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  1. What music subscription service are you using?
  2. Wireless Headphones / headsets
  3. LucidSound Review?
  4. KEF LS50 wireless
  6. Put a Raspberry Pi into an old 80's boombox to offer streaming content
  7. have you ever had a moment of clarity in regards to music?
  8. I've gone down the rabbit hole and am so screwed now...
  9. AIO Headphone Amps
  10. Most comfortable headphone/headset for $50?
  11. Recommended headset for Xbox One gaming?
  12. AIAIAI Headphones?
  13. Wireless headphones needed for xbox one
  14. who's upgraded their ear cushions/pads for their headphones/headsets?
  15. just got my HiFiMan HE-4xx!
  16. DT880's with Sennheiser GSX 1000?
  17. what DAC, AMP, Speakers & Headphones do you have?
  18. New audio player: Plexamp
  19. Request for sound confirmation
  20. wow dolby 11.1 with DTSx
  21. Best ANC Headphones under $100 CAD
  22. Hassle Free, Fully EAX Compatible, USB Sound Card?
  23. looking for opinions/options/insights thank you muchly
  24. Recommendation: Sound Card
  25. Use a few potentiometers and an op-amp to build your own audio mixer system
  26. Usb Optical SoundCard/DAC?
  27. New speakers & A/V Amplifier help!
  28. Why Are "Gaming Headsets" So Popular?
  29. DAC and headset design
  30. Sound goes wonkie after a couple days.
  31. How to permanently uninstall "high definition audio device"?
  32. Sound stopped working on Windows 10
  33. Logitech G933 for consoles?
  34. Headphone/headset to pair with Creative Sound Blaster ZXR sound card
  35. Looking for a mp3 player
  36. Question About Edifier S730!
  37. STR-DH770 or a VSX-831-k ???
  38. Receiver for my htpc/gaming setup died, suggestions for replacement?
  39. need new sound setup
  40. best place to download music?
  41. Need help with soundcard or amp
  42. Tag and rename issue ?!!
  43. Should I bother with the Sound Blaster ZxR?
  44. Sound Blaster Z vs Asus Strix Soar
  45. Considering the Momentum 2.0s
  46. Sound bar
  47. Audio distribution amplifier for my home theater
  48. Passive soundbar (3-channel on-wall speaker)
  49. Klipsch 2.1 THX system: your experience?
  50. Sub $150 Gaming Headset
  51. Feniks Essence Speakers Review Comment Thread
  52. CSGO sound
  53. Clean up audio recorded with USB microphone
  54. Suggestions how to re-jig my audio setup?
  55. Home Theatre Speakers - 'Boom' For Buck
  56. Can anyone find the at2020 or the yeti for around 70-80 pounds thank you
  57. AMD Crossfire HDMI Audio Receiver Issue
  58. Edifier H840 Headphones Review Comment Thread
  59. Kanto Yaro 2 Amplifier & Speakers Review Comment Thread
  60. Which of these sound cards?
  61. G.Skill SR910 & SV710 Headsets Review Comment Thread
  62. AKG K182 Studio Headphones Review Comment Thread
  63. What cheapish wireless Headset?
  64. Android headphone burn in app?
  65. Receiver +Atmos
  66. fiio e17 mod.
  67. Headphone recabling
  68. General question about speakers or amplifier
  69. Open headphones with mic for gaming/chat - does it work?
  70. M-Audio M-Track II USB as a sound card
  71. Need help with headphones/sound card
  72. USB sound card for gaming
  73. Advice Requested: Clip on mic or new headset
  74. (Kickstarter) USB powered Headphone Amp
  75. Inexpensive but good quality Ear Buds
  76. best headphones/headset for USD 160
  77. Have to keep reinstalling HD audio drivers
  78. Asus xonar phoebus problem software
  79. AKG K553 Pro Studio Headphones Review Comment Thread
  80. Looking for a good set of 2.1 speakers to go with an 27" iMac
  81. home audio reciever
  82. $250 Open back headphones
  83. Best Sound Card For Gaming w/ Headset and 5.1 Speakers?
  84. Need replacement for Zalman Mic1
  85. wireless headset static noise
  86. topping vx1: using the rca instead of usb
  87. htpc + home theatre
  88. Filtering motherboard noise thru speakers
  89. Scarlett 2i2 is also a sound card?
  90. Logitech fun (sub) messing with.
  91. Purchasing a subwoofer
  92. such thing as heaphone sleeving?
