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  1. Home golf simulators
  2. Charcoal briquettes
  3. Does this paypal exchange make sense to you?
  4. funny thing about the Confederate flag hoopla in the US
  5. Now in Oz
  6. Alberta's min wage increase to 15$/h
  7. Ordering from B&H
  8. Ash vs Evil Dead
  9. Anybody want to split monsoon pro bending kit?
  10. do garmin watches use Data from cell plans??
  11. Myteknology.com
  12. Help me track a movie about wilderness survival
  13. anyone else besides videotron and bell
  14. Anyone order from Tiger direct lately?
  15. So who vapes here?
  16. 3d printer
  17. What connection/powersource? TIA!!
  18. need advice on cheap build $500. system for gaming
  19. Is my internet service provider blocking my computer from accessing certain websites?
  20. Kung Fury
  21. A Tale of Pain And Despair.
  22. Donation of a PC
  23. Looking for campsite suggestions
  24. Looking into IT/software consulting for small business around GTA
  25. Contest: Win $50 game codes for Warthunder/Strife/Infinite Crisis
  26. Anyone use Massdrop?
  27. small business and bank
  28. Nationwide Internet Performance Test/Survey
  29. Gardening/Growing Vegetables Thread
  30. Obscure pics of my heating system (really nothing to see here.... :) ).
  32. Happy Mother's Day
  33. Time to get staff in order
  34. Canadian Dollar Rant
  35. Google maps changed, and now it doesn't do want I want it to.
  36. Gopro info and accessories
  37. atiflash
  38. Happy Easter everyone
  39. New chair
  40. Hackintosh in demand?
  41. Anyone remember when PP was worth it at NCIX?
  42. Futureshop closing!
  43. In Winnipeg? I need a favor!
  44. Shipping a complete system in the US... Who to use??
  45. mxnitro
  46. Calgary Beer n boardgames etc...
  47. Touching base
  48. anyone drink kombucha tea?
  49. eztv
  50. Newegg changed???
  51. Galaxy S4 or Xperia Z
  52. How to buy from newegg.com???
  53. Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83
  54. Calgary Beer Night! March 7th 2015
  55. Apple charging cords?
  56. whats with NCIX lately????????????
  57. FedEx brokerage fees
  58. Mayweather/Pacquiao may happen after all!
  59. what happened to ncix site?
  60. FrozenCPU is closed maybe?
  61. Free taxi/Uber up to 20-30 dollars
  62. Game of thrones starts?
  63. Cheaper ISPs in BC?
  64. Soldering Iron recommendations
  65. 3d bluray players
  66. Adjustable Sit/Standing Desks
  67. Acanac isp provider
  68. Looking to buy a mattress in Toronto
  69. Comedian..VS..News Guy
  70. Merry Christmas HWC!
  71. Boxing Day Deals Thread
  72. Steam 2014 Holiday Sale is Live!!!!!! What are you gettin'?
  73. Game Donations for a Family
  74. Smart phone noob here need help
  75. need new stove
  76. Top 5 Gaming mice video
  77. Are you in Camrose? Help needed
  78. back up power inverters for home use: need input
  79. I am lookin 4 cheap tablet ( black friday)
  80. Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2014 PC Related Deals
  81. Any hand held laser nerds around here?
  82. is there a website or videos series on solar power
  83. Retail Edge 2014 Holiday Deal
  84. Top Gear BBC Will be filming in the Okanagan Valley in the next few weeks.
  85. Direction of forum
  86. what is the intro music
  87. How is it possible to land on comet?
  88. HTML Genius around here?
  89. German Talk
  90. Hi, I am the new guy
  91. It's been a lot of fun but this is my permanent good bye from the HWC community
  92. Ncix free gift?
  93. How's the hamster doin'?
  94. Viral Hunters Take McDonalds to an Organic Expo and pass it off as Organic
  95. A Nation, United
  96. Great Scot!
  97. Student Developer Pack
  98. Attack On the Hill
  99. Uber Taxi Service?
  100. Dental costs
  101. Anybody here affected by CP's scaling back of home delivery?
  102. any plumbers here?
