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Babrbarossa February 15, 2007 11:27 AM

T.T. reveals GeForce 8900GTX and 8950GX2 Pricing and Information
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This little blurb from TweakTown could very well be horse maneur, but it's pretty darned juicy!

"News just hit our bench about upcoming information regarding nVidia’s upcoming G80 based graphics cards. We want to first clearly state that we’re not sure if the information is accurate and at best it would just be estimated prices.

Our friends over at OCW seem to be talking to the right people here in Taiwan and have a bunch of information regarding the most expensive GeForce 8950GX2 that will be sold for $599 USD. It is rumored to be a dual GPU solution much like the 7950GX2 and will come with a total of 512MB GDDR-4 memory per GPU.

The second on the list is the GeForce 8900GTX which will replace the current high-end 8800GTX. It will ship at a retail price of $549 USD and sees total pipelines increased to 128 which is an increase of 32 or 25% as suggested by Fudo over at the INQ recently. It will also see the inclusion of GDDR4 memory which allows nVidia to increase the clock speed to a huge 2200MHz DDR. It also seems like the manufacturing process is being reduced to 80nm from 90nm in the latest batch of G80 chips.

In case you're not sure, one of our local Taiwanese drinking buddies (thanks Charlie!) was kind enough to provide translation. The top part after NV G80 says "specs and prices are estimated" and from left to right - chip name, core / memory frequency, memory type, memory bandwidth, memory amount, pipelines, process and price (USD)."

"As you can see, nVidia have a whole range of new graphics cards ready and apparently waiting to spoil AMD and ATI’s R600 launch. Word around Taiwan is that the cards are basically ready and nVidia is just waiting for AMD to take the covers off their range of upcoming R600 graphics cards."

Supergrover February 15, 2007 11:32 AM

Oh god yes 128 pipes


Babrbarossa February 15, 2007 12:22 PM

I have heard that the only difference between the 8900gtx and the 8800gtx is more memory plus a faster cycle capability which is unlocked implying that the current 8800gtx is hobbled somewhat (like the gts is hobbled compared to the gtx). With ati lagging so badly they can afford to milk that chip for quite a while before they have to get a new one out.

Hard to believe that a card as awsome at the 8800gtx is a crippled version.

Babrbarossa February 15, 2007 03:06 PM

The R600 will not be limited when it's released- manufacturers will be able to overclock the snot out of it right off the bat. Not a surprise really. It will also have 1024 MB gddr4 ram at 2.2 GHz! with 128 shaders, so it will be competative.

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