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Delavan November 24, 2010 03:27 AM

Some more Bulldozer info/rumor

Some more rumor material, on Bulldozer's individual 2-cores modules:

Bulldozer hints at 3.5GHz 8MB L3 and Turbo 2.0

I only posts Fud's stuff in this section...lol.

some AM3+ (AMD 9-series chipsets) leak...

AMD 9-series chipsets come in Q2 2011 to welcome Bulldozer | TechConnect Magazine

Quote from said article:


the 990FX enables two PCIe x16 slots or four PCIe x16 @ x8.

Magnetic November 25, 2010 05:29 AM

I'm abit suprised there wont be usb3 support but other than that I cant wait to upgrade if the information is correct.

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