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  1. 5.0 surround speakers for PC?
  2. Planning new sound system
  3. Creative HD buyers Beware.
  4. Front height channels and sound cards?
  5. Want to add an amp to my car and keep the OEM radio
  6. Midrange [non audiophile] 2.1 speakers
  7. Installing an old soundcard on a new board?
  8. Need headset/headphones for Games/Music/Movies - PC350?
  9. MP3, Which one to get. Ipod Touch 3G vs Archos 5 60gb
  10. Will the Asus Xonar DX Fit?
  11. Go to Guru?
  12. NCIX finally gets Asus Xonar Xense Soundard and headset
  13. USB vs. jack-type headsets
  14. Suggestions on an iPod Dock?
  15. Xonar Xense in Australia?
  16. Auzentech Bravura- Changing x-fi modes
  17. USB Headsets
  19. What's with onboard sound these days?
  20. Found a Way to Use Rear Speakers with Realtek HD Drivers
  21. Wireless 5.1 Desktops?
  22. Swan speakers in Quebec & Other Quality Speaker Stuff
  23. It's gonna rain Soundcards
  24. Power Outage Killed My Forte
  25. Good 5.1 System?
  26. SupremeFX X-Fi - Multi-streaming? Many stereo outs wanted!
  27. Xtremegamer mic issues - LOW mic volume
  28. Sound Card Question
  29. Basic 5.1 or high-end 2.1? Need an audiophile's advice...
  30. Different outputs
  31. Asus Xonar DX vs. Auzentech Forte
  32. New Forte Drivers.
  33. Soundcard that fits my needs?
  34. testing 5.1 speakers.
  35. Sound goes down randomly (fixed)
  36. The left cup of my SB Arena headset is broken, need help
  37. Where to buy Audio Technica AD-700's?
  38. Antec enters PC audio market
  39. speaker for laptop
  40. Post processing volume control...
  41. Need help configuring SB Arenas for 5.1
  42. Computer Speakers+Telus TVBox
  43. Need Help Choosing Between 3 Headsets, Please
  44. Open-Ear headphones not lannable?
  45. Cubase + Firestudio
  46. Creative Labs Titanium Pro and UD7
  47. New Asus Xonar audiophile card coming
  48. HD Audio in Linux (Radeon 5XXX)
  49. do you guys think this will work ?
  50. Speaker Pod control problem
  51. Auzentech Forte - Static Issues
  52. Configuring SteroMix and Mic (windows7)
  53. Headphone, between two of these.
  54. So my mom hooked me up with some nice cans
  55. headset?
  56. Psyko Headphone Review, nail in the coffin?
  57. Sound card for music and games (headphones and 2.1)
  58. SoundBlaster's new Audiophile grade soundcard
  59. Soundblaster Choices??
  60. Putting Full Speakers inside a PC
  61. X-FI Forte available!
  62. Psyko at big stores.
  63. Speaker Recommendations?
  64. sound card question
  65. Question about making my front panel connectors work
  66. How to achieve better quality recording (MIC)
  67. Recommendations for headsets
  68. Question about Dolby trueHD audio
  69. razer carcharias are soo comfy
  70. Windows Media Player Can't Play FLAC
  71. bad headset or bad onboard sound?
  72. Is my soundcard killing me?
  73. Sound Blaster Live!: better or worse than onboard audio?
  74. Looking for a sound card
  75. Asus? Creative? Help me find my way through this mess
  76. Time to upgrade from an Audigy 2?
  77. audigy 4 vs Realktek alc888
  78. What I've been working on for the past week...
  79. what is the best audio system for pc under 100$
  80. Before I Pull The Trigger
  81. Will it Work Again?
  82. HD Omega Striker 7.1 Header Problem
  83. Running Audio Throw My PC
  84. Can't get audio to work on old CF-51
  85. sound card with Turbines Pro
  86. anyone know about psb speakers
  87. Front Panel advice
  88. Auzen Bravura, or another card to suggest?
  89. Xonar DX for music
  90. Help me pick some 'phones
  91. Digital sound with .mkv files via SPDIF
  92. How to get the most out of my ASUS Xonar Essence STX
  93. optical in & Dolby Headphone
  94. Creative X-Fi Extreme Gamer to ASUS Xonar Essence STX
  95. Headphones Vendor
  96. PC Gaming Headset
  97. Need help with Tweeter for Paradigm speaker
  98. Home receiver to PC
  99. New CL Card
  100. Need help picking the right sound card for my needs!
  101. Vaporx 4890 and 7.1 surround
  102. sound card clicks
  103. Need some advice on a sound card.
  104. AuzenTech Bravura
  105. installed audio drives and lost bass to stereo speaker.
