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  1. Win 7 64x 5gb Ram MCE, What Tuner Card?
  2. Next Generation RF Remote Control Extender
  3. 26LG30
  4. Asus O!Play R3 windows 7 sharing problem
  5. Great little HTPC keyboard
  6. "Redemption" scratch built HTPC (link)
  7. El Cheapo HTPC
  8. Some HTPC Questions
  9. Switching to HTPC, a few questions
  10. My cheap HTPC Project
  11. need advice on a new TV card
  12. Sound via HDMI out not loud enough
  13. Another Atom HTPC build...
  14. Rogers Digital cable / broadband signal amplifier?
  15. My first HTPC Build
  16. Which system for HTPC???
  17. Patriot Box Office Media Player Review Comment Thread
  18. Building DVR - Recording Only* - Bell/Rogers
  19. Help me pick out some htpc components
  20. 'High-end' HTPC cases
  21. HDMI video card
  22. Need suggestions for a cheepie mATX mobo
  23. single core HTPC?
  24. First Time HTPC
  25. Advice on new HTPC build
  26. Was Jefferson right? Are all HMDI cables created equal?
  27. ATOM 230 + 2400Pro PCI - Poor HD
  28. New Build need advice
  29. HTPC $1000 build
  30. Windows 7 compatible Tuner card
  31. Blueray Playback, it seems complicated.
  32. HDMI 1.2 TV 1.3 Receiver
  33. OTA HD Question
  34. what is a good Media player for a good price or any suggestions
  35. 40ft HDMI Cable
  36. Preferred Filter Tweaker for Windows 7
  37. How do you make a PVR?
  38. media pc?
  39. Suggestion on New Receiver
  40. How to connect my TV to my PC wirelessy?
  41. HD-PVR & ShawDirect
  42. can my computer hook up to a media player
  43. Back-Ups?
  44. Blu ray recorder?
  45. Slingcatcher question
  46. Live TV recording
  47. Need some advice on a cheap media player
  48. HTPC Build
  49. HTPC Question
  50. I need a video adaptor
  51. Flex PCI extender in Canada?
  52. Gaming HTPC
  53. Need help with HTPC/Server
  54. DVD Jukebox-OLDDDD 800Mhz
  55. Palit 9600GT for HTPC...
  56. Dolby AC3 decoding analog out soundcard?
  57. Questions for HTPC gurus....
  58. Old Gaming PC into HTPC - have any advice?
  59. XBMC start with Windows?
  60. Ultimate HTPC Software Guide (XBMC,MPC-HC, bitstreaming, ripping blurays)
  61. HTPC build
  62. How do I take TV audio and plugit into my PC
  63. Stream to a .... what?
  64. Do I need to build a Nas server or can I do this instead
  65. XBMC in all its beauty.
  66. Some blurays are choppy...
  67. Inexpensive HTPC case... what do you recommend?
  68. TV Card recommendation
  69. 2gb or 4 gb of ram for my htpc?
  70. HTPC case
  71. Netbook as remote?
  72. Would a 32Gig SSD be enough?
  73. My Semi Epic Fail attempt at HTPC
  74. how do I get the tv guide in MP to work?
  75. How is the 4350 for HTPC?
  76. Budget HTPC from spare parts
  77. if I take the svid out from pc to svid in HTPC what happens? on Media portal
  78. Quality issue using dvi to hdmi?
  79. What USB dongle to use with Popcorn Hour A-110
  80. My Airflow Mod for Passive R4350
  81. will 64kb clusters give better playback then 4kb clusters?
  82. IS onboard UMA graphics any good for HTPC?
  83. Possible to boot into media center?
  84. Music player plugin for VMC
  85. HTPC Build suggestions
  86. wondering which OS to use for HTPC build
  87. my old JVC amp humms how do I get rid of that
  88. Mediagate MCE Remote problems
  89. OTA DVR?
  90. Clear QAM
  91. HTPC's running Linux ...
  92. graphics card?
  93. HTPC + Harmony one
  94. Vista x64 / Win7 x64 + 4gigs ram = Which TV tuner (Shaw Digital : Vancouver)
  95. HTPC + Media Server; Suggestions?
  96. Recording HD from STB
  97. Mini-ITX MB?
  98. ARGH! wireless card not connecting to internet
  99. Conveting an older pc into a HTPC
  100. Is linux a good choice for an HTPC system?
  101. good operating system for HTPC?
