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  1. UPS not charging
  2. Odd Yellow Blobs on Noctua NH-D14 fans
  3. Can't enter BIOS menu
  4. Blue Screen of Borderlands - BSOD 0x0000101 - "Clock interrupt.."
  5. Gigabyte boot loop on older computer
  6. what is it, video, powersupply, motherboard, drivers
  7. New PC
  8. *Edited* PLease help, Is my HDD or SSD going bad?
  9. Dead gfx? So confused.
  10. Laptop wont boot
  11. Pivos Media player audio problem
  12. Help with ASUS P8Z77-V Lk
  13. Keyboard problem in BIOS *Solved*
  14. Computer freezes, can't figure out whats not working.
  15. HDD Problem
  16. bad frame rate and running hot.
  17. 2 4870x2 2gb cards dead how do I bake them?
  18. 7F Error EVGA x58 sli 3
  19. Recover files from unallocated hardrive
  20. Help me diagnose this build!
  21. New Computer Lag Issues
  22. Laptop Restarts at bios screen...
  23. Blizzard says go &*?% yourself
  24. New Asrock z77 Extreme4 Not Detecting HDD to Install Windows 7
  25. intel postville ssd died - intel rma process?
  26. help me ressurect old work computer
  27. Anywhere to check length of PSU cables?
  28. Canon MX410 Network Printer Problems
  29. closed
  30. computer wont boot. its sorta fixed
  31. Dead Motherboard on older system?
  32. Video card not detected
  33. is there a test for mouse?
  34. Red Screens with GTX 680 on a triple monitor setup
  35. Multiple Different Blue Screens
  36. [SOLVED] Samsung monitor odd behaviour.
  37. not PS, but now random restarts ?
  38. system will not start up with out turning off powersupply
  39. nForce drivers won't install, 32/64 bit confusion
  40. Cpu clock spike
  41. Charge battery outside laptop/ splice power to battery contact
  42. Asus Motherboard not booting
  43. BSOD.. Need help
  44. Crysis 2 on GTX660Ti
  45. P4 gateway uses 160watt PS?
  46. Storage drive doesn't show up..
  47. monitor/keyboard not working
  48. Confirm my hard drive is dead please
  49. New build won't start, PSU chirping sound
  50. ASUS Zenbook Minidump help
  51. Update! Random reboots + case jostling reboots
  52. Girlfriend's Laptop Won't Load some websites
  53. PSU compatibility?
  54. Shockingly Poor Performance from New Laptop
  55. [resolved] second monitor plugged in Motherboard not detected?
  56. I've tried EVERYTHING !
  57. Power Button Doesn't Work, but Power Button on Motherboard Does!
  58. Blurry Text/Images At 120Hz
  59. PSU emits high pitched whine instead of giving power
  60. A Genuine Call For Help
  61. Asus P8Z68-V PRO red RAM-light, no boot
  62. Monitor Rotates between colors
  63. Windows showing 4gb of 6gb of RAM. Cpu-z shows 6.
  64. Possible video card failing or just loose?
  65. Black Screen with transparent horizontal waves after installing a new video card
  66. where to start trouble shooting?
  67. Help! Computer won't turn on!
  68. Possible HDD problem
  69. New Build, High Temps?
  70. Extremely annoying VGA-driver
  71. New CPU Installed Error message
  72. Boot loop
  73. PC is extremely slow
  74. Reboot while gaming/video, can trigger reboot by shaking case.
  75. MS bluetooth mouse lost adapter
  76. AE - legacy boot event error
  77. New build looks like dead gpu
  78. Upgrades have little to no Performance?
  79. Asus P5BV-C WOL
  80. First build, VGA LED :S
  81. Image display anomoly
  82. Computer freezes in game...
  83. Problem with Asus e350m1-pro gfx
  84. Laptop sound is screwed up - unuseable. help
  85. h100 installation woes
  86. New System locks up randomly
  87. Werid Display Problems
  88. GTX680 Red Screen of Pi$$ing Me The Heck Off
  89. Smudge in side window
  90. My Viewsonic monitor does not display it's native resolution properly
  91. Eyefinity Help
  92. Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 Video Card Problem
  93. Why does my HDMI not look as good as DVI?
  94. would i be able to hook this up to my PC?
  95. Cleaning Help!
  96. Home Server Issue (again but new)
  97. CPU Fan Error!
  98. ASUS GTX680TOP FPS Wonders
  99. Computer turns on by itself after being asleep for a few seconds
  100. i3770k Temperature help
  101. Deleted file from recycling bin but still no free space?
  102. (Solved) Disk Wiping stole my Gbs
  103. Why no format option
  104. SSD performance as BOOT Drive
  105. [SOLVED] Ok so here's something really weird
  106. Potential heat issue
  107. New Build. No SLI. Is My 2nd PCI-E Slot Dead?
  108. Helping out a co-worker's son
  109. ASUS GTX 680 DirectCu II TOP Severe Lag Problem
  110. Green lined screen of death?
  111. I don't know what to do...
  112. Am I dumb? ...problems with a SATA card
  113. Black or Green screen
  114. Seated my H50 over and over, Still high temps
  115. Orange-ish horizontal lines flash randomly
  116. Computer won't turn at all!
  117. SLI Performance drops off
  118. Corsair RMA thoughts needed
  119. Fast system yielding inexplicably slow game performance - what gives?
  120. Asus transformer prime TF201
  121. Certain games crash without fail. Help!
  122. [S.M.A.R.T.] Raw Read Error Rate Failed?
