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  1. Google to Unveil Tablet to Rival Kindle Fire at I/O Conference
  2. Court Injunction Bans Sales of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet in U.S
  3. LANcouver Organizer Hopes to Bring E-Sports Culture to Vancouver
  4. Samsung’s S-Voice Also Retains Audio on Server
  5. AMD Shows Commitment to Servers With New VP Appointment
  6. Is Microsoft Working on a Phone Handset?
  7. MegaUpload Founder Proves He’s “Too Legit To Quit” With New Music-Sharing Venture
  8. Is Microsoft Giving its PC Partners a Majorshaft with the Surface Tablet?
  9. K|ngp|n Makes EVGA Classified GTX680 the Fastest GPU in the World
  10. Microsoft Surface
  11. US-CERT Warns of Intel CPU Flaw
  12. NewEgg still in hot water over return policy.
  13. Vizio Launches PC Line
  14. Samsung Delays Canadian Launch of Galaxy S3
  15. $374,500 for an Apple 1
  16. AMD to integrate ARM chip in upcoming AMD processors
  17. NVIDIA is Back in Mac with Macbook Pro Refresh
  18. Desktop Trinity a No-Show at Computex 2012
  19. AMD Offers Alternative to Ultrabooks With Trinity Powered Laptop-Tablet Hybrid
  20. Updated Apple seeking import ban on Galaxy S3 [Android Community]
  21. G.SKILL Shows Off “Largest & Fastest ” DDR3 Memory System at Computex
  22. ADATA Presents New Product Naming System at COMPUTEX
  23. Wii U no blu ray/DVD player
  24. NVIDIA Launches Kepler Based GPU For Laptops
  25. Corsair Releases ‘Dominator’ Platinum DDR3 Memory
  26. Corsair Says Their PSU is World’s Most Advanced
  27. Scary for admins
  28. NVIDIA Introduces VGX Platform for Virtualized GPU Computing
  29. NVIDIA’s GeForce Grid; Video Game Streaming for Everyone?
  30. GTC 2012: NVidia Releases Nsight GPU IDE for MacOS and Linux
  31. Fueled by Kepler, NVidia Reports Strong Growth in Quarter
  32. EVGA Releases LED Controller Utility for GTX 690
  33. HP Introduces Trinity Powered Sleekbooks
  34. Is Microsoft Locking Out Other Browsers from Windows RT?
  35. Fractal Design Launches New Fan Controller
  36. Examining Apple’s Trade Dress Infringement Claims
  37. In the Patent War With ProView, Apple Emerges Victorious on American Front
  38. 1st Annual NCIX TECH FAIR - May 12/13, 2012 at Aberdeen Centre
  39. Apple, Samsung Reduce Claims in Smartphone-Tablet I.P Case
  40. Dell Announces New Protection Package for XPS Laptops
  41. EVGA Brings the GeForce GTX 680 FTW Into the World
  42. Rosewill Releases the RHTS-8206 5.1 Channel Vibrating Gaming Headset
  43. RIM Fills Vacant Executive Positions
  44. ZOTAC announces ZOTAC GeForce GTX 680 AMP! Edition and ZOTAC GeForce GTX 680 4GB
  45. LG Releases Cloud Monitors
  46. Apple’s Ultrabook: A $799 Macbook Air
  47. Web Video Pioneer Revision 3 Purchased By Cable Giant
  48. AMD Picks Former Dell CMO as New VP Marketing
  49. Blackberry World Conference Wrap: RIM Introduces Blackberry 10, Shares Tank
  50. Samsung Launches Galaxy S III at Splashy London Event
  51. Corsair Adds Hyper-Efficent Cooling Fans to Product Line