  102. Micro-atx motherboard
  103. Any reason not to buy this case?
  104. refresh rate question
  105. heres a link to my htpc build
  106. New sound system
  107. Help me build a HTPC before I buy the popcorn hour
  108. PCI video card upgrade for P4 HTPC
  109. Ati cards
  110. S/PDIF jack?
  111. Silverstone LC-03
  112. Can't get FLAC files to work properly
  113. Sound cards vs. onboard optical audio
  114. Capture Card | TV Tuner
  115. My refined HTPC build
  116. Best software for cutting commercials and re-encoding videos?
  117. Western Digital WDAVN00 HD Media Player
  118. I need an IR receiver
  119. HTPC's and bluray
  120. Silverstone LC20
  121. HTPC OS?
  122. what's a good pci tuner/capture card for dscaler?
  123. No sound from video card hdmi
  124. Thinking of upgrading...
  125. Quick question
  126. Not sure if this goes in here but... Anyone tried the HDX1000 yet?
  127. Have spare machine, will build HTPC...
  128. Tv Tuner In and Out?
  129. HDTV PC Tuner Guide
  130. is this good enuff 4 htpc
  131. Will the following setup play 1080p Mkv
  132. Is this possible?
  133. HTPC box (ATX) without 5.25 drive bay
  134. Is it possible to watch tv while surfing net without tv tuner card
  135. Remotly access the tv card
  136. Wedding HTPC Build Help ^^
  137. GFX card for an Antec Minuet
  138. New HTPC build
  139. HTPC help (display problems) ....!
  140. LCDGUY's new toy
  141. Windows MCE 2005 dvd issue.
  142. HTPC Build Advice
  143. HDMI Audio Issue
  144. I tried GeeXboX HTPC yesterday ...
  145. Looking for HTPC case and HSF
  146. Looking to Pick up a Blu-Ray for my TV PC
  147. Worth it - Diamond TV Wonder 650?
  148. Possible HTPC build
  149. Chucking together an HTPC from old rig
  150. HTPC build help?
  151. Any divice or software that can do this....
  152. Question about parts for HTPC
  153. Help With Km Player Config...
  154. Help with ATI TV config
  155. I'm back and I'm stupid
  156. HTPC Noobie Seeks Advice
  157. Looking to Buy TV Tuner Card, please give Suggestions!! (urgent)
  158. A word to the wise.
  159. Going all digital
  160. Lian Li PC-C36 & PC-C37 slim matx desktop case
  161. need a good dvd player that shuffles dvd of mp3s
  162. Suggestions for a large ATX with....
  163. Recommend a CHEAP and GOOD HTPC case for me please!
  164. Ok so I am tossing the htpc idea around....
  165. Need a setup
  166. Yet another HTPC build- help?
  167. teeny tiny HTPC
  168. HDMI Detection Issues
  169. HTPC build for 1080p content
  170. Tuner for Starchoice?
  171. will a LANBOX case be to hot to hold a 88GT?
  172. HTPC Build
  173. HDD, CPU temps too high?
  174. Basics of HTPC
  175. HVR-1600 no ATSC in Vista 64?
  176. New to HTPC - Need lots of help.
  177. Resolution of Blu-Ray movies on PC?
  178. Birthday Gifts,
  179. desktop, laptop replacement for my desktop replacement Laptop
  180. anyone recomend a Linux distro for HTPC?
  181. HDMI Cable Question
  182. Need help with TV Tuner card choice
  183. TV tuner box build
  184. HTPC OS Pros & Cons
  185. Good DVD decoder ?
  186. HTPC/Home theatre build... need lots of advice
  187. New PC
  188. HTPC case: Silverstone LC17, or Antec NSK2400/Fusion
  189. Basic System
  190. HD-HTPC Idea.
  191. Pc to non-hd Tv
  192. Very Cool Home Theatre Pic's
  193. HTPC Software/Codecs
  194. Adding Extra Drive to Rogers PVR
  195. LG Bluray/HD DVD Combo drive
  196. Large project
  197. starting HTPC
  198. PC to TV...
  199. Going HD
  200. HTPC recommendations
  201. HTPC Streaming Movies over Network
  202. Poor picture quality from TV tuner
  203. Whats the big deal about blueray?
  204. Dvi to Hdmi adapter?
  205. TV Tuner to rec digital feed
  206. Questions and Recomendations
  207. Help me put this stuff together
  208. best components for the price for a HTPC
  209. Moneual cases
  210. Show me your HTPC
  211. sn45g
  212. Mobo
  213. TV?
  214. Budget HTPC
  215. Need HELP setting up Media Center PC!!!
  216. Vista 32 or 64 bit
  217. Wireless HDMI
  218. Need a good TV Tuner for an HTPC