 Motherboard Series Featuring Military Class III Components
  112. EVGA Launches X79 Motherboard Lineup
  113. Mushkin Announces Memory Kits for Intel LGA2011 Motherboards
  114. AMD Releases Bulldozer Based 16-Core Opteron Processors
  115. G.Skill launches its new RipjawsZ Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory
  116. Corsair Announces Quad Channel DRAM Kits
  117. Logitech Backs Out of Google TV; LG to Fill Void?
  118. Nvidia Posts Impressive Q3 Results
  119. BitFenix announces the Raider!
  120. Breaking: Valve Announces Massive Steam Server Intrusion
  121. ARCTIC Introduces the S1 PLUS Turbo Module
  122. Corsair Expands SATA 3 Support With New Performance Pro SSD Line
  123. Coolink presents its Corator DS CPU-Cooler for LGA2011
  124. Shaw Launches Fibre Optic Network
  125. Noctua Introduces NF-F12 Focused Flow Fan
  126. OCZ Technology Unveils the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III Power Supply Series
  127. ASUS Unveils the Eee Pad Transformer Prime
  128. Nvidia Launches Quad-Core Tegra 3
  129. Research Firm Believes Ultrabooks will Revive PC Industry
  130. HP to Sell webOS Unit?
  131. OCZ Technology Introduces the RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS Edition
  132. MSI X79 BB w/Crayons
  133. HP Unveils TouchSmart 620 3D All-in-One PC
  134. HIS Unveils New Low-Profile Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card
  135. CEO Rory Read Restructures AMD
  136. MSI Announces The New AP2011 Business All-in-One PC
  137. Noctua Presents NH-D14 Special Edition for LGA2011
  138. Foxconn Quantum Force is back with X79
  139. Sapphire Announces New HD 6970 Graphics Card with Dual-BIOS and Dual-Fan Cooling
  140. AMD Announces FirePro V4900 Professional Graphics Card
  141. Thermaltake Announces Contac 39 and Contac 30 CPU Coolers
  142. ASRock Gives Preview of X79 Motherboards
  143. Microsoft to Tie Browser-to-OS in a Post Antitrust World
  144. LSI to Acquire SandForce
  145. RIM Delaying Playbook Update, No Email Client Until 2012
  146. Cooler Master Releases Silencio 450
  147. Dell Unveils Super-Thin XPS 14z Laptop
  148. Gigabyte Gives a Sneak Peek of X79 Series Motherboards
  149. Thermaltake Announces Frio Advanced CPU Cooler
  150. LeadTek Announces WinFast GTX 560 Ti Hurricane Graphics Card
  151. EVGA SR3 Cometh
  152. Mixed Reactions Emerge from Blackberry Developer’s Conference
  153. OCZ Announces Indilinx Everest-powered Octane SATA SSD Family
  154. Google Introduces ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’
  155. Sneak Peak of GIGABYTE’s X79 G1.Assassin 2 Motherboard
  156. EVGA Previews their X79 Classified motherboard for Sandy Bridge E
  157. AMD Announces their FX Giveaway Contest
  158. Patriot Memory Announces New Second Gen Pyro SE SSD
  159. Spire Announces Kepler Series Universal CPU Coolers
  160. ADATA Introduces XM13 mSATA Solid State Drive
  161. Sharkoon Announces Vaya Value Edition with USB 3.0 and Side Window
  162. Corsair Announces Availability of $139 Gaming PC Case
  163. Corsair Announces Major Advance in High-Capacity SSDs
  164. Sharkoon Intros Two New Micro-ATX Gaming Cases Supporting Long Graphics Cards
  165. PowerColor Announces Radeon HD 6970 Devil 13 Graphics Card
  166. Cooler Master Announces Silent Pro Hybrid Power Supply Series
  167. ARCTIC delivers two new VGA coolers
  168. Corsair Announces 8GB DDR3 Memory Modules
  169. Amazon Joining List of webOS Suitors?
  170. Corsair Issues Warning of Possible H100 Fan Controller Issues
  171. Government cracks down on copying movies and games [Globe and Mail]
  172. NZXT Launches Phantom Big Tower Pink Edition
  173. Amazon Unveils Tablet
  174. GIGABYTE Launches LAN Optimizer Utility
  175. Report: PC Gaming to Overtake Consoles by 2014
  176. Cooler Master Announces Hyper TX3 EVO and Hyper 212 EVO CPU Coolers
  177. EA Posts Recommended System Specs for Battlefield 3
  178. Thermaltake Introduces Chaser MK-I LCS Case with Liquid Cooling System
  179. Be Quiet! Releases New Pure Power L8 and L7 PSUs
  180. Verizon after Apple (PCmag)
  181. VIA going after Apple now