  52. Dell Unveils New Performance XPS and Vostro Solutions
  53. MegaUpload Saga Nears Conclusion: ‘Dotcom’ Wins Back Some Assets
  54. AMD Announces Partnership With GameFly
  55. ASUS Introduces the PA248Q ProArt Professional LCD Display
  56. RIM Admits to Being Behind Samsung-Esque Anti-Apple Publicity Stunt
  57. Multiple Reports Confirm Samsung Leads the Mobile Pack
  58. Foxconn CEO in Hot Water Over ‘Sweatshop’ Comment
  59. Ice Cream Sandwich Available Now to Samsung Galaxy Users
  60. ASUS Shows Off Latest Ivy Bridge Offering, the P8Z77-V Motherboard
  61. Dell’s Expanded Alienware Portfolio Aims for Improved Mobile Gaming Experience
  62. ASUS Introduces the Xtion Motion Sensor for PCs
  63. In the Wake of Ivy Bridge, AMD Slashes Prices
  64. NVIDIA Announces GeForce Experience Cloud Optimizations
  65. EA Said to be in Take Over Discussions
  66. Samsung Wraps Quarter With Record Numbers
  67. LG Makes Dynamic Viewing Experience Mainstream with New IPS Monitors
  68. Seagate’s Board Approves Share Buyback Plan
  69. Samsung Announces Slim and Sexy Optical Drive for Ultrabooks and Tablets
  70. Who owns your files on Google Drive?
  71. ASUS Shatters Performance Barriers with Intel Z77 Chipset and 3rd Gen Core i7 CPUs
  72. Powercolor Unveils the Radeon HD 7870 Eyefinity 6
  73. NZXT Unveils Cryo E40 Adaptable Notebook Cooler with Moveable Fans
  74. Thermaltake Institutes the “10″ with Frio Extreme, First 10 Year Warranty CPU Cooler
  75. NZXT announces Cryo E40 Adaptable Notebook Cooler with Moveable Fans
  76. Sophos: Some Macs Carry a Chlamydia-Like Risk for Windows PCs
  77. G.SKILL Announces TridentX DDR3 Memory Kit
  78. Radeon 7990 May Launch at Computex 2012
  79. Clinton Hallahan: G4 is Killing Video Games
  80. Rosewill Announces R5, the Sleeper Mid-Tower Gaming Case with Ultra-Cooling
  81. Arctic Introduces the F PWM CO Series Case Fans
  82. MSI Tops Gaming Benchmarks with its NVIDIA GTX 670M and Intel HM77-Equipped Notebooks
  83. Nvidia : It's coming!
  84. Hayter Coy on Snake’s Return in New Metal Gear
  85. Indie Games and Blockbuster Titles Sweep at Video Game Awards
  86. HP to Build Printer Factory in China
  87. Trinity and Brazos are on Their Way
  88. ASUS Debuts the SABERTOOTH Z77 Motherboard
  89. ASUS Announces the GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP
  90. AMD’s First Quarter Results Beat Expectations
  91. In the Procedure of Acquisition, Facebook Shows What its Worth
  92. Digitimes: 32 Windows 8 Tablets Expected in 2012
  93. Cooler Master Launches Value Oriented Extreme 2 PSU Series
  94. BIOSTAR Unveils the TZ75B (Z75) Motherboard
  95. Samsung, Apple Ordered to Negotiate Patent Settlement Out of Court
  96. Windows 8 to be Offered in 4 Editions
  97. AMD to Power TELUS’ New Virtual Private Cloud
  98. MPAA going after video embeds now?
  99. Does AMD Want MIPS?
  100. ASUS Launches the P8Z77 WS Motherboard
  101. Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard Drive Reaches New Performance Peak with 1 TB Model
