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probationer August 12, 2008 02:46 PM

Nvidia G92s and G94 reportedly failing
Source: Nvidia G92s and G94 reportedly failing - The INQUIRER


NVIDIA IS IN DEEP trouble over the defective parts problem, and from what we're being told, this is only the tip of the iceberg. NV still insists on stonewalling and spinning because the cost of owning up to the problem could very well sink the company.
If you haven't been following the story, the short version, up till now, is that all G84 and G86 chips are bad. Nvidia is blaming everyone under the sun, but denying they have any hand in the failures. While this may sound plausible, technical analyses by people intimately involved in the requisite semiconductor technologies tell The INQ that it is a bunch of bull: NV simply screwed up. Badly. If it was a problem with the suppliers, NV would not be paying out more than the chip cost, much less gagging OEMs: it would simply be passed along.
In any case, the official story is that there was a small batch of parts given only to HP that went bad. That was comprehensively proved wrong when Dell, Apple, Asus, Lenovo and everyone else under the sun also had problems. NV AR recalled the parts and recanted the story about it only being an EOL test run. Bad fibbers, no cookie. They still stuck to the story about it being only laptop parts, and that it was under control.
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Just when I am looking at buying a new nvidia graphics card ...typical :rtfm:

encorp August 12, 2008 03:19 PM

/rolls eyes

Another inquirer 'news' release...

DarKStar August 12, 2008 03:42 PM

What's up with all the bad news this year - will I be stuck with AMD/ATI cards because of NVIDIA's impending bankrupty ? :D I have always been an NVIDIA fan because they are very quick on updating their drivers (about every 2nd day you have new leaked drivers and goodies :D) failing seagates, failing nvidia, jesus christ - whatever is left of the PC industry is going down the shit - this is only helping console sales or am I pessimistic into thinking the PC industry future is not a good one, with all this failing this failing that.
Now those with defective cards, shouldn't pay a MF cent to RMA your card, I know that if my 8800GT failed I would make damn sure they covered the shipping both ways if I have to take them to court for it -
Already NVIDIA has put aside $200 mill to cover the shit load of returns to come so yeah, I'm thinking if the problem is bigger than this, this could turn out to be very costly for NVIDIA - someone needs to get their ass fired because they KNEW about the problem and purposely kept quiet trying only to hint that the notebook GPUs are the ones affected - what a load of hot bullshit.

As far as the enquirer article, there might be some truth to it because I have known about this from an anonymous NVIDIA insider (reading), actually from reading about it, AND because of something I saw on BFG's site (a bios update for cards taht get 'hot') so there might be truth to this "story" if you check their forums you will see a crap load of posts dealing with 8800GT/GTS/GS issues.

Cheator August 12, 2008 04:23 PM

Im not one to jump to Nvidia's side here but... I haven't seen that many die on these boards and OCForums. While we are a minority, you'd think that theUS who push cards to the edge would find the problem more than others?

I worry about this as well since I have an 8600GT in my laptop.

DarKStar August 12, 2008 04:37 PM

Well you might have a failing chip and not know it - Now is it enough to just run tesets on your GPU or does the failure happen over time - I ran my 8800GT through 3 hours of Fur testing, full load on GPU full load on both cores, the temps were never above 80ish, 84 in extreme, using auto fan - so I guess i'm good right ? The failing GPUs would quickly rise to 100 and above if I am to understand correctly, BUT what worries me is cases where cards failed even on normal temps ! Maybe there is much more to the problem than thermal issues.

Look at what happened with Maxtor and their millions of drives returned, Seagate is eventually taking that road by the looks of things, then failing caps, failing Sony, it seems all you hear lately is failure, oh and failing XBOX360s (RROD), overheating PSus, the list goes on and on, it's not just NVIDIA....What concerns me, is that normally NVIDIA would be open in admitting - like they did with the disabled video acceleration crap they never denied the problem - but now they are being agressive about it, only makes one more suspicious that the problem is massive and could break them....
******f***ers !

Jmac August 12, 2008 04:56 PM

I very rarely see any computers come back at my store with graphics card issues and we sell about $2-3 million in computer sales a year with about 2/3 of those being laptop sales ...

Fracture August 12, 2008 06:18 PM

I just took a peek and saw who the author was, and I Lol'd. He's got no credibility at all.

Don't believe a word he writes. :censored:

DarKStar August 12, 2008 07:34 PM

So how the **** come he is allowed to write such articles ? Ok you can't get into trouble for posting FACTS about a company even if it causes them problems - BUT if what he writes is non factual there is grounds for legal action - why hasn't NVIDIA done anything ? Why the **** has nVidia not been specific about what the problem is and what chipsets are affected, claiming only notebooks are affected and SOME desktop GPUs ?? what's this $200 million writeoff so they can take care of returns/replacement ? what about the countless and increasing posts on their forums about overhating problems, defective cards, crashing, and people's GPUs going over 100 in minutes ? Not saying the article is 100% fact, but there has to be some truth to it....checking testimonials on other sites sort of proves it, kind of, unless there is a major conspiracy from ATI fanboys to rule the world ;)

t0m August 12, 2008 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by DarKStar (Post 78774)
Not saying the article is 100% fact, but there has to be some truth to it....checking testimonials on other sites sort of proves it, kind of, unless there is a major conspiracy from ATI fanboys to rule the world ;)

i dont know anything about it either, but the way media works, all he had to do is go to those forums and sites and find the testimonials you are talking about and blow them way out of proportion to come up with his article...

cryostage August 13, 2008 01:06 AM

all i know is that my laptop was one of them and i had to fight with dellat first to have it replaced, but they said they are receving the returns by the sht loads
i mean come on i can understand if a user is overclock but u cant overclock a notebook unless it is not a dell LOL sorry,
now if what is true to where desktops are starting to appare then we have some major issues at hand and this might close the doors of Nvida for good..
see Nvidia what goes around comes around
all that high priceing for what u call high end cards which in fact is not high end except the ultra LOL

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