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  1. Simple Media Player
  2. Android TV box
  3. Getting PBS on Roku in Canada
  4. TV to PC
  5. what about this realan mini pc case?It has HTPC equipment.
  6. Silent Rig Cheap?
  7. GIGABYTE BRIX Review; A Mini Powerhouse? Comment Thread
  8. Help finding a TV mount for VESA 600mm x 300mm
  9. You know Kodi but do you know Emby ?
  10. Raspberry Pi users?
  11. HTPC/KODI/Shaw Direct?
  12. Kaby Lake HTPC
  13. New HTPC build
  14. RPi3...can it power a WD MyPassport drive?
  15. Plex
  16. Nvidia Shield Alternative?
  17. Streaming box recommendations
  18. HTPC Case
  19. HTPC & Gaming case suggestion
  20. Video encoding using Quick Synch
  21. Very good USB TV Tuner with FM radio?
  22. Plex & Thecus n5810pro issue
  23. Overview of different TV steaming solutions using Kodi
  24. Netflix and other options
  25. Raspberry Pi 3 vs Pi 2
  26. Converting BD collection to mkv, have some questions
  27. Kangaroo Mobile PC ... so far
  28. Lenovo Ideacenter stick 300 ... so far
  29. Intel Nuc/ Gigabyte Brix or building my own HTPC ?
  30. PC in the basement, peripherals in the living room . Extension questions
  31. Audio over DMS59 on Radeon HD 4550
  32. GPU for HTPC?
  33. Connecting from Rogers box -> HTPC -> TV
  34. crackle.com and Chrome problem
  35. Is there such a thing as cheaper projector
  36. Browser
  37. Need a Streaming box that can.....
  38. Stand alone media player device that can default to MP3 player?
  39. The ROG GameFirst II
  40. Htpc Help
  41. removing PDF protections
  42. htpc (kodi) and live bell/shaw
  43. Help on remuxing blurays?
  44. Proper hardware to play mkv SBS 3D files?
  45. Streaming solution that works on Android phones
  46. [Survey] mITX Builders, Tell Us About Your Needs!
  47. GIGABYTE Launches BRIX SFF PC with new Intel Broadwell-U CPU
  48. Nintendo emulators
  49. HTPC and Emulator Machine
  50. Help getting surround sound for all audio via Logitech Z906
  51. oooook HTPC again. easy wake on lan tool?
  52. WMC 7
  53. Sync Software?
  54. Subsonic - Music Streamer
  55. Roku able to Cast Hulu?
  56. PC > (HDMI) > TV > (SPDIF) > 5.1 Speakers. Doable?
  57. Zotac EN760
  58. gadmei USB TV Stick UTV382E Didnt Catch any Signal
  59. is there a system that can use a power brick?
  60. add on card question
  61. Looking for AIO solution to replace laptop as HTPC
  62. Need Help File Server
  63. TV capture Card
  64. Repurposing a Acer M3970
  65. Another media advice thread! Help Pls!
  66. What Media player?
  67. What are good name brands for TVs?
  68. Has anyone used all openource software for HTPC build?
  69. HDMI-DP converter vs pure HDMI
  70. Turning my old build into HTPC
  71. Intel HD4000 Graphics kinda suck for HTPC
  72. need suggestions for Mitx htpc build
  73. New HTPC Case
  74. GIGABYTE Intros BRIX Pro SFF PC With Intelís Iris Pro Graphics
  75. HDMI splitter from PC?
  76. Thoughts on HTPC build
  77. Input Video from PS4 into HTPC for viewing
  78. Streaming content program help or advice please
  79. HTPC new build advice sought
  80. separate hdmi sound
  81. Windows XP DLNA serving?
  82. netflix, vudu, cinema now?
  83. VLC / Remote Desktop software for control?
  85. Software recommendations for HTPC/mini file storage server
  86. Old server -> HTPC w/ XMBC front
  87. HDMI Audio to monitor and analog sound out?
  88. XBMC plugins are these legal?
  89. no experience with HTPCs, need advice
  90. any LucidLogix Virtu MVP users here?
  91. A Decent Digital Media Receiver For...?
  92. Operating System
  93. Budget Build HTPC
  94. XBMC with two monitors
  95. Windows 8 HTPC quarks
  96. G530 and plex
  97. extending Bluetooth range
  98. audio issue
  99. Artifacting in WMP11 when Playing DVD
  100. Building a HTPC for ... a travel trailer?
  101. Streacom Passive HTPC Build
  102. Stumped - Would really appreciate help with remote/IR
  103. Need new media box....
  104. New HTPC Build
  105. Silent PC/HTPC: please help with the design!
  106. Ripping DVDs and Set top Box
  107. New HTPC build FM2 based.
  108. Need Help With PC to TV
  109. Wireless "3-Screens" Home Theater Setup
  110. Home Theater Questions - Gurus? Experts?
  111. Will Integrated Intel HD Graphics be enough for...
  112. BIG announcement for XBMC
  113. Need help building a HTPC for a 47" TV
  114. Need new media player
  115. Asus OPlay HDP R3 Internet error
  116. M-ITX and Net Tops for HTPC
  117. Which player for Blu-Ray movies ?
  118. mobo/cpu for new HTPC?
