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  1. Linus' Real Name
  2. Special Linus Thread
  3. Best HDDs for home server?
  4. Z77 gaming motherboards
  5. Eyefinity help w/ xfx r7770
  6. nvidia 660 ti Q&A
  7. best all rounder
  8. MSI GTX 560 Ti
  9. Zotac GTX 560 TI 448 or GIGABYTE HD7850
  10. 560 ti gtx ultra Evga with pny 560 ti gtx SLI?!
  11. GTX 670 + ssd OR A GTX 680?! :/
  12. Check My Build
  13. Good build or bottlenecked?
  14. Powersupplies + New system question
  15. 3 display gaming +1 = 30 FPS ?!
  16. Seasonic X760 80+Gold supporting my system
  17. NEED HELP!
  18. Linus, will my MSI P67A-G43 board allow me to use an i7 3770k?
  19. p8z77 vpro VS Sabertoothz77
  20. SSD as boot drive. is 60GB large enought??
  21. 2011 vs Ivy bridge
  22. Review request : Canless Huricane 2
  23. Cable Sleeving Question
  24. graphics card power consumption
  25. NZXT Tempest Evo???
  26. Air Cooling, CPU
  27. ddr3 differance clock wish one is better ?!
  28. Your Ultimate Home Server
  29. DDR3 ram CL9 vs CL10
  30. cpu waterblock
  31. Which z77 motherboard to buy?
  32. Case Case Which Case!! response would be great.
  33. Where does NCIX Ship from?
  34. Will this Rig play all modern games at full spec?
  35. PCI-e 2.0 or 3.0 - is there a significant difference
  36. The i7 3930k vs i7 2700k
  37. gfx dilema and new computer rig budget 1k
  38. Is the intel i7 3930k compatible with a Z77 Mobo?
  39. peripheral unboxing request mice
  40. FrozenQ RMA
  41. building a pc.. look it over and COMMENT!!!! ;D
  42. Z77 Motherboards
  43. Unboxing Request: D-Link DIR-645
  44. Gaming Rigs
  45. Asus maximus IV gene-z/gen3 Or Fatal1ty Z77 professional-m
  46. Choosing a PC case
  47. Dual GPU or SLI
  48. watercooling question
  49. Most amazing lighting product ever.(unboxing request)
  50. Fan controller in linus' PC
  51. unboxing/ review request.
  52. Purple Kingston HyperX DIMMs?
  53. Help Choosing Low- Mid End Gaming PC Parts?
  54. Tips/help for PC cooling
  55. Building a gaming rig
  56. 1156 Motherboards
  57. Researching for new monitor(s)
  58. Rebuilding my PC
  59. Should i get H100??
  60. building a new computer should i put in a h80 or similar
  61. PC for MATLAB, Gaming & Web designing
  62. GA-990XA-UD3 sata speed with ssd is slow?!
  63. Selling & Buying
  64. Can we use bluetooth wireless keyboard to enter to BIOS now?
  65. Cosmos II + Rampage IV Extreme, Custom build
  66. Reviews/Unboxings of Non-gaming components?
  67. Need Help looking for Gaming Laptop
  68. General thoughts about my PC and overclocking it
  69. New store and profession [LINUS HELP PLEASE]
  70. Linus unbox raven rv03!
  71. Full NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 680 Launch Coverage LinusTechTips
  72. Linus please unbox the AeroCool Strike-X ST
  73. Corsair H100
  74. Mouse weight system or not?
  75. Linus sleeving Qus
  76. ROUTER TROUBLE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. Do you guys think this latop is good for gaming/media/office ?
  78. Linus please unbox EVGA SR-X
  79. gtx 560ti Qus
  80. Thanks Linus!Finally an Old-School style benchmarks!
  81. Programs for designing cases?
  82. why linus said in youtube "whe you running two gpu's only can use half memory"
  83. SSD Upgrade
  84. Tubing/Fittings Size Linus uses?
  85. Gtx 460 SLI vs 1 Gtx 560ti
  86. How to set up SSD?
  87. home movie server
  88. Question about bottlenecking
  89. Question for Linus
  90. Linus H70 Q
  91. Upgrade to 1055T
  92. 650d water cooled build tips
  93. which rad is better??