  102. EVGA Unveils the GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature Series
  103. DDR4 to Arrive in 2014?
  104. Raspberry Pi Ships
  105. PowerColor Introduces Ultra High-end VORTEX II Series
  106. In a ‘Post-PC World’, PC Growth Still Positive
  107. Intel Unveils PCI Express SSD 910 Line
  108. Is Microsoft Trying to Roll up the Patents of RIM?
  109. GIGABYTE Launches B75 Series Motherboards, Targeting Small Business Users
  110. WD Ships Slim, Energy-Efficient Hard Drive for Ultrabook Devices
  111. Mac users should fear viruses, more widespread attacks likely coming
  112. Commodore Founder, Jack Tramiel, Dies at 83
  113. Microsoft Begins 2-Year Retirement Countdown of Windows XP, Office 2003
  114. EVGA Introduces the Z77 FTW Motherboard
  115. COUGAR Announces the Volant Gaming Mid-Tower PC Case
  116. 11 Arrested in Suspected Samsung Technology Theft
  117. In Arizona, Online Discourse May be Ordered Civil
  118. Consumer Watchdog Calls EA Games America’s Worst Company for 2012
  119. Corsair Adds Wireless Headsets and PC Cases to Vengeance Gaming Line
  120. Lian Li Announces Their Smallest ATX Motherboard Supported Chassis – PC-V700
  121. GPU Market Continues to Grow
  122. Cooler Master Launches the CM Storm QuickFire Pro Gaming Keyboard
  123. With Samsung, T.Vs Get Smart
  124. Samsung: Backlight Bleed is not a Problem
  125. As RIM Posts First Quarterly Loss, CEO Weighs Options
  126. Lite-On Introduces the E200 Solid State Drives
  127. New Rumors Suggest Playstation 4 to be Named “Orbis”, Use AMD Chips
  128. Research Firm Thinks Android Will Eclipse Windows by 2016
  129. Despite Early Critics, Samsung’s Galaxy Note a Strong Seller
  130. PNY Announces Addition of 2133 MHz and 1866 MHz PC Memory to XLR8 Lineup
  131. Congressmen Propose Tobacco-Style Warnings for Video Games
  132. Windows 8 Release Candidate Expected by June
  133. Arctic Shows Off the Accelero Xtreme III Cooler
  134. Lian Li Expands Its Line of Data Storage Chassis with the PC-Q12 and PC-Q18
  135. Digital Storm Redefines the “Custom” High-Performance PC with Aventum
  136. NDP leadership vote hampered by denial of service attack: [Globe and Mail]
  137. MegaUpload Host Pondering Deleting Data
  138. BIOSTAR Introduces the TA970XE AM3+ Motherboard
  139. Hiring at RIM: iOS Developers
  140. Acer Launches Acer Iconia A510 Tablet
  141. Microsoft Talks Windows 8 Resolution
  142. EVGA Launches Five GeForce GTX 680 Models
  143. HP to Combine Profitable Printer Division with Personal Systems Group
  144. EVGA Updates Warranty Policy
  145. Seagate will HAMR its way to 60TB Drives
  146. Lian Li Announces the PC-Q15 Mini-ITX Chassis
  147. Windows 8 to Launch in October
  148. Gigabyte Officially Launches Radeon HD 7800 Overclock Series Graphics Cards
  149. Microsoft: No New Xbox at E3
  150. MSI Announces Next Generation R7970 Lightning Graphics Card
  151. Analyst Firm Claims Android to Overtake iPad by 2015
  152. MSI Announces the All-New Intel 7 Series Motherboards
  153. Powercolor Adds a Flavor Into HD7700 Series: PCS+ HD7770 GHz Edition
  154. To Save a Failing Tablet, RIM Releases a Keyboard
  155. Making Money, Pwning Browsers
  156. NVidia Begins Regular Windows 8 Driver Updates
  157. Gigabyte Launches GB-AEGT Whitebox All-in-One PC
  158. Updated version for Samaritan Demo,instead of 3x580,it's only one KEPLER!
  159. L.E.D. physics.
  160. Gartner: PC Shipments Will Grow 4.4 Percent in 2012
  161. With the Xbox 720, a Return to Game Cartridges?
  162. Can Dell Slay the Leviathan With a Windows Tablet?
  163. After SeaMicro Deal Goes Awry, Intel Tries to Save Face
  164. For the PC World the End is Nigh, Warns Former Microsoft Exec
  165. NVidia Rebuffs Apple’s A5X Claims
  166. Gigabyte Says it has “Claimed Number 1 Spot for Motherboard Durability”
  167. G.SKILL Demos the Fastest Quad Channel Memory at CeBIT 2012
  168. AMD Confirms Minor CPU Bug
  169. EVGA officially announces Classified SR-X!
  170. Verizon launches faster-than-wired wireless broadband for homes; starts at $60/mo
  171. SteelSeries Introduces the Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse
  172. Corsair Announces Availability of Accelerator Series Solid-State Cache Drives
  173. ZOTAC Starts CeBIT 2012 With Three New ZBOX mini-PCs