  93. ASTRO A40 alternative mic
  94. Audio hardware specs for vehicles??
  95. Audio with volume control/ Cat5
  96. Can DACs recognize 2 different output devices?
  97. Connect speaker and headphones
  98. Best Sub $50 earbuds?
  99. Best (portable) Bluetooth Speaker
  100. Cheap headphones with loud speakers
  101. New headset - DAC vs Sound Card
  102. Best TRUE surround sound headset - for gaming?
  103. Sony MDR-XB600B Extra Bass Headphones
  104. You own a ASUS Xonar Essence STX?
  105. Suggestions on new beast sound setup. SoundCard, Headset, Speakers, - amp?
  106. For Klipsch 4.1s, worth upgrading an Audigy 2 ZS?
  107. Best ~$300 headphones for working out and traveling
  108. Best wireless AA / AAA battery headset? All round, gaming, ect
  109. New Sound Blaster X7 from Creative
  110. speakers+amp?
  111. Stereo Mix on Ivy Bridge NUC
  112. Onboard Sound Driver Issues
  113. Broken audio on motherboard?
  114. Sound via DP question
  115. Headset No Sound Issue
  116. New gaming head set, G35 or Corsair 1500?
  117. Realtek audio and 5.1 system issue
  118. Creative Sound blaster E1
  119. Reccomend me a headset for gaming
  120. Asus Xonar U7 7.1 USB Sound Card Review Comment Thread
  121. Mid priced sound card for my PC 350 headset
  122. New Receiver
  123. Speaker Setup died on me
  124. Is it worth trading in my Xonar Essence STX?
  125. Looking for closed headphones suggestions
  126. ct 100 paradigm
  127. Two speaker setup for TV
  128. Audio jittering issue.
  129. 2 channel sound cards to my Bryston amp
  130. HTPC Sound Question
  131. Audio issue after hooking PC up to tv/receiver.
  132. Sennheiser HD518 vs HD598
  133. What sound card should i get?
  134. Sound Card/Head Set Question
  135. Removing unused audio devices from sound settings?
  136. Got a new Audio-Technica ATR2500, how the hell do I adjust the gain...
  137. new case with HD audio plug. some audio & LED light issues
  138. Audioengine A5+
  139. Corsair Vengeance 1500 v2 has irritating feedback, how do I fix this :o?
  140. Speaker options
  141. The new Sennheiser G4ME ONE
  142. Speaker Advice
  143. Headphone advice
  144. USB DAC + Amp?
  145. MP3 players / docks
  146. Should I buy a sound card?
  147. Asus Xonar U7 USB
  148. Legit DRM free Canadian MP3 purchases?
  149. Asus xonar phoebus settings for HD 598
  150. Can't decide wich headset
  151. Asus Xonar DX playing DTS?
  152. worth buying a sound card?
  153. sound problems
  154. Sound card for 250 ohm dt990 pro
  155. Is there a good quality 7.1 headset?
  156. EVGA X58 3x SLI Realtek built in audio..no 5.1 from games..help please
  157. Current headset broke, looking to buy a new one.
  158. New Headphones
  159. Realtek HD Audio Manager missing from Device Manager & Advanced Tab missing from BIOS
  160. Only one speaker playing properly
  161. Help choosing between AKG K326 and Sennheiser MX 685
  162. 16bit vs. 24bit? Kraken Pro
  163. Headphone for movies/music???
  164. Are the Sennheiser PC350s worth it without soundcard?
  165. Need to upgrade soundcard for 80 ohms headphones
  166. tv speakers
  167. AKG K142HD
  168. Optimal configuration options help wanted (Asus Xonar DX | Logitech G51)
  169. Weak link in my headphone gear?
  170. Hi-Fi Smart Ear 3D reviews?
  171. which headset should i get?
