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stoanee April 24, 2008 07:45 PM

AMD Puma will not be able to compete with Core 2 Duo, industry sources claim
Not good times for AMD these days,there are some rumors that AMD's much vaunted Griffin processor and Puma platform may not be able to beat Intels Core 2 Duo performance wise. Problems have surfaced in the power consumption area also.

From TG Daily:


This morning we received delicate details about AMDís answer to Intelís Montevina design from our moles in Taiwan. The information we received could get you concerned about the new mobile processor Griffin as well as the Puma platform. Since our sources inside AMD confirmed the information, we have reason to believe that the Puma story might get ugly. If you think about characteristics and features a mobile platform requires, the answer always boils down to power consumption. And according to our sources, power consumption is exactly AMDís problem with Puma. It seems that AMD is in trouble and created a processor that actually consumes more power than its predecessor. If Griffin eats more juice than AMDís Turn-me-on (Turion 64), take a guess what the main problem will be when AMD is trying to be getting those mobile design wins?
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DaleF April 26, 2008 08:48 PM

I really wish AMD hadn't stopped with 4X4/FASN8/whatever. I'm not a huge fan of Skulltrail. Silly AMD and their problems with processors.
What happened to AMD that surprised Intel with the Athlon64? I miss when they were real competition to Intel (except maybe in the 4-way and higher server market, they're still good there).

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