  123. Computer Loading Error [Important]
  124. Mouse not working after comeing out of sleep mode
  125. No Video + Continuous 4 Post Beeps
  126. URGENT! Pulling data off old IDE hard drives
  127. Yikes problems with my first NEW BUILD =(
  128. System POSTs but hangs on Windows Logo!
  129. Mobo/PSU of death?
  130. USB 3.0 problem
  131. Galaxy GTX 680 problem
  132. prime95 rounding errors on a stock system
  133. What are good speeds?
  134. No POST Beep...?
  135. Home Server PC Issue.
  136. Power Supply Failure?
  137. PC forever "Loading Operating System"
  138. Format RAID 10 HDDs if want to add 2 more HDDs?
  139. tell me will be ok.
  140. Programs Not Responding, Now Internet Doesn't Work?
  141. Problems booting up for first time
  142. Asus 670 BSOD's on startup after driver install
  143. USB not working
  144. broken Acer One screen - advice?
  145. Computer Frezzes
  146. Not complaining...just...?
  147. ASUS AMD Motherboard (drivers issues) Crosshair V / M5A99X
  148. Wiring Woes! New to Wiring. Need Help!!!
  149. Corsair H100 Fan Controller Not Working?
  150. Waking up to BSOD
  151. Computer keeps turning on and off on it's own
  152. Raid array went down. Can it be saved?
  153. the broken catalyst package?
  154. 670 Issue
  155. weird black screen (no input signal)
  156. Hard drive having trouble reading?
  157. Galaxy GTX 670, infinite boot loop with 3 monitors plugged in
  158. Upgrading to SSD help
  159. Dual CPU C32 will not post or any fans spin, but mobo light is green
  160. PC s**t the bed.
  161. new motherboard + refurbished motherboard
  162. BenQ XL2420TX Display Problems
  163. Latency issues - Z68x UD3H-B3
  164. BSOD help! No Idea what is the cause.
  165. LG LCD Display issue thru HDMI fr PC
  166. Weird Laptop Issue, Any Ideas?
  167. Double boot + Hang
  168. How to thoroughly test a PSU?
  169. I5 3570K Multiplier\turbomode issues
  170. New gpu old psu.
  171. would this be a faulty hdd or could it be something else?
  172. Connection slow
  173. 2months of hell with downloads, please answer some questions for me.
  174. Can't pull a VALID IP address from my router.
  175. Crossfire Woes
  176. OCZ GameXstream flickering LEDs
  177. 6+970 crazy temps
  178. Trifire Woes
  179. Case fans won't turn
  180. I Dont know if this is a bottleneck but can someone tell me please
  181. i7 920 - Idle temp 50C Normal?
  182. External Hardrive Problem: Freezing, Slow, Not Recognizing
  183. Gateway NV58 Laptop issue
  184. Monitor beyond repair?
  185. Asus P8Z68-V LE & i7 2700k - no Display (iGPU)
  186. ASUS REX Dead?
  187. Random reboot with new build
  188. PSU or Motherboard?
  189. H60 noise
  190. Multipule monitors laptop
  191. Random restarts
  192. Multiplier and GHZ has mind of its own
  193. Something wrong with my Cases power button?
  194. Frustrating problem with newly built PC, Shuts off!
  195. Computer BSOD's if no CD-ROM is installed
  196. wrong place
  197. Don't know where a certain front-panel case cable is connected
  198. New monitor fuzzy in W7, sharper in XP
  199. Window 7 hanging with glowing logo on boot
  200. !! Just received my new build, cannot connect to the wireless network!!
  201. Intel 1366 Help in Calgary.
  202. Blue Screen Issues
  203. What are normal Read/Write rates for SandForce SF-2281 SSD's on SATA II?
  204. Need help with XFX Warranty Transfer
  205. Help? Asus p6x58d prem
  206. Random Lock -up or Shut Down Issue
  207. Ventrilo problems
  208. webcam driver
  209. Trouble when playing games
  210. Anyway to up the quality on my new TV tuner card?
  211. Please help, I'm desperate...
  212. Need help with Eyefinity.
  213. Please help me troubleshoot this annoying sound
  214. Stable Overclock but system does not shutdown correctly
  215. 3d vision stopped working
  216. Partial USB Problem upon wakeup
  217. Charging problems
  218. Dram_led light, failure to post
  219. USB power although computer is turned off
  220. Dear mother of god
  221. PC won't turn off...
  222. Weird restart problem bf3...
  223. CPU temperatures suddenly rising.
  224. GPU burn marks
  225. fan configuration
  226. Help with USB3
  227. PC Power on issue
  228. Using a toggle switch to operate all lights
  229. Multi GPU Issue [was Hi-Pitch Noise]
  230. Driver issue or GPU dying
  231. Random restarts after flashing Bios and adding RAM
  232. random shut down+boot problems
  233. PNY GTX 560 TI OC
  234. Graphic issue with Skyrim
  235. Graphics Issue - GTX 560 Ti
  236. New Contest (all you have to do is guess)
  237. my computer comes up with this help!
  238. Intel HD 2000 showing up in CPU-Z
  239. please help
  240. Clean install Windows 7 will not update
  241. BIOS update fears
  242. Second HDD goes inactive
  243. Post, no video.
  244. SSD slow write speeds?
  245. Tearing issues
  246. Sudden power loss
  247. My mother board stopped seeing any of my Drives
  248. Physical Memory 90% - WTF?
  249. Parallel to USB cable question
  250. Possible PSU failure?