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Bond007 October 16, 2013 02:47 PM

Haswell "refresh"...
So I have read on a few sites over the last month or so about broadwell, and it being delayed a quarter. What I can't figure out is "Haswell refresh". I keep reading about it, and from what I can gather its haswell on a different socket (that will be broadwell compatible). But if broadwell is coming out next year, when is this "refresh" going to hit shelves? Anyone have some good info or clarification for me?

Ballistix October 16, 2013 04:49 PM

greedy much?
Wow.. I thought Haswell was a refresh to Ivy bridge? Amd really has nothing that can touch Intel so Intel tries to milk the consumer as much as possible.

crowTrobot October 16, 2013 06:14 PM

Intel does tick-tock model. New Fabrication alternating with New Microarchitecture. Broadwell will feature the same Haswell Microarchitecture but on a new 14nm fabrication compared to 22nm. Skylake will be the new microarchitecture after that on a 14nm process. Broadwell is to Haswell what Ivy Bridge was to Sandy Bridge.

le2key October 16, 2013 10:25 PM

Leaked Intel roadmap pegs Broadwell for 2H 2014 - TechSpot

Intel's latest roadmap shows where Broadwell and Haswell are going

Intel Changes Plans: Core i ?Broadwell? Processors Will Be Available in LGA Packaging, But There Is a Catch - X-bit labs

According to the latest roadmaps and bulletins above, the Haswell refresh will arrive Q2 2014. The refresh will include improved regular Haswell chips (slightly faster speeds and lower power consumption?) and workstation/enthusiast Haswell-E w/ DDR4 support. Save for the Haswell-E it looks like the other Haswell chips will still be on the 1150 socket, but they are not backwards compatible with the Intel 8-series chipsets.

Broadwell will arrive second half of 2014, but only for AIO, Ultrabooks, and tablets; laptops will stay previous generation Haswell. Both Haswell-refresh and Broadwell will use the Intel 9-series chipsets.

Release dates are subject to change (see link below).

Intel delays Broadwell chips for PCs and hybrids | PCWorld

MARSTG October 17, 2013 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by le2key (Post 735109)
... looks like the other Haswell chips will still be on the 1150 socket, but they are not backwards compatible with the Intel 8-series chipsets...

I think the longest backwards compatbility died with socket 775.

trodas October 17, 2013 02:36 PM

You think right. Says user that actually typing this on Socket 775 :)

Silverfern November 2, 2013 02:02 AM

probably best to wait till skylake to upgrade. to be honest even sandy bridge works very well today, good overclocker too

justmehereajax November 17, 2013 07:21 PM

Maybe wait till DDR4 for an complete upgrade.

Entilza November 17, 2013 08:22 PM

I'm waiting to upgrade to Skylake because the name is so cool.

Just like I upgraded to Wolfdale back in '08... Using that PC right now :)

Khanzi November 29, 2013 10:02 PM


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