  172. HELP: ASUS Xonar Essence STX audio card -
  173. Want a new 5.1 set
  174. Looking for a new pair of 2.1 speakers
  175. Trying to find gaming Headset
  176. GPU Audio vs Dedicated Card
  177. Creative
  178. Sennheiser PC 350 volume up and down noise
  179. Lost sound in Chrome
  180. RESOLVED: Xonar DG Not Working
  181. USB/Optical DAC or Soundcard?
  182. Looking for Earbuds with mic that can be used on a pc
  183. Good subwoofer for $100-200, and other questions?
  184. Gaming Headphones Showdown. What To Buy?
  185. Corsair Vengeance 1500-2000 7.1 drivers
  186. HDMI Audio problem
  187. Earbuds
  188. Info on USB DAC
  189. Shopping for sound
  190. Does the ASUS DGX output 5.1 SPDIF signal?
  191. headset for voip softphone
  192. $30 pair of headphones
  193. Integrated Amp ~$1000 budget
  194. Asus Xonar audio center help
  195. FIIO E7 new version
  196. Soundcard question
  197. Travel headphones
  198. Question - Bluetooth mic
  199. I'm cheap, whats a good set of gaming headphones for $50-80?
  200. Dolby technology explanation
  201. Sound limit in headphones.
  202. Bass boost in chipsets
  203. Want to upgrade Xonar DX
  204. Need new in-ear earphones
  205. Possible to run speakers and headphones at the same time?
  207. Windows Audio Enhancments
  208. Clip on Flash MP3 player with FLAC
  209. Starting to look for some cans... can anyone give me a place to start?
  210. Buying AD700. Anything fishy about BossSound.ca?
  211. Onboard Sound better than Sound Card!?
  212. RCA vs JACK quality
  213. ASUS Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review Comment Thread
  214. Your Preferred Headset
  215. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 Or Sennheiser Hd558
  216. Headphones Amps
  217. 2 X-Fi s, 1 computer
  218. If you had the choice between these ????
  219. Fiber Optic Splitter
  220. Better Sound ?
  221. Magnum Dynalab
  222. Best 2.1 speakers for $150
  223. HD800 + Xonar Essence STX
  224. Are there any stores that sell audiophile headphones in Vancouver?
  225. Old sound card? is it still good?
  226. Considering the jump to 7.1. Assistance required!
  227. Speakers Which Ones
  228. Sound Card and Headsets
  229. Headphone with bluetooth
  230. Dedicated Vs Onboard (when using optical out)
  231. USB Headset Vs. 3.5 jacks Headset
  232. shall I buy this sound card?
  233. Cans/Soundcard
  234. Sound Card worth it?
  235. Blue tooth headphones
  236. Best sound card for a Sennheiser HD598
  237. Securing / Mounting ZM-MIC1?
  238. Xonar DG Problem. Help?
  239. Sub $100 speakers, soundcards, oh my!
  240. Bose wave radio: who owns one?
  241. Cowon X7
  242. Windows 7 Compatiable
  243. <$100 gaming headset
  244. Sound card help needed
  245. ASUS Crosshair IV Onboard Upgrade To ASUS Xonar DGX?
  246. Asus Xonar Essence STX Driver.
  247. SoundBlaster Recon 3D
  248. Do I need a soundcard? (My specs are included)
  249. Any resell value on a possible dying soundcard?
  250. Asus Xonar Dx nightmare!