  119. LF the smallest. sleekest ATX case!
  120. video card picture quality compared to standalone bluray player
  121. Which cable is better?
  122. New to the HTPC game
  123. TV Tuner Card Question
  124. HTPC heatsink
  125. Bulding a HTPC - Been out of the loop
  126. Two Home Theatre (and PC) Issues
  127. Codec question
  128. Next PVR software? Alternatives?
  129. Smallest mATX case recommendation for HTPC
  130. GT 520 Audio vs Xonar D1 SPDIF
  131. No moving parts HTPC?
  132. Boxee Remote
  133. Silverstone Crown CW03
  134. ZOTAC Launches Next-Generation DIY Home Theater PC Motherboards
  135. Media Player Hub
  136. Does Intel Quick Sync suck? Or is it something else?
  137. Avoiding choppy playback over network
  138. HTPC as a jukebox?
  139. Zotac Nano AD10 + XBMC
  140. 100mbit
  141. Micro Sized ITX HTPC Build
  142. M-ITX build suggestions
  143. AVR off = BSOD...
  144. New HTPC Build, What case and other things?
  145. xfx GT520 for LG 50" 1080P?
  146. Budget HTPC GPU question
  147. Need to replace my Atom 230...
  148. home theater cables in Ottawa
  149. Media streamer question.
  150. Windows 7 wireless video streaming
  151. TV Tuner card for HTPC?
  152. AMD or Intel for new HTPC
  153. Raspberry Pi HTPC
  154. HTPC Build on a Budget
  155. win media player can play vid but win media center cant
  156. HTPC OTA Recording Issues
  157. New HTPC/Gaming PC
  158. Vid card with audio support HDMI *updated*
  159. New HTPC. Advice?
  160. ATI 9200 good for...?
  161. Netflix pixelated
  162. PC to TV?
  163. Budget HTPC Build
  164. New HTPC or PS3?
  165. HTPC
  166. Netflix working?
  167. Remote for desktop ?
  168. htpc server questions
  169. New HTPC build
  170. HTPC and Starchoice HD
  171. Losing sound at high resolution huh?
  172. XBMC stopped using the GPU for video playback
  173. mkv format help !
  174. Problem with DVDshrink re-author
  175. Looking for a keyboard for my HTPC...
  176. help me choose a cooler for htpc build
  177. Looking for a capture card, not sure what options I have...
  178. Problem grouping movies in Mediaportal
  179. My AMD Gaming Cube/HTPC
  180. Sandy Bridge GPU vs. 1156 GPU vs. Mobo Integrated GPU vs. "Straight Up" GPU
  181. 70" Televisions
  182. New to HTPC -> Questions!
  183. OT: Security Systems
  184. Mediaportal won't play DVD rips
  185. HTPC Build Suggestions
  186. Windows MC remote questions
  187. Home Karokie set up? Is this sufficient?
  188. Choppy play over network with HD *.mkv files
  189. Proposed i3 HTPC unit
  190. is there Video converters that use ATI?
  191. Is harmony one locked to user?
  192. Sandy Bridge Mini ITX build
  193. ProMini wireless keyboard
  194. Blu-ray iso lag
  195. 3 receivers, 1 server, multiple PCs/TVs
  196. Samsung 46" TV, the internet, and Blue Ray
  197. Picking out a decent tv tuner card
  198. WD TV Live Hub with 1TB HD
  199. XBMC 10 Released!
  200. Liteon IHOS 104 Firmware update
  201. My Zalman HD503 HTPC Home build
  202. xbmc help
  203. Recycling old computer for HTPC?
  204. My HTPC Build
  205. use for old parts
  206. Boxee Box by D-Link
  207. a system for watch TV in HD
  208. Pick apart my proposed HTPC build
  209. I need a software for listen my movies
  210. DVD9 playback and how to convert into mkv?
  211. Help picking out a case
  212. Will this setup work?
  213. HTPC or HTGPC water cooled
  214. XBMC Android remote
  215. HTPC Can't play 1080p
  216. PC to TV with HDMI, TV to Amp and speakers with RCA
  217. SFF heatsink
  218. Hauppauge 3250 card and Shaw remote
  219. Asus O!play air streaming
  220. WIP: my ghetto HTPC/Gaming rig
  221. What should I do?
  222. HTPC with SLi
  223. DVDFab - Free HD Decrypter
  224. How not to build an HTPC
  225. Movie "Database' Suggestions # to B
  226. Prefered Video Compression/Resolution (divx, 480p, 720p, 1080p)
  227. HTPC Case
  228. XBMC/Network help
  229. Ember Media Manager
  231. HTPC...for a tube TV?
  232. HTPC laptop/desktop advice
  233. Network setup for media server gigabit..
  234. HTPC Keyboard/Mouse suggestions?
  235. blu-ray plays in black and white only
  236. Can't get spdif out on ga-ma78lm-s2h
  237. XBMC Advice
  238. PICO PSU enough?
  239. HTPC experts please help me
  240. Zotac MAG XBMC box
  241. Low power HTPC with NAS - Advice welcome
  242. Motorola DSR 530 HD-PVR harddrive expansion.
  243. Build advice needed
  244. Need your opinion on a first build
  245. I found this at a yard sale...
  246. Media Players
  247. HTCP "Boom box" advice , thoughts , input?
  248. Video capture card recommendations?
  249. Need input on a planned ITX build
  250. MediaPlayer - Stream from the Internet