  106. Record Web radio
  107. nik nak to control windows volume
  108. Subwoofer/speakers in a Pontiac G5
  109. Where could I find this
  110. Soundcard to go with these headphones?
  111. Need advice for new soundcard please!
  112. Wireless headset?
  113. Looking for a surround headset for games and movies.
  114. To find the best MP3 Player... (Mission Impossible?)
  115. Help picking a Home Theater Receiver
  116. Multi Channel Setup
  117. Best All Round Sound Card?
  118. Creative Live and Audigy 2 and Realtek Driver Recommendations
  119. $20 Headphone Recommendation
  120. Front panel headphone amp?
  121. On board audio header
  122. Gaming headset
  123. Time for a New Sound Card. Or is it?
  124. Which Sennheiser Headphones?
  125. Good free audio editing software??
  126. Windows 7 sound issue
  127. Sound Card for Audio Technica AD700's
  128. Windows 7 - Best Sound Card
  129. Logitch X-540 5.1 - Pointless for music?
  130. Creative Gigaworks T3?
  131. M-Audio AV30
  132. Replacement ear cushions, where to buy?
  133. Are ABS headsets any good?
  134. New Speaker Build
  135. So I want a wireless Mic that is not a desktop mic.
  136. Front & Center Speakers
  137. Sound Card for Sennheiser PC350 Headphones
  138. Best Sub $200 sound card
  139. AuzenTech X-PLOSION Cinema 7.1
  140. need a new headset/headphones
  141. Auzen X-Fi Prelude's problem
  142. What do you think of Razer sound card and headset?
  143. Steelseries Siberia Full Sized Headset
  144. New Auzentech Vs Older Auzentech.
  145. Sound card help
  146. What amp do you use?
  147. Replacement mic/earphone setup
  148. Razer barracuda headset
  149. Am I the only Psyko owner?
  150. OMG. Someone convince me not to buy these :C
  151. Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Retailers?
  152. Onkyo HT-S3200
  153. Best sound card for gaming?
  154. Onboard vs. Soundcard re:coax
  155. steelseries 5hv2
  156. Sound card for Sennheiser HD555
  157. Looking to replace Z-5500 speakers with something better.
  158. Is this sound card worth it?
  159. Any good DIY speaker suppliers in Canada?
  160. Headset and Speaker...
  161. Creative SupremeFX X-Fi
  162. Dynamic microphone with Xonar Essence STX
  163. asus announces dolby audio headset
  164. hooked up tv sound out to sound card in but I don't hear the TV
  165. X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sneak Peak
  166. Psyko Headphones
  167. Yamaha?
  168. What are the best speakers for listening to music?
  169. Sound works through HDMI on TV, none through Speakers
  170. Zune HD
  171. Preventing interference?
  172. 3.5mm extension cable: Does quality matter?
  173. Auzentech Forte driver instalation issues
  174. Auzentech X-FI Home Theater HD - First Video Demo
  175. Sound card VS onboard
  176. noise canceling microphone
  177. auadio issue
  178. Noise in speakers from onboard?
  179. Advice Needed: Best Headphones Under $100?
  180. In Ear Headphone choice
  181. headphone adapter for 555s
  182. one source, two outputs?
  183. Build/Buy Switch between speakers and headphones
  184. HEADSETS & SPEAKERS question
  185. help a noob out
  186. Logitech Z-5500's with Auzentech Forte 7.1
  187. Webcamera mic
  188. spdif in to analog 5.1 out?
  189. Vibration from Logitec G51
  190. Good gaming sound card for Vista (cod4)
  191. Onboard audio crapping out?
  192. Looking to replace Audio Op Amp on AuzenTech X-RAIDER need help.
  193. X-FI Fatal1ty with front pay (PCI)
  194. Best SoundCard out right now for around $120?
  195. Force applications to use certain audo device?
  196. new auzen forte drivers available
  197. Auzen forte i/o Drive bay available
  198. Problems with maximus extreme audio card.
  199. Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra
  200. Razer Mako worth it?
  201. Need a sound card
  202. Problem with volume control and media keys
  203. Receiver Audio Balance
  204. Azune Forte 7.1 Jack Problems
  205. Internet Radio; Need Some Help
  206. AuzenTech Forte Low Profile PCI-E 7.1
  207. Need Replacement headphone pads
  208. help me decide
  209. Need new earbuds... any suggestions?
  210. looking for a 2.1 system for music!
  211. Which of these 2X headphones should I get?
  212. Is anyone worried about the psyko 5.1?
  213. Speaker Recommendation
  214. What happened to the g35 headset
  215. What headphones to get?
  216. Bad sound problem
  217. Windows 7 Sound Mainly from Main Speakers. Surround is dead
  218. ASUS Xonar settings for Valve games
  219. Questions about optical
  220. Which sound option is best?
  221. New azuen sound card
  222. Updated audio setup!
  223. Any sound card suggestions from the boys? :)
  224. Creative X-fi intergrated card??
  225. Use driver from different soundcard???
  226. Auzentech HTHD 7.1 coming in July
  227. z5500 worth the heft pricetag?
  228. is this redundant?
  229. 2.1 set
  230. new computer speakers
  231. apple refurbed itouch?
  232. 2.1 system + 2 rear speakers?
  233. how can I tell if my Xonar dx card is messedup or a driver problem?
  234. Audio Problem
  235. Value going PCI sound card to PCIe?
  236. Auzentech Forte - Font panel HD Audio
  237. Buying a New headset (Sennheiser's)
  238. New headset...maybe?
  239. Logitech z640 vs x540
  240. Best Soundcard to record from Allen & Heath GL 2400
  241. Speakers: recommendations
  242. Asus Xonar DX Issues
  243. Question about Auzentech Prelude and Opamps.
  244. Worth it to get a SOund Card?
  245. Sound card replacement
  246. Kef speakers?
  247. Mutiple Audio Input Device Advice
  248. Sondigo Inferno 7.1 channel sound card
  249. MP3s to CD/DVD
  250. Project 5 has been abandoned...