  94. Core i7 2600k VS 2700k
  95. Water Cooling
  96. Advice on Motherboard Processor and Ram
  97. I'm glad you fixed it
  98. Advice on case and graphic card
  99. Open Air Case
  100. ocz vertex 3 max iops score
  101. Questions About Water Cooling
  102. New Gaming Laptop under 1300$
  103. Linus' Personal Rig 2012,and see my AWFUL rig more closely!
  104. SilverStone Temjin TJ04-E unboxing pls
  105. How to video.
  106. Ram setting issue help plz
  107. help
  108. Noob Overlock mistake. Stable?
  109. Help me build a dream Custom PC
  110. My Dream PC Build Specs
  111. ssd cacheing question for linus
  112. help OC on lga 2011
  113. What do you think of my current setup?
  114. Does a red DRAM led light always indicates bad RAM?
  115. SOPA and PIPA affect you ?
  116. Hey Linus,Elric thought...
  117. Budget gaming machine - AMD
  118. Question for linus!
  119. Question for Linus about "Headphone & Headset Shopping Guide" episode
  120. Linus #1 Fan!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. Anidees Ai-6B Case Review
  122. One very incredible Battlefield 3 BUG! fOR LInUS and his FAnS! YOU4RE GOING TO LMFAO!
  123. Computer Build Questions
  124. Funny moment of Linus
  125. What Video editing software do u use,Linus?
  126. Your Screwdriver
  127. the 2700K unboxing please :3
  128. new monitor
  129. Can you please review Zalman GS1200 case
  130. Question about the Transformer Prime for Linus
  131. New idea to Review!
  132. mCubed T-Balancer
  133. Question for Linus.
  134. PC upgrade
  135. Is a review on the Spire Gemini available?
  136. How did you know about LTT? what was the 1st video you ever watched?
  137. Linus, I have a few questions.
  138. A Linus Tech Tips Montage!
  139. budget
  140. Contacting Linus
  141. Evga Classy 580 3GB
  142. SSDs?!
  143. What kind of memory should I choose for my Phenom II X6
  144. Linus, how are those refurbished Corsair SSD's you bought?
  145. Curiosity to Linus reviews
  146. Linus, what is the paint code and or name for the green you used on the Vesta G1?
  147. Running an HD 4890. Should I upgrade now or wait until next year?
  148. Linus didn't, i will
  149. A request from a good friend that you know quite well
  150. Water cooling - What parts are required?
  151. I have a 60GB SSD - Can I install everything to my storage drive by default?
  152. Will my GTX 560 Ti SLI setup benefit from a dedicated PhysX card?
  153. What motherboard for a 2600K and 6970? Budget of $300
  154. Read before Posting a new thread
  155. Is graphics card X more or less powerful than graphics card Y
  156. Going from a 2500K to a 2600K - Do I need to change my power supply?
  157. If I have a crappy only computer, can I just upgrade my graphics card for games?
  158. Can I output 2x VGA from a video card that has DVI, HDMI, DP?
  159. Need help optimizing my machine for the best BF3 performance
  160. How high can I overclock *
  161. Looking for a touchscreen monitor (not an all in one)
  162. Looking for Surround Xbox 360 Headphones that also feature talkback (mic monitoring)
  163. What are safe temperatures for a modern graphics card
  164. Running 3x 120Hz Acer LCD monitors on my 6990 and can't get Eyefinity working!
  165. What kind of computer case do you use as a testing platform
  166. Okay to run dual GTX 460 cards from PCI and molex connectors at the same time?
  167. My computer smells kinda weird, but my temperature sensors are reading normal
  168. What's better for games, i5 2400 + 6950 or i5 2500k + 6850?
  169. Will a Cooler Master V6 or V8 block the RAM slots on the G1.Sniper 2 motherboard?
  170. Is a GTX 560 Ti 2GB a good match for a Q8400 quad core CPU?
  171. Building a new PC with 2500K, P8P67 PRO, GTX 560 Ti. Need help with PSU choice
  172. What do the SC, SSC, and FTW suffixes mean on EVGA video cards?
  173. Hard drive no longer detected - Any troubleshooting steps I've missed?
  174. Can the Intel data migration software be used on non-Intel drives?
  175. GTX 590 vs HD 6990 and explanation of 4-way SLI vs 3-way SLI
  176. Building a new gaming machine and need help picking a case
  177. Linus, the freezer method does not work to recover hard drives - remove your video!
  178. Linus do you have a video on how to build a PC
  179. Gaming machine for $2000USD. Any way to optimize performance per dollar?
  180. Will overclocking my CPU improve my FPS?
  181. Security camera feeds over the internet
  182. How to connect front panel audio in a computer case
  183. System won't boot up - Tried RMAing the PSU already and still not working
  184. Motherboard Recommendation between $8000-13000 PHP
  185. Question for Ultimate Gaming Rig - Cooling Options and 4-way vs 3-way SLI
  186. Is an HD 6870 a good upgrade from an HD 5770?
  187. Buying an HD 6790 - How does overclocking affect temperatures and power consumption?
  188. Buying a GTX 570 - What's better, MSI Twin Frozr III or ASUS Direct CU II
  189. MSI Radeon HD 6950 Twin Frozr III - Can this Card be Unlocked to 6970?
  190. Overclocked System Build With 2600K - Thinking about Liquid Cooling
  191. Where does LinusTechTips get all his hardware??
  192. Corsair H100 vs Corsair H80
  193. How to overclock SLI cards using software
  194. Best CPU Cooler for Core i7 960
  195. Mac vs Windows
  196. SSD as boot drive Hard drive as storage
  197. AMD Bulldozer Release Question
  198. Graphics Card Recommendation: GTX 560 or Radeon HD 6870
  199. Appropriate components to go with 2600K for $1600-2000 gaming system
  200. Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips Section of Hardware Canucks!