  182. Lian Li Announces the Latest PC-TU200
  183. Samsung strikes back.... Possibly no iPhone 5 in Europe..
  184. AMD’s FX Series Launching Next Month
  185. HP to Oust CEO?
  186. Crime bill to include email and internet use data without warrant [CBC]
  187. NCIX Opens New Distribution Center in United States!
  188. NZXT Unveils Tempest 210 Chasis
  189. Corsair Announces $10,000 Vengeance Cup Online PC Gaming Tournament
  190. RIM Continues Path to Financial Ruin
  191. Intel Announces New SATA Solid-State Drive for the Data Center
  192. Google Increases Patent “War-Chest”
  193. teasers FX-8150 oc'ing
  194. AMD FX Sets a Guinness World Record 8.429 ghz
  195. Microsoft Promises Record Breaking Boot Times For Windows 8
  196. Club 3D Unveils GeForce GTX 560 Ti Green Edition
  197. Gartner Revises PC Growth Forecast
  198. ADATA Doubles Down on SATA III
  199. Corsair Announces Availability of $99 Gaming PC Case
  200. MSI Launches NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570M Gaming Laptop
  201. Seagate is the First Manufacturer to Break the Capacity Ceiling with a New 4TB GoFlex
  202. Bulldozer Ships
  203. Valve Brings Steam Trading Out of Beta
  204. MSI Develops “Dust Removal Technology” For New Graphics Cards
  205. What Did Intel Do Over The Long Weekend? Release New Chips.
  206. Hitachi GST Ships One Terabyte Per Platter Hard Drives
  207. Google Chrome Hits 15.5 Percent Market Share
  208. Samsung CEO: We Will ‘Never’ Buy webOS
  209. Samsung Unveils Slim Portable Blu-ray Writer Drive for Mobile PC Market
  210. Toshiba Extends USB 3.0 HDD Range with STOR.E CANVIO and BASICS
  211. NEC Display Solutions Adds 20-inch EX201W to Ultra-Slim MultiSync EX Series
  212. CM Storm Trooper: The Future of Full Towers
  213. HP’s TouchPad and webOS Finding Second Life
  214. Details Leak on Acer’s Ultrabook S3
  215. ZOTAC Announces ZBOX Nano AD10 Mini-PC
  216. MSI Announces A55M-P35 Socket FM1 Motherboard
  217. Scythe Announces the Ninja 3 Silent Version CPU Cooler
  218. Potential HP Spinoff Leads to Mixed Messages
  219. Corsair Announces Availability of High-Capacity Force Series GT SSDs
  220. Lancool Releases New PC-K9 Series
  221. Lian Li Launches Full-tower PC-90
  222. ASUS offers Unmatched Performance with the Republic of Gamers MARS II Graphics Card f
  223. Thermaltake Announces New Toughpower Silver Series 80 Plus Silver Compliant PSUs
  224. OWC Announces Lowest-Priced 60 GB SSD – Mercury Electra 6G
  225. AMD Names Former Lenovo Exec to be CEO
  226. SAPPHIRE Announces Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X Edition
  227. Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO
  228. ASRock Launches A55 Motherboard Series
  229. New Crucial 8GB Memory Modules Optimize Desktop and Laptop Performance
  230. Samsung Reportedly in Talks to Purchase HP’s PC Division
  231. Corsair Announces DDR3 Memory Upgrades for Apple Computers
  232. ZOTAC Announces GeForce GTS 450 ECO Edition Graphics Card
  233. HP Says That webOS Not Quite Dead Yet
  234. AMD Boosts Fusion APUs for Notebooks, Ultrathins, All-in-Ones and Desktops
  235. SP/ Silicon Power introduces Marvel M01 Most affordable USB 3.0 flash drive
  236. Logitech G300
  237. Increase Maximum File Transfer size of USB in Windows 7 | Hotfix
  238. Intel to Delay Cedar Trail-M Netbook Platform and Atom CPUs?
  239. Breaking: HP to Ditch the PC Business
  240. Google buying Motorola Mobility [Globe and Mail]
  241. Thermaltake Announces the Spacecraft VF-I Case
  242. Google+ is getting games
  243. AMD High End GPUs MIA at Retail; Relief Coming Soon
  244. AMD’s Foray into System Memory; Questions & Some Answers
  245. Gartner: Windows 7 to Become Most Common OS
  246. Seagate Ships 1 Million Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drives
  247. Hitachi GST Announces the Industry’s Most Advanced Enterprise-Class MLC SSDs
  248. New M-Disc Technology Promises Permanent Data Retention
  249. GIGABYTE Announces Entire 6 Series Ready to Nativley Support PCIe Gen. 3
  250. SteelSeries Announced World of Warcraft Legendary Edition Mouse