  174. AMD and GlobalFoundries Part Ways
  175. HP Z1
  176. Super Talent Introduces 2133 MHz Over-Clocked Quad-Channel DDR3
  177. AMD Enters Cloud Server Market With SeaMicro Acquisition
  178. Swiss Overclocker Sets DDR3 Speed Record
  179. First Laptop with 4.16GHz Clock Speed Unveiled – MSI GT780DX
  180. Intel Confirms then Redacts Details of Ivy Bridge Lineup
  181. MSI’s New G Series Gaming NBs Unveiled Steal spotlight at CeBIT 2012
  182. Massive Layoffs at Blizzard
  183. Microsoft to Seed Windows 8 Developers, Device Makers with Test PCs Powered by NVIDIA
  184. ADATA Launches New Ultra-Rugged Portable Hard Drive
  185. Lancool Announces New Mid-Tower Chassis – PC-K65
  186. Memory Market Convergence Continues with WD-Toshiba Deal
  187. ProView: Apple is Engaged in Fraud, Unfair Competition
  188. Overclockers Push Core i7-3770K to 7GHz
  189. OCZ Introduces the High-Performance Fatal1ty 1000 W Power Supply
  190. The Kill Switch Comes to the PC
  191. As the Apple-ProView Patent Battle Continues, Bizarre iPhone Knockoffs Emerge
  192. HP’s Earnings Still in Free Fall
  193. Rumour: PlayStation 4 to be Powered by AMD Chips
  194. MegaUpload Founder’s Freedom Comes at a Price
  195. Arctic Intros The Alpine 64 PLUS CPU Cooler for AMD Users
  196. ASRock Introduces the Fatal1ty X79 Professional Motherboard
  197. NVIDIA Releases GeForce 295.73 WHQL-certified Drivers
  198. Spire Introduces the TME III CPU Cooler
  199. Noctua Presents the NH-L12 Low-Profile CPU Cooler
  200. BlackBerry Playbook OS2 now available
  201. Gabe Newell Understands Half-Life Fans Frustrations
  202. Samsung to Spin Off LCD Unit
  203. COUGAR Launches the GX V2 Series of 80Plus Gold Gaming PSUs
  204. ProView’s “iPad” Finally Unveiled
  205. NZXT Announces the Availability of Switch 810 Hybrid Full Tower Chassis
  206. Are There Delays in Store for Ivy Bridge?
  207. China Ramps up iPad Seizures
  208. BioWare and Razer Unveil Mass Effect 3 Product Line
  209. Acer Reveals the S271HL 27-Inch LED Monitor
  210. Antec Launches the EarthWatts Platinum PSU Series
  211. HP Introduces World’s First 27-inch All-in-One Workstation
  212. Eric Demers Leaves AMD
  213. Company Seeks Export Ban of Apple’s iPads
  214. Will Samsung Spin Off LCD Business?
  215. Google’s Motorola Mobility Purchase Approved
  216. Apple Demands that Samsung Stop Trolling
  217. iBUYPOWER Incorporates New Intel Core i7 3820 Into Its Gaming Desktops
  218. ORIGIN PC Debuts the EON17-X Desktop Replacement Laptop
  219. Intel I7-3820 released?
  220. Did Hackers Pierce Steam’s Credit Card Database?
  221. Cooler Master Releases the GeminII SF524 CPU Cooler
  222. Laser-switched magnetic storage is 1,000 times faster than current hard drives
  223. Google’s Patent Play Likely to be Approved by U.S Regulators
  224. Microsoft Talks Windows 8 on ARM Devices
  225. VIA Announces Highest Performance Dual Core VIA EPIA-M910 Mini-ITX Board
  226. MegaUpload Founder’s Mansion Seized
  227. Lenovo: The Reports of the Death of the PC Market Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
  228. Solve for X Website
  229. Best news story I have read in ages
  230. iOS more unstable than Android [PC World]
  231. MAINGEAR Updates the TITAN 17 17.3-inch Desktop Replacement
  232. Hands on With the Samsung Galaxy Note
  233. Cooler Master Unveils the Elite 361 Case
  234. RIM’s Playbook has Reached End of Life
  235. Canadian Prime Minister Hints at Blocking Potential RIM Foreign Takeover
  236. MegaUpload Chief Denied Bail
  237. HP Slips up and Releases new Server Details
  238. Xigmatek Gigas Brushed Aluminum Micro-ATX Cube Case Announced
  239. Will Rory Read ARM AMD?
  240. ASUS Launches the Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card
  241. Pirate Bay Founders Sentenced to Prison
  242. Antec Announces the High Current Gamer M PSU Series
  243. NEC Unveils AccuSync Series with 24-Inch LCD Desktop Monitor
  244. ADATA Announces Latest DRAM Advance-8 Gigabyte DDR3-1600 Modules
  245. Steam Releases Mobile App
  246. Oracle-HP-Itanium Court Battle Continues Despite Oracle Setback
  247. MegaUpload to Hold Off Deleting Data for Another Two Weeks
  248. Microsoft Says No New Xbox at E3
  249. Intel release new i5 CPU with no GPU
  250. What is this Bill C-11 in Canada?