  103. Ebola - Anyone starting to get a little worried?
  104. Anti STATiC bag for a mobo
  105. Beds, now questioning bed frames
  106. I'm Back!
  107. Adaptive Drifting: Hand Controls!
  108. Anyone with Dell contacts?
  109. FLASH-24-R curriosity
  110. Microwave wall mount or bracket kit
  111. iPhone 6 bends
  112. Did anyone see this picture of this Girl?
  113. Apple Kills Beats Music Brand
  114. Need help with buying something in Toronto Area
  115. Vintage Tool Brand
  116. Plastic Experts
  117. Over the air HD channels
  118. Costco replacing AMEX with Mastercard
  119. Monster: Recoil 2
  120. SNOWMEGEDDON!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. Who does this sound like??
  122. Digital Canadian Tire Money
  123. Ontario government wants the CRTC to regulate the Internet
  124. Canadians stretch out auto loans to 69 months
  125. Keyboard Pricing
  126. Digital Chaos
  127. Borrow a Gen3 1150 CPU?
  128. NCIX Lansdowne Opening?
  129. Overclocking event maybe
  130. Does anyone own a compact tractor?
  131. Video editing software... for kids?
  132. Rally 2014 September 5-6
  133. Cogeco offers unlimited high speed now!
  134. Anyone in Sault St-Marie, willing to help?
  135. RIP Robin Williams
  136. Gave DAZ some
  137. The Off-Topic Quick Question Thread
  138. Electric space engine Cool !
  139. The Hot Crazy Matrix
  140. Fan Expo 2014
  141. It's Finally Done....There's a Moral To This Story
  142. Problem with roomate, need some help and advice.
  143. The Truth About Net Neutrality
  144. ugg I need a simple chem measurement answer
  145. Oh crap...looking what I found...
  146. Help finding a job?
  147. Happy Tesla Day
  148. Not the ending I wanted to see today
  149. A huge thank you and update
  150. Moving to New Brunswick?
  151. Question for the soldering gurus
  152. Helllooo Halifax/Nova Scotia
  153. Need help with Resume
  154. Russia's invasive bomber flight tests...
  155. Moving to Southern Ontario for 4 months; Suggestions?
  156. Please sticky "Help Zoey Thread"
  157. Off site "Help (HiTi) and Zoey Fund"
  158. Internet suggestions for Halifax
  159. Even worth trying to sell?
  160. Car lease assumption
  161. Super 8 Gear, who buys these things?
  162. So uh....about housing and moving companies
  163. Ontario Liberal Majority
  164. My new epic score track!
  165. Whats the deal with all these video cards for sale?
  166. ANyone know what happened in Moncton with the rcmp killings?
  167. When to convert ltc to btc?
  168. SpaceX Dragon V2 | Unveil Event
  169. Volkswagen’s New 300 MPG Car Not Allowed In America Because It Is Too Efficient
  170. what the H E double hockey sticks
  171. Solar Roadways!
  172. Local Shops?
  173. The Flash
  174. mid-size car shopping - 15k budget
  175. Who here uses Eshipper?
  176. My Saturday evening...what sre YOU up to this eve?
  177. Data for a 3G phone on a 4G network?
  178. The Joys of Night Shift
  179. RIP Farley Mowat
  180. Gotham
  181. What to buy??
  182. Calgary Stampede Food - 2014
  183. Calgary Stampede Food
  184. Pints and Pubs - A thread for drinks and bars across the country!
  185. Another Windows Flaw...
  186. Calgary Beers @ Wild Rose
  187. SIR and/or ROSE Testing in Canada
  188. 2014 Chevrolet SS
  189. The weak Canadian dollar and prices
  190. Help needed with paypal - visiting canada
  191. Internet and home phone
  192. NCIX sister companies?
  193. anyone know the jewlery cleaner formula ( ammonia and tinfoil?
  194. ODROID-X for HTPC?
  195. Apple files a patent on Oculus imitator
  196. Jim Flaherty, former finance minister, dead at 64
  197. The Last Starfighter!
  198. RIP Ultimate Warrior
  199. Stupidest BST thread ever????
  200. Strange how cool air but suns rays hot
  201. how is a 40% increase in natural gas price legal
  202. new chair advice
  203. Another shooting in Fort Hood TX
  204. Anyone buy from IVMshop.com?
  205. Lethbridge College Extreme Career Makeover
  206. Ottawa has been spying on you
  207. In Need of Some Cell Phone Buying Advice...
  208. Keyboard and mouse stay litup with PC off lol
  209. No Password on Wifi give $800 bill to Senior
  210. need help unlocking HTC One so that I can use it on Rogers network
  211. U.S. ‘Transitioning’ Domain Name Functions to ‘Global Community
  212. State of Emergency
  213. Calgarians; Any decent gyms in Airdrie
  214. New Server for an office - need opinions
  215. Flight Radar 24
  216. American general says: Canada’s F-35s ‘irrelevant’ without F-22 as support
  217. Walking Dead Bathroom!
  218. Webcomics
  219. if i was forced to greyhoun....
  220. 2015 Camaro Z/28 "Flying Mode"
  221. our own canadian cryptocoin
  222. Edmonton
  223. RIP Harold Ramis
  224. Mining
  225. PARTY BOOB!
  226. Velocity Replace Command
  227. Easy Multiplication
  228. 19 billion
  229. Everything is Awesome
  230. Proud of the Red & White
  231. new techno in coatings
  232. Need feedback for this track i made
  233. Google Vs. ROG
  234. my dad and computers ....
  235. A quick thank you to an amazing group of people
  236. Eh Oh Chicken on a Raft
  237. Irish Yoga
  238. Newegg Canada PST Refunds, tips appreciated.
  239. And This Why Women Liver Longer Then Men
  240. Jesse Eisenberg cast as Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie...
  241. Report: F-35 Cracks in Tests, Isn’t Reliable
  242. More NSA BS
  243. Computer parts stores,shop online in Canada
  244. Warning! What you are about to see cannot be unseen (NSFW)
  245. MCXNOW is Back! Worldcoin Trading Live! Plus more!
  246. Wanting a Soundbar
  247. where can I find info on ota tv channels in my area?
  248. the gf just bought this
  249. Soldering Station
  250. What other